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K Langdon M.D. is the CEO and VP of Product Development and Research at Physician Integrative Laboratories. Dr. Langdon is a board-certified medical practitioner with 19-years of clinical experience. She graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine, earning Honors in many rotations. Dr. Langdon secured one of five positions in their highly-ranked OB/GYN residency program. After her clinical practice, she founded Physician Integrative Laboratories to commercialize her six patented medical devices for life-threatening and non-life-threatening conditions. She is a prolific medical writer and featured healthcare expert committed to providing the most relevant and factual information clearly and directly.


Chief Medical Officer, Coologics, 2010-present

The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine 1987-1991

The Ohio State University Hospital Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program 1991-1995 

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At Get Kush, our team is committed to providing accurate, credible, transparent information on cannabis supported by evidence. To be a trusted source of marijuana information, our physicians medically review our content to verify our data, products, and services’ accuracy.


What Does Weed Look Like

What Does Weed Look Like?

Marijuana is cannabis with more than 0.3% THC. Generally, the terms marijuana and Cannabis are used interchangeably and have specific traits. So, what does weed look like? When people say marijuana, they mean cannabis products from dried flowers (buds), stems, leaves, seeds, etc., of the same cannabis plant. Marijuana, i.e., weed, remains the most commonly…

blurry depiction of a woman holding a joint

Blunts vs Joints: Understanding the Key Differences

Both incredibly popular ways to enjoy cannabis, blunts and joints require little introduction. Still, contrary to what some may believe, blunts and joints are not exactly the same type of weed article.  Today, we will uncover all the crucial differences between blunts vs joints. We will also talk about spliffs and compare all three so…

What Happens When You Sleep High

What Happens When You Sleep High?

Sleeping after consuming marijuana is a common practice for many people. However, there is an ongoing debate about the safety and effects of sleeping while high. With approximately 16% of Americans using cannabis or THC products, it’s important to understand the potential risks and benefits of this practice. If you’re looking for the answers to…

Best Things To Do On Shrooms

Best Things To Do On Shrooms

If you’re planning on consuming shrooms, you might be wondering what to do during the psychedelic experience. While it’s perfectly fine just to sit back and let the mushroom trip unfold on its own, there are also a variety of activities you can try to enhance your introspective experience. From watching movies and nature walks,…

What are Cannabis Drinks

What are Cannabis Drinks?

Cannabis drinks refer to drinks that have been infused with cannabis. This means that the cannabis product has been left to sit in the beverage for a while, and they often contain THC in them. Technically, they are cannabis-infused drinks.   What are Weed Beverages? Weed beverages refer to cannabis-infused beverages with tetrahydrocannabinol as the…

How to Recharge A Disposable Vape

How to Recharge A Disposable Vape?

Not all disposable vapes are rechargeable. Trying to recharge a disposable vape that is not meant to be recharged can be detrimental. Make sure to understand your vape first to avoid making costly mistakes.   Are Disposable Vape Pens Rechargeable? The question of how to recharge your disposable vape should only arise if the vape…

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