15 Best Sativa Strains: Top Picks for Growing and Smoking in 2020

There’s now a staggering variety of cannabis strains to choose from, especially as it’s now easy and convenient to buy weed online. While users who want deep relaxation are usually best-served by indica strains and users looking for balanced effects will love hybrid strains, those who want a stimulating and energizing high need to try the best sativa strains.

Sativa strains are known for inducing a racy, creativity-boosting, and often trippy head high. These strains are ideal for boosting your senses and can also be great for counteracting mood disorders. If you’re looking for a strain that you can use to perk you up in the morning or keep you focused throughout the day, sativa strains are often the best choice.

Not only are these strains fantastic to smoke, but there are also plenty of top choices for home growers. Some sativa strains take a while to grow and some are better suited to outdoor growing, but the pay-off is worth it. So what are the best sativa strains for growing and smoking in 2020? Here are 15 of our top picks.

1. Blue Dream

If you’re looking for a strain that can boost your mood, increase your focus and creativity, and help with all kinds of physical and mental symptoms, Blue Dream is always a top choice. This popular sativa-dominant strain is known for its range of benefits, delicious blueberry taste, and the sensational sativa high it delivers.

Blue Dream is a perfect strain to give you a burst of motivation and optimism in the morning. If you’re dealing with stress, depression or anxiety, Blue Dream can help melt away the symptoms fast and put you in a great state of mind. It also helps soothe your body of all kinds of pain and physical tension.

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2. King Tut

King Tut, also known as Tutankhamun, is a sensational sativa-dominant strain bred by Pyramid Seeds. It’s a descendant of the popular AK-47 strain and, much like AK-47, King Tut delivers a mentally uplifting high that’s ideal for users looking for a pick-me-up.

When you smoke King Tut, you’ll be hit with a dank, earthy taste. The effects come on fast, swiftly making you feel mentally-focused and creative. It also heightens your senses, meaning that pretty much anything you do will feel exceptionally fun. Be careful with this strain, though, its THC levels sometimes reach as high as 29%.

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King Tut

3. Limoncello

If you’re a fan of fresh, fruity-tasting marijuana strains with cerebrally-stimulating effects, then Limoncello might just be the perfect strain for you. With a zesty lemon flavor, it’s easy to enjoy smoking or vaping this sativa strain. The effects make it even more enjoyable.

Limoncello gives you a fantastic high that soothes your entire body while simultaneously taking your mind to new heights. If you need something to give you a surge of mental energy in the morning, Limoncello will work for you. It’s also great for social situations or simply for enjoying throughout the day. It’s also one of the best sativa strains to grow- Limoncello seeds will give you tall plants with impressive yields.

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4. Orange Juice

Another one of the best sativa strains for growing and smoking is Orange Juice. As you might guess from the name, this is another citrus-flavored strain with a strong orange aroma and flavor that makes it a pleasure to smoke. It’s also great for improving your mood throughout the day.

Smoking Orange Juice brings on an invigorating high that makes you feel exceptionally happy, creative, and focused. Users suffering from mood problems will almost instantly feel better after a couple of hits of this strain. It can also help soothe pain and inflammation, but with moderate THC levels of around 15%, it isn’t too overwhelming or sedating.

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5. Raspberry Cough

Raspberry Cough is another one of the most delightful strains for users in search of sativa effects. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Cambodian Landrace and ICE. The result is a top-notch strain that gives you a warm, tingly body high while also making you feel clear-headed and focused.

This strain is great for using during the daytime- it’ll help you relax just enough to take away any pain or tension without making you feel like you need to fall asleep. Instead, you’ll feel awake and alert, making it perfect for handling all kinds of daily tasks. Growers will also love this strain- Raspberry Cough plants grow satisfying, colorful buds with an alluringly sweet raspberry aroma.

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Red Congo

6. Red Congo

Red Congo is a pure sativa strain that’s perfect for daytime use. A couple of puffs for this strain will melt away feelings of stress and depression, boost your creativity and mental focus, and even ward away fatigue and physical tension. Plus, with a growing time of 11-12 weeks and great outdoor yields, it’s also one of the best sativa strains for home growers.

Whether you’re looking for a strain to perk up your mind throughout the day or a strain to enjoy with friends, Red Congo is always a good choice. It’s also a great strain to use as a wake-and-bake due to the stimulating high it induces. Medical users trying to deal with chronic pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and depression will also enjoy this stellar sativa strain.

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7. Scout Master

Scout Master is an energizing sativa strain that crosses Master Kush and Girl Scout Cookies- two incredible strains in their own right. It’s a quality strain that boasts THC levels of up to 21% along with a nice kick of CBD. Whether you’re a recreational use looking to elevate your mind or a medical user looking for something to tackle stress, anxiety, and depression, Scout Master can help.

It delivers an incredibly enjoyable high- the sharp boost to your senses will make you enjoy everything more whether you’re hanging out with friends or kicking back and watching movies. You’ll also be treated to physically soothing waves throughout your body that relieve tension without making you too sedated.

Scout Master

8. Sour Diesel

When talking about legendary sativa strains, you can’t forget Sour Diesel. Sour Diesel is one of the most popular sativa strains in the world, as well as being one of the best marijuana strains overall. Many users love it for the strong, stimulating high- your mood will be through the roof and you’ll also get a spurt of physical energy. Others enjoy it for its ability to soothe mild pain and take away symptoms of anxiety and depression.

With THC levels reaching as high as 23%, this is a potent strain and you usually won’t need to use too much to get high. When the effects hit you, you’ll instantly feel uplifted, euphoric, and creative, making it a top strain to use during the day. It’s also a good strain to grow outdoors as long as you’re willing to put some time and effort in.

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Sour Diesel

9. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough crosses Strawberry Fields and Haze to create one of the most delicious-tasting and best-feeling strains on the market. Strawberry Cough is one of the most popular strains out there for both medical and recreational purposes, especially thanks to its moderate THC levels and stimulating sativa effects. It’s also incredibly enjoyable to smoke or vape due to its fresh strawberry flavor.

Users generally report feeling gleeful, creative, energized, and physically soothed after using Strawberry Cough. Since it’s not too strong, it can wash away all kinds of pain, aches, and strains without leaving you feeling couch-locked. Meanwhile, your mood and your senses will be boosted, making everything seem more fun and interesting. Every user should try this strain at least once.

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10. Super Lemon Haze

You can tell a lot about Super Lemon Haze just from the name. As you might expect, this strain offers a zesty citrus flavor that will tantalize your taste buds as you smoke it. Meanwhile, its high THC-levels will leave you feeling mellow and relaxed albeit with extra mental energy and focus. It’s also a top sativa strain to grow for beginners, especially as it takes well to indoor growing.

The physical effects come on quickly, making your body feel relaxed and relieved of any kind of pain or tension. While it’s great for tackling mild pain and inflammation, the physical effects aren’t too overpowering and you can still enjoy this strain during the daytime. The mental high is even better, giving you a surge of mental creativity and focus that can help with all kinds of tasks.

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11. Candy Land

If you need a sativa-dominant strain that’s going to increase your mental drive and focus, Candy Land is a stellar choice. This strain is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Bay Area Platinum Cookies that’ll give you a stimulating and energizing high. 

Whether you need something to help your energy levels in the morning or something to help motivate you throughout the day, Candy Land can help. After a few hits, you’ll notice yourself feeling more curious and creative, making it great for complementing mental pursuits. It’s also good for medical users who need something to take away symptoms of depression, chronic stress, and anxiety.

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Candy Land

12. J-27

J-27 is one of the strongest sativa strains out there with THC levels reaching as high as 27% in some cases. As such, you won’t have to smoke too much to get an intense energy boost. J-27 sends soothing waves rushing throughout your body while also stimulating mental focus and creativity.

This is a great strain for social situations, especially as it stimulates your mind and makes you more chatty and giggly. It can also be great for dealing with mood disorders, as well as providing soothing relief for pain, migraines, nausea, and physical tension. Growing J-27 is also a good idea- it produces large plants with plenty of buds, making it prime for outdoor growing.

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13. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a sensational sativa strain that’s a favorite for many users. Creative-types often use this strain to stimulate their mind, and it can help increase your motivation and focus throughout the day. It’s also great for washing away negative thoughts and putting yourself in a good mood.

While it’s mainly known for the energizing head high it induces, Jack Herer also gives you a mildly relaxing body high that can help relieve strains, aches, and tension. You’re also likely to get the munchies when you smoke this strain. While it can be a tricky strain to grow, it’s well worth it for the incredible buds it produces.

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14. Lemon Creamsicle

Users who enjoy fruity sativa strains will love Lemon Creamsicle. This aromatic strain is packed with a sweet citrus flavor along with earthy undertones. The taste makes it a joy to smoke or vape, but the effects make it even better. With moderate THC levels and sativa-dominant genetics, you can expect a perfect daytime high from this strain.

Lemon Creamsicle will make you feel happy, giggly, and energized. Negative thoughts will be melted away and replaced by creativity and curiosity, meaning you’ll enjoy any activity or social function more. With THC levels of around 10-17%, it’s perfect for users who want to get high without feeling overwhelmed. It’s also a good strain for growing with a flowering time of around 8 weeks.

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Mango Haze

15. Mango Haze

Mango Haze is a sativa-dominant strain with trippy cerebral effects and a sensational tropical taste. If you’re looking for a stimulating strain with bright, colorful buds and an alluring mango scent, then Mango Haze is perfect for you. Growing it can be highly rewarding if you don’t mind spending a few months- after all, the results are worth it.

The effects of Mango Haze are a little unique compared to other strains. It has moderate THC levels of 9-19%, so it won’t hit you too hard. It can also take a few minutes for the effects to hit you. But when they do, you’ll be treated to a dreamy and hazy high that puts you in a mellow and carefree state.

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