Different Types Of Hash

Different Types Of Hash

If you’re already explored the world of hashish, you’ve probably discovered that there are several different types of hash. Hash or hashish is a fragrant marijuana product that’s full of THC, thanks to cannabis trichomes. As a result, hash tends to be very concentrated and offers more substantial benefits than dried cannabis flowers

Hash is typically made by applying pressure and heat to trichomes until they form cakes or paste-like balls. Let’s explore several types of hash, including their effects and how each one is made.


Kief Or Dry Sift Hash

Kief is one of the most traditional types of hashish. This product is made by sifting dried, frozen marijuana leaves over a screen until trichomes break off and fall through the sieve. These isolated trichomes are technically known as kief. After the kief is separated, it’s compacted into hashish by machines or by hand. 

Traditional hand-made dry sift hash is very time-intensive. Most of this type of hash is made in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey, and Pakistan. Dry hash tends to vary most in colour and depends on where and how it’s made for all of the different hash types.

Finger Hash

Finger hash is another of the more traditional forms of hash. This method involves rubbing dried buds in your hands to release the resin, packed into reddish-brown cakes or bricks. You can often find green pieces of plant material mixed into finger hash.


How To Make Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash

Today’s hash fans love bubble hash. Also known as ice water hash, this product has a high THC concentration. This method was accidentally discovered by farmers who were working with water extraction methods. To make these types of hashish, cannabis is frozen, then mixed with icy water before being filtered into bubble bags. The eventual product is a sticky paste that’s pressed into hash.


Master Sift Hash

The last of the mainstream types of hash is master sift hash. This method was invented by John Galland. Using a faster and more effective production process, master sift tends to be a shiny yellow-gold colour.


In Conclusion About the Different Types of Hash

Hash is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates. As a result, many different types of hashish have been created over the years. If you are looking to try some, you’re in luck! Get the best deals on top-grade hash from Get Kush. Buy hash online in Canada with confidence and get timely and reliable hash delivery in Vancouver, Toronto, and across Canada.



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