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Cannabis farmer tending to his plant

Navigating the Different Stages of Weed Growth

If you want to start growing cannabis, then you probably already know that this process requires a lot of research and preparation before you can dive into actually planting the seeds and tending to your plants. It might be less difficult than cultivating other, more demanding plants, but the idea that growing top-shelf weed is…

How to Top a Weed Plant_ Topping Cannabis

How to Top a Weed Plant: Topping Cannabis

Topping cannabis is one of the best ways to maximize yield and ensure your harvest is successful. This technique, known as topping, has been around for many years to encourage Cannabis plants to produce more high-quality cannabis plant buds. The process involves pruning or cutting the main cola at the very top of the cannabis…

Male vs Female Weed

Male vs. Female Weed: How to Tell if Your Plant Is Male or Female Before Flowering?

Cannabis is a dioecious plant species, which means that it produces gendered flowers. This fact sometimes shocks inexperienced producers. Cannabis displays sex cues relatively early, giving plenty of opportunity to spot and address potential problems.  The cannabis plant can also develop hermaphroditic characteristics under stress, showing both female and male sex parts. If you don’t…

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis, known as marijuana, is a herb humans have used for generations in different parts of the globe. Its capability to grow in almost all regions on earth earns it the widespread name weed.  To increase your plants, you can either start with rootstock from a breeder or source the cannabis seeds from a seed…

Make Your Buds Sparkle With More Trichomes

Make Your Buds Sparkle With More Trichomes

Marijuana is legal all over Canada and users can now buy weed and other cannabis products for both recreational and medical purposes. However, depending on what part of Canada you live in, you also have the option of growing marijuana at home. Most provinces allow you to grow up to four active plants either indoors…

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