CBD for Menstrual Cramps

CBD for Menstrual Cramps: CBD Products to Help Relieve Period Cramps

One in four women experiences menstrual cramps, commonly known as period cramps or period pain, during their menstrual cycle. 

As the uterine wall contracts, in an effort to shed its lining, women can experience different levels of pain in their lower abdomen.  

Relieving menstrual pain is desirable, as menstrual cycles typically occur monthly. However, the effects of such pain can be debilitating and, in some cases, require medical intervention. 

CBD oil and CBD oil-infused products can provide much-needed pain relief and have been proven to alleviate symptoms associated with discomfort with menstrual cramps and other period-related symptoms, including headaches, lower back pain, and tender breasts. It can also alleviate PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms that many women get a week or two before the start of their cycle.  


What is CBD?

CBD or CBD oil is an extract derived from the cannabis plant and is the abbreviated term for cannabidiol extracted from cannabis Sativa.

Since the 80s, the benefits of the short and long-term effects of  CBD oil have been studied extensively, and the overriding evidence suggests it is a phenomenal product to use in treating pain and has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Cannabidiol is non-addicting and non-psychoactive, so CBD won’t give you that “high” feeling that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) would. THC is the other main chemical of cannabis.

There are many CBD products infused with CBD oil, ranging from consumables you ingest, such as CBD gummies or CBD oil, to topical CBD skincare products.  


Is CBD Safe?

Yes, CBD is safe. 

It is also recommended you consult a healthcare professional anytime you include a new product you are unfamiliar with in your health plan regime. 

CBD is no different. 

CBD oil is safe to consume. However, depending on your tolerance, you should proceed cautiously, as the level of CBD oil in various products and forms can differ significantly between brands. 

If CBD and CBD oil are new to you, start with a low dose and monitor your body’s response. Taking the appropriate dosage for your needs is essential.

Generally, CBD is safe to use; however, if you are on any prescription medication, you should consult your healthcare professional before moving forward.  


Can CBD Oil For Menstrual Cramps Help?

CBD oil, in whichever form it is found, can be used to manage menstrual cramps and period pain effectively. 

CBD is most widely associated with its superior ability to reduce inflammation and combat chronic pain. 

Whether headaches or body pain, CBD oil has been a popular solution to reducing the intensity of your pain. 

CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid, inflammatory, and nociceptive (pain-sensing) systems bringing relief to the receptors as they fire signals to the brain, which in turn alerts you to the localized pain your body is experiencing. 

Taking CBD oil drops or CBD oil capsules as an alternative to other prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers during your menstrual cycle will bring you much-needed relief. An option is products at retailers like biolyfebrands.com

A national online survey showed users felt a marked improvement in their overall experience of pain during their menstruation cycle while taking CBD oil drops and other CBD-related products. 

Can CBD Oil For Menstrual Cramps Help?

Does CBD Affect the Menstrual Cycle?

Your cycle is unaffected mainly by CBD in its raw form, and CBD interacts with receptors throughout the body but cannot change your physiological schedule. 

Cannabis, on the other hand, can adversely affect your menstrual cycle and even your fertility, causing a heavier flow than you would typically experience. 

Research suggests CBD oil will mitigate the pain you feel when menstruating but will not negatively interfere with your hormone levels or the natural cycle your body is designed to initiate and undergo every month. 

CBD for period cramps can be a helpful way for you to ease and minimize your menstrual pain and alleviate cramps.


Does CBD Cream For Menstrual Cramps Work?

Period pain relief can leave you feeling like it’s the only thing that matters at the time. 

As most women experience some discomfort during this time, ranging from a minor annoyance to crippling pain, it’s no surprise many are looking for something to remedy their menstrual cycle symptoms. 

CBD cream is a lotion infused with CBD oil, among other wellness ingredients. 

CBD creams usually contain around 8mg of CBD per application. However, the quantity can vary between brands. 

The CBD cream is a topical product applied directly onto the skin over the affected areas and immediately alleviates targeted menstrual cramps, back aches, and even headaches. 

Regarding topical CBD products, if you enjoy the effects of a hot water bottle or heating pad, CBD cream can be the perfect addition when searching for comfort and relieving pain.


What About A CBD Period Patch?

In 2020, two independent case reports indicated users experienced reduced feelings of pain and inflammation after using CBD patches. 

CBD products have already been proven to alleviate symptoms of pain and inflammation and are used widely to treat chronic pain. 

The question generally with CBD patches isn’t around the effects of CBD; it’s more related to the delivery system – the patch itself. 

The CBD patch is applied to the area of skin you want to target and worn throughout the day (or days), allowing the CBD to absorb locally in the affected area. 

As reported, CBD patches have been known to work. They are a promising alternative for those who want period pain relief but aren’t preferable to ingesting CBD oil drops or CBD oil capsules or those who don’t want to reapply CBD topical products every so often.  

CBD patches are a convenient and effective CBD product to reduce inflammation in a targeted area, especially for those with busy schedules.

How to Choose CBD Products for Menstrual Cramps

How to Choose CBD Products for Menstrual Cramps

Many types of CBD products are available to help to combat menstrual cramps and period pain. 

When researching various CBD products, determine what application method you prefer – CBD products you apply directly onto your skin or consumable CBD products you ingest, like CBD oil or CBD oil capsules. 

Next, you may wish to familiarize yourself with what each CBD product does, how it is used and which ones are created specifically to treat period pain. Other wellness ingredients like aloe, essential oils, camphor, and other beneficial agents blended with the CBD product could provide additional enhancing benefits. 

Lastly, you will want to note the CBD spectrum levels contained in each product:

  • CBD Isolate – contains CBD without traces of THC or other cannabinoids
  • Broad Spectrum CBD – contains other compounds of the cannabis plant, excluding THC
  • Full Spectrum CBD – contains all compounds of the cannabis plant, including up to 0.3% of THC

It is essential to research the brand and its quality control process. Be aware of whether the CBD product contains traces of THC and the side effects that go along with it.

Too little CBD, and you won’t receive enough to make a difference in your experience of menstrual pain. Too much, and you may experience side effects that will leave you feeling tired and lethargic. Consider contacting a wellness professional to determine what is most suitable for you.


In Conclusion

Menstrual pain can be extremely uncomfortable and debilitating for many women and is not to be underestimated. However, finding the best CBD products online to treat those menstrual cycle symptoms can significantly improve a woman’s quality of life, self-confidence, and mental health. In addition, CBD is an option for women who want to try something natural for pain management.



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