2022 Promotions

Looking for New Gift Ideas!

Email me at [email protected] and let me know what you want to win! Winning ideas get $25


New Gift Tier $499+

Gifts Includes the following

  • 28g AA (Limited)
  • Large Smell Proof Stash Bag
  • 1 x 210mg & 420mg Bag of Edibles


Google Review (New Listing)

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  • Bonus $5 if attach a video or image of the products you received

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Canada Post | Update

With Covid Canada Post is no longer doing signature required. Due to this we have added a new option you need to choose when checking out.

1) Leave At Front Door | This Voids Shipment Insurance if Lost – Canada Post will leave package outside, if its lost we will not be able to cover the insurance due to outside theft we cannot control.

2) Shipped with Card for Pick Up – Canada Post will knock on your door and if no answer will leave a card for you to pick up at your nearest Post Office. If you choose this option shipment guarantee is in effect. Do not choose this option if its difficult for you to leave and go to Post Office

Any questions of concerns please email me at [email protected]



You can see the full announcement from Canada Post here


20 thoughts on “2022 Promotions

  1. Gabriel Bedard says:

    Trying to buy bulk week and get the discount, but the site will not offer the discount. I am on the bulk weed page that lists all the bulk weed, ordered 4oz and not getting the 30% off I’m supposed. So confused!

  2. Frank M says:

    A lot better than the old days of meeting someone in dark alley, paranoid of getting busted. This is a dream being able at my age to social distance and get it delivered. A very good variety of everything. I enjoyed my order.

  3. Lyryal says:

    Should update the Canada Post info , its shipping slower than during the holydays atm.

    I’ll be celebrating 1 year of shopping exclusively over at GK , here’s a few fun facts!!!
    – The batch date/info is the most useful info out there
    -Mondays evening is the best time to see all the new drops
    -The site rarely has in stock be out of stock , the inventory seems to be very well managed
    -GK customer service answers pretty fast and is very useful if you have any issues
    -Shopping is quite useful , the deals that can happen are (to me) very random , so keeping an eye on them is a good thing to do !

    Had 1 issue over a year , and it was solved within a quick email to customer service
    Had 2 bad batches/strains out of 45+
    Everything else is a positive !

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