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Dr. Andres Maldonado currently works at the International Unit of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery as a medical doctor and researcher. He has years of experience in the occupational health field and has worked as a medical freelancer in the past. Dr. Maldonado brings vast knowledge in clinical research and medical writing and has been fact-checking medical documents for more than a decade to help increase the quality of information available to the public. He graduated with honours from the Universidad del Zulia with a doctorate in medicine. 

This is a doctor that is passionate about medical knowledge with high ethical principles and is committed to helping find the best-suited solutions for each patient. 

How Our Medical Review Process Works

At Get Kush, our goal is to provide objective, trustworthy, transparent, evidence-based information on medicinal and recreational cannabis. To do this, we employ licensed physicians to medically review and approve our content to verify the accuracy of our information, products, and services. Our licensed medical doctors contribute their extensive knowledge and expertise to provide the most credible and reliable information to our site. 

effects of cannabis indica

Effects of Indica Weed: What Does Indica Do to You?

Cannabis indica is one half of the dynamic duo that makes up the majority of cannabis strains available today – its other half being cannabis sativa. Originating from the mountainous regions of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, indica has developed unique characteristics to survive in harsher climates. The result is a tough, short, and bushy plant…

what is indica weed

What Is Indica Weed? Exploring Its Unique Traits

You don’t need to have a Ph.D. from the Cannabis University to know that there are two main variants of the miraculous cannabis plant – sativa and indica.  But do you know the difference between the two? Although deriving from, theoretically, the same type of plant, these two marijuana strains couldn’t be more different, be…

strongest cannabis indica strains

What Is the Strongest Indica Strain?

If you are a cannabis enthusiast or even just mildly curious about the world of weed, then you must have asked this question at some point: What is the strongest indica strain?  And boy, does it lead to an intriguing conversation! The truth is, pinpointing one single “strongest” strain might be impossible, given the sheer…

best indica strains

Top Indica Weed of 2024: Discover the Best Indica Strains

Gather around, folks, as we take a blissful journey into the fabulous world of Indica cannabis strains. Whether you’re blazing up for the first time or more of a seasoned toker with a refined taste, Indicas never disappoint. First created centuries ago in the Hindu Kush region, these amazing strains are known for their soothing…

Discover the Best Hybrid Strains

Discover the Best Hybrid Strains of 2024

If you’re looking to explore the world of cannabis, hybrid strains are a great place to start. These strains are created by crossing Sativa and Indica varieties, resulting in unique combinations of effects and flavors. Read on as we explore the top hybrid strains for 2024, providing you with valuable information to help you make…

Is Hybrid Weed Effective for Anxiety Relief

Is Hybrid Weed Effective for Anxiety Relief?

Suffering with anxiety? With an average of 4% of people struggling from this cruel affliction, you are certainly not alone. Widely considered among the top mental health concerns worldwide, anxiety has rightfully drawn increasing attention from researchers and the general medical community over the last few decades.  Established treatments do exist, of course, but an…

Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid

Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid: A Detailed Comparison

Indica, sativa, or hybrid strain – which one to choose? While on the surface, this question seems relatively straightforward, when we dig deeper into the world of Cannabis and its various chemovars, we are proven once again that appearances can be deceptive. While a simple Google search can offer us a handful of information about…

Effects of Hybrid Weed

Effects of Hybrid Weed: What Does Hybrid Do To You

As the demand for cannabis products continues to rise, new and innovative strains are entering the market. One such category is hybrid cannabis strains, which offer a unique combination of the benefits found in both Indica and Sativa strains. So, what does hybrid do to you and how can hybrid weed effects influence various aspects…

what Is a Hybrid Weed

What Is a Hybrid Weed?

Barely a few decades ago, cannabis was quite a simple thing to get your head around. Most of the cannabis in Canada was illegally imported, often compacted into bricks, and pretty much looked the same. Exotic names like “Columbian Gold” or “Morcan Black” were available among a handful of other strains. Either way, depending on…

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