M Green

AuthorM Green

M. Green is a full-time content developer that specializes in cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD). She is an active advocate, and proud member of the National Hemp Association. 

Miss Green has a deep passion for writing and sharing relevant and useful information to the public. She strongly believes the public image of cannabis depends on accurate and extensive education. Mell works hard to shed light on the benefits of cannabis, reshape its image, and fight common misconceptions.

About Our Medical Review Process

At Get Kush, licensed medical doctors review our content so that the information we provide is accurate, clear, and backed by reliable supporting evidence. They bring their vast knowledge and experience to help make our information, products, and services as transparent and credible as possible. Our team is committed to providing up-to-date cannabis information that depicts a clear and up-to-date image of the marijuana field of study. 

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