Everthing To Know About Butane Honey Oil

If you’ve bought any type of concentrate recently, you may notice a little “BHO” placedsomewhere on the packaging. This labelinglets you know that your chosen concentrate was made from butane honey oil, or BHO.

When you purchase concentrates made from this type of extract, it doesn’t denote quality, smell, or price. Instead, it simply lets you know how your concentrate was made and what solvents were used during the production process.

Understanding what BHO is, its potency, and its various health benefits is important before diving into the world of cannabis concentrates. All the questions you may have about this concentrated form of cannabis oil are answered below, giving you the perfect preparation before trying butane honey oil for yourself.

Butane Honey Oil and
Where it Came From

Named after the natural oils that are extracted from the marijuana plant using a butane solvent, butane honey oil is the base of most cannabis concentrates. Any concentrate on the market–whether that be shatter, budder, or Rick Simpson Oil–that is made with butane during extraction is considered BHO. You may have heard it being called butane hash oil or just hash oil, but it is still the product of butane extraction nonetheless. This often-viscous substance is one of the most common forms of cannabis concentrates available right now.

The exact origin of butane honey oil isn’t easy to pinpoint, but many claim that the invention of the butane solvent process came from the Middle East in the 60s. Initially, isopropyl butane was utilized, creating deep red colored concentrates. The idea was eventually refined, and in the 70s author D. Gold described the production of butane hash oil in his book Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking. Since then, the popularity and consumption of BHOs have only grown exponentially.

While butane honey oil is quite versatile, many choose to dab their potent BHOs. Dabbing BHO is the best way to get full flavors and full effect, as concentrates require high temperatures to be fully enjoyed.

The Various Properties of BHO

Butane honey oil can be found in many different textures, consistencies, and colors. From an almost translucent yellow to a dark golden honey, BHO’s colors depend on the manufacturer’s environment. Excess moisture, light, or even movement can affect the shade of your honey oil, despite misconceptions that transparency denotes quality.

BHO can come in practically any form of concentrate that you can think of: shatter, crumble, budder, even pull-and-snap. BHO’s end consistency is, once again, dependent on the maker and how they choose to manipulate (or not manipulate) their final product. When the hash oil is whipped after extraction, it’ll receive a softer consistency like budder. When it’s left untouched and preserved, your BHO will be as fragile as shatter. It totally depends!

Some forms of butane honey oil have distinct smells, while others hardly have any. Live resin, for example, is one of the most aromatic forms of cannabis concentrates due to its creation method. Prior to and during extraction, buds are kept at freezing temperatures, which, in turn, conserves most of the plant’s terpene content. Because of this, each strain of live resin produces distinct, pungent aromas. Other BHOs like shatter, however, contain almost no terpenes due to their strict purification processes.

Regardless of the form that the butane honey oil takes, almost all contain similar THC contents. Your typical cannabis oil will range anywhere from 60%-90% THC, making it one of the most potent subtypes of cannabis on the market today. Because BHO is so strong, it’s mostly recommended for experienced cannabis consumers looking for something new or something more potent to try.

How long butane hash oil stays in your system truly depends on how frequent of a consumer you are. If you tend to only enjoy BHO on special occasions, the THC that it brings will probably only stay in your system for a few days. If you’ve been in the cannabis scene for a while and have a higher tolerance, BHO can stick in your system for months at a time, due to the way the compounds cling to our fat tissue. Your body’s metabolism, fat content, and how frequently you enjoy cannabis all influence how long it can stay present in your body.

How Butane Honey
Oil is Made

There are a few different ways that cannabis oil is extracted from marijuana or hemp plants to create concentrates. Other than with using butane, some professionals choose to utilize CO2 as their solvent of choice, or even other alcohols. There are also solvent-free extraction methods that utilize things like grinders, sifters, or heat presses for a more pure, natural result.

Though there are many methods, the most popular by far is butane extraction. This is because, with proper extraction machinery, this method is extremely efficient and isn’t nearly as costly as CO2.

To make BHO, dried buds are taken and either blasted with or soaked in butane to separate the natural oils from the plant matter itself. After the separation occurs, the remaining oil is then purged of the butane used, getting rid of any remaining impurities. Then, the weed oil either undergoes further purification or is mixed, stirred, or whipped to create the desired structure. The final product is left to cure, dry, and solidify, eventually becoming whatever form of concentrate the manufacturer decides.

Making butane honey oil isn’t a process that anyone but a lab technician should attempt, as it can be quite dangerous. With multiple fatalities and explosions reported from at-home concentrate labs, it’s best to leave the process up to the professionals.

How to Store your BHO

When it is properly stored, you can keep BHO on your shelf for quite a long time. While it’s possible to hold on to your butane honey oil for years, it’s not necessarily recommended. However, its form, texture, and potency will stay relatively the same for months upon months.

To extend the shelf life of your honey oil, make sure you’re keeping it in places that stay consistently cold and dark. Cold temperatures and stable environments are key factors in preserving cannabis oil’s properties. Storing it in vacuum-sealed containers is also a great idea, as lack of moisture ensures the consistency stays the same over time.

Do not store your BHO or other concentrates in places that are frequently exposed to light, heat, and excess moisture. Places like fridges and freezers are best, as long you properly label your container to avoid any safety issues. Also, avoid moving your honey oil as much as possible to prevent differing environments from effecting structure.

Best Ways to Take
Butane Honey Oil

As was mentioned, the most ideal way of enjoying hash oil is dabbing. When you dab, you’re heating your rig to extremely hot temperatures. These levels are high enough to vaporize your concentrate, effectively releasing all smells, flavors, and most importantly, cannabinoids.

However, you can also very easily place a dab of butane honey oil directly into your standing vape or coiled vape pen. Both of these methods are also powerful enough to give you the full effects of BHO, unlike just adding it on top of a bowl or inside a joint. BHO and other concentrates simply cannot be wholly enjoyed with a simple lighter.

How much honey oil you should consume is totally up to you. If you’re newer to the concentrate scene, starting as little as possible is always suggested. Because of BHOs’ high potencies, having too much the first time can be unpleasant. Instead, begin with just a dot of oil and see how your body reacts. After you get used to this, you can try bigger, more substantial dabs.
Just start slow!

Butane Honey Oil VS. Other Cannabis Products

When comparing butane honey oil to other cannabis oils like THC oil or Rick Simpson Oil, they’re all incredibly similar. This is because most cannabis oils actually start as BHOs and then become formed into something else. Oils like RSO can definitely be made using other solvents, but this doesn’t change much for purity or potency.

Oils like hemp or CBD oil, on the other hand, are drastically different from honey oils as their intention is not to get you high. These types of oils have either trace amounts or zero amount of THC and are primarily utilized for medicinal reasons. While BHOs exhibit a wide array of medical benefits, hemp oil is best for those who don’t want to feel intoxicated when consuming.

Dried cannabis flower is drastically different from butane honey oil, despite the fact that BHO is a direct product of marijuana. Your typical weed will have THC percentages ranging from 15% to about 25%, though you can find slightly lower and higher numbers depending on the strain and grower. Butane honey oil, though, can test anywhere from 60% to as high as 90% if you’re lucky and willing to spend a pretty penny. This drastic juxtaposition between THC contents is why concentrates aren’t for new smokers, and why it’s so important to properly dose to ensure a blissful, safe high.

Cannabis edibles produce a potent, concentrated high, but one that is quite different from BHO. Edibles have a much higher potency than flower, but a lot of their cannabinoids are unfortunately lost during the cooking or baking processes, making them still less potent than honey oil. Typically, the high from an edible tends to be more full-body focused due to the way the cannabis is metabolized throughout the body when digested versus inhaled. They also can last for hours at a time, as opposed to a high from weed oils which usually don’t continue for more than a couple hours at most.

Many Benefits and Uses of BHO

The medical benefits of cannabis oils like BHO are so widespread and are only becoming more and more realized each day. When cannabidiol, CBD, is combined with THC, the medicinal properties of the marijuana plant are experienced more intensely throughout the body. This means that the higher the THC percentage, the more powerful the physiological and psychological benefits.

From your head to your toes, headaches to joint pain, BHO has the potential to help with it all. For some, having a dab of honey oil is the best way to stimulate appetite and ease digestive pain or nausea. Others may enjoy this golden substance for its relieving, anti-inflammatory properties for muscle pains of all severities. Also great for nervous system disorders and glaucoma, the widespread physiological benefits of butane honey oil can be life-changing.

When taken in small, safe doses, honey oil can be incredibly beneficial for those struggling with anxiety or anxiety disorders, as THC and CBD can help lower stress levels and calm excessive thinking. Not only that, but BHO has shown to assist with PTSD-related symptoms, Alzheimer’s, and even multiple sleep disorders, too.

Unfortunately, with many modern-day treatments come negative side effects that can make these treatments difficult and uncomfortable. Fortunately, cannabis oils can help. Whether it be side effects from chemotherapy or hepatitis C treatments, BHO can help alleviate pains and cause relaxation which, in combination with regular treatment, can give you your everyday life back.

Possible Side Effects of BHO

With butane honey oil’s high concentration and potency, consuming too much might cause an uncomfortable experience for the newbie. While this is easily avoided with proper dosing and research, sometimes our BHO can take us by surprise, or even accidentally fall in the wrong hands.

If you store your honey oil in a common area like the fridge or freezer, you must make sure it is properly labeled. Identifying what it is and the strain or THC percentage is important, as this can keep you from forgetting potency and consuming more than you intend. Along the same lines, this may also help deter the hash oil from ending up in the hands of children or teenagers.

As mentioned, unpleasant side effects of butane honey oil can be averted through safe, accurate dosing, though these experiences are still possible. Taking too big of a dab may result in added anxiety and increased heart rate, or possibly nausea and vomiting. That said, if you are new to the world of cannabis, beware of overconsumption and take in this tidbit of advice: start low and slow and monitor how you feel along the way.

If this happens to you, do your best to stay calm and remember that it isn’t permanent. Though it may feel uncomfortable, a bad BHO experience won’t last forever, and can easily be alleviated. First, try eating something or drinking a glass of water. When things like this occur, we may not realize our bodies are crying out for basic nutrients, and this can almost immediately help us feel better. Along with that, try distracting yourself with things you enjoy. Giving yourself an air of normalcy can do all the difference for your high brain, reminding you that you’ve simply just had too big of a dab.

Where Can I Buy My Own Honey Oil?

If you’re hoping to dive into your own container of butane honey oil, you’re in luck. BHO can be found on most dispensary shelves, coming in a myriad of different products. Regular BHO wax can usually be found for about $20-$30 a gram, depending on location and THC percentage. BHO shatter, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive, usually popping up for about $30 or $35 a gram. The most expensive form of BHO that you’ll find is probably live resin, being closer to $40 a gram. Again, this all depends on where you live and what brands you have available.

In the chance that you don’t have access to a dispensary or if your local dispensary simply doesn’t have the BHO product you’re searching for, don’t worry! Online weed dispensaries are becoming increasingly more popular due to their accessibility, ease, and wide selections. Sites like Get Kush allow you to virtually browse through all of their cannabis products and have your ideal selection shipped right to your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for hemp oil, BHO, or Phoenix Tears, an online dispensary can get you what you require, all without leaving your home.

The BHO Experience

Consuming butane honey oil is not only intoxicating and euphoric, but its medicinal benefits will have you feeling better than you have in ages. With its elevated potency and high concentration of THC, nothing can beat the experience that BHO has the potential to bring you.

Just remember to always do your research about any cannabis product before trying it, and make sure you understand how its purity and potency is going to affect you. Once you know how much to take and what to expect, you’re all set to have one of the best, most wholly beneficial highs of your cannabis journey.