Best Place to Buy Cheap Shatter Online in Canada

Best Place to Buy Cheap Shatter Online in Canada

Shatter, like many other weed products, is legal in Canada. You’ve probably heard about it or read about it because it is notorious for its high potency. If this is the first time you’re trying it, you might find this article helpful.

Cannabis dispensaries have established an online presence, offering various cannabis products. Unfortunately, the price and quality of shatter differ from one dispensary to another. To buy the best shatter online at the best rate, we offer you a guide to purchasing shatter online.

You should know a few essential details before adding products to the cart. So here we let you in on everything you need to know about shatter, including the best places to buy it cheaply online.


What is Shatter?

Shatter is a popular cannabis concentrate that is hard and glass-like. It comes in various colours, but gold and amber are the most common. Its name derives from its tendency to shatter when broken.

Shatter is consumed through flash vaporization using a dab rig. A dab rig is a pipe specially designed for vaporization.

Some people believe shatter has a higher potency than most other cannabis extracts. However, this is not always the case because it depends on the chemical composition of the weed used to make it.

Shatter is extracted from Butane Hash Oil (BHO), which has THC levels exceeding 80%. Therefore, shatter has high potency. Making shatter entails shaking and stirring the BHO and letting it cool.

Shatter has a glass-like appearance and the tendency to crack when broken, hence its name. Some people attain THC concentrations of up to 90% with shatter.

So, how much does shatter cost, and where can you get it?

What to Look For When Buying Shatter Online in Canada?
Best Place to Buy Cheap Shatter Online in Canada

How Much Does Shatter Cost?

Shatter prices can be as low as $32 per gram and go as high as $44 per gram. The average is about $38 per gram. However, you have to account for other costs, such as shipping.

Dispensaries can have various offers. For example, some could offer free shipping, while others allow you to buy in bulk. Consider multiple offers before you buy shatter online.


What to Look For When Buying Shatter Online in Canada?

You probably have a few expectations of your experience with shatter. First, of course, it has to have a certain level of potency. Here, we bring insights into what to look for when buying shatter.

THC Levels

Make sure that it has sufficient THC levels. THC gives shatter and other weed products the potency to make you high. So ensure it is high enough before buying to avoid disappointments.

Product Description

When you buy shatter online, you must be careful to have the correct product. Shatter can be easily confused with products such as weed wax.

You need to know what shatter looks like to avoid confusing it with other cannabis extracts, such as wax. It is hard with a glass-like appearance. It also tends to crack when broken. 

Since you do not have access to the product to touch and feel it, please talk to someone from the dispensary to make sure you have the correct product.

Shatter Consistency

Shatter can come in varied consistency. The traditional form is not malleable and breaks when bent, sending fragments flying all over. There is a more pliable form that bends slightly before splitting, with no shards being produced.

You cannot tell its consistency when you buy shatter online. Dispensaries do not indicate the consistency on the label or product description. However, you can try a few with different consistencies before deciding what you find best.

Save Money

Consider areas you could save money. For example, some dispensaries give discounts for bulk purchases, while others offer free shipping. Be on the lookout for such offers.

Shatter Quality

Shatter comes in different qualities. Dispensaries grade their shatter and offer different prices. It also helps to read online reviews to see the best dispensaries, the quality of their shatter, and how much they charge per gram.

Get Kush is a reputable dispensary with high-quality shatter at low prices. They can strike a good balance between price and quality.


How Much Does Shatter Cost?

Authorized Dispensaries

Consider buying shatter from authorized dispensaries. Such dispensaries meet quality, packaging, and labelling requirements. They are risk-averse, and they are easily traceable when issues arise.

Additional Information

Wax is a cannabis extract that resembles shatter but is soft and pliable. The preparation methods are almost comparable, making their differences merely superficial.

Some people find wax easier to use because you can easily scoop it. However, shatter is different from wax because it cracks. This makes estimating difficult, and dosing can be slightly more challenging.

Always find out about THC content and ensure you have the correct product before placing an order.


Where to Buy Cheap Shatter Online in Canada?

Online cannabis dispensaries are ideal places to buy cheap shatter. However, it helps to know those dispensaries that sell it cheaply without compromising on quality.

Get Kush is a reputable cannabis dispensary that offers local shatter delivery by mail. GetKush is found online and has knowledgeable personnel to give you the necessary information. It also promptly processes orders to ensure you have weed products when needed.

The advantage of using Get Kush is that you can always contact them if you experience a problem with your order. Also, you can find them featured on external sites like and Atlantic Cannabis. Check out their reviews and get a taste of what to expect.

Do not hesitate to contact them if you need any clarification.



Shatter is a hard glass-like cannabis concentrate sold in most dispensaries in Canada. Its prices range between $32 and $44, with the average being $38 per gram. When buying online, ensure you have the proper description before you put your products in the cart.



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