Live Resin GUIDE:
Everything it
Has to Offer

Not to be confused with resin or rosin, live resin is one of the newest developments within the cannabis concentrate community. Introduced to the market only within the past decade, live resin has been deemed the “champagne of concentrates,” and is becoming more sought-after every day.

Live resin is unlike any other concentrate on dispensary shelves, despite having a
similar appearance. Below, we break down all you should know about this unique form
of concentrate, and what exactly makes it so different and so boutique.

What is Live Resin?

While the name may sound a little strange, live resin is no more intimidating than your typical cannabis concentrate. Most concentrates are made using
extraction processes that require high temperatures. However, live resin needs the opposite. Live resin is the result of freeze-drying the cannabis plant prior to and during the extraction process. Keeping the plants and oils at sub-zero temperatures allows for the
terpene profile of the strain to stay unchanged,
meaning live resins typically have a stronger smell, taste, and for some, psychological effects.

Extremely new to the cannabis scene, live resin originated from a few Colorado growers back in 2013. Made by producing an expert BHO extractor, William Fenger and Jason Emo discovered that extracting their cannabis while frozen produces quite the unique concentrate. By skipping the drying process of the bud itself, you’re preserving terpenes. Terpenes become lost over time, and the drying process takes a lot of time; when you avoid this, you keep those flavors and aromas pungent and easily identifiable.

Live resin is most commonly enjoyed through dabbing. Dabbing’s high temperatures help to bring out the terpene profile, giving you one of the tastiest dabs you could ask for. You can dab all forms of live resin, regardless of if it’s waxy or crumbly.

What are the
Properties of

Live Resin?

Live resin can come in various appearances and textures. Like butane hash oil, or BHO, its end structure simply depends on how it is handled during the extraction process, and outside elements like excess moisture. You can find live resin that is as saucy as wax, or even as fragile as shatter. But, live resins that are less solid are typically more easily found, though you can always check your local marijuana dispensary menus to see what kind they have. It’s no wonder the live resin Canada community is as strong as it is. Let’s delve deeper into the world of cannabis concentrates in our Live Resin Guide.

As was discussed, the smell and taste of live resin are truly what differentiates it from its other concentrate counterparts (other than the freezing temperatures, that is). The different flavor profiles that terpenes bring add a layer of distinctness that can only be accomplished when terpenoids are properly conserved, like with live resin. When it comes to the individual flavors themselves, this all depends on the strains that were used during the extraction process.

Typical cannabis concentrates can sit anywhere between 60-80% THC. This is no different for live resin, as its potency is almost identical to its concentrate brothers and sisters. However, many consumers claim that the high level of terpenes enhances the overall high, making effects feel even more potent. That being said, concentrates like live resin aren’t for new consumers because of how powerful they can be, so make sure you’ve had your fair share of cannabis experiences before diving into these intense extracts.

How long live resin stays in your system really depends on how frequent of a smoker you are, how your body metabolizes THC, and how you consume it. With dabs and their high percentage of THC, they can stay in your system for up to months at a time depending on frequency. On the other hand, your first dab ever may pass through your body quickly, only leaving THC present for a couple of days. It totally depends on you.

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Potential Side Effects of

Live Resin

Now let’s talk move on with the live resin guide and talk about side effects. Though the high you can get from live resin can be one of the best, most blissful ones of your cannabis experience, it can also be too much sometimes. Due to the strong potencies and high concentration of THC, it is easy to consume too much and become uncomfortable.

When you take too big of a dab, feeling nauseous or even having to vomit is not uncommon. As mentioned, panic is often reported as well, but these cases are rare and may be avoided by consuming resin low and slow.

If you do accidentally take too big of a dab or smoke too much live resin, don’t panic. You can’t overdose from concentrates, despite how sick or stressed you may feel. It is important to remind yourself that this feeling will not last more than a few hours and that you’ve simply had too much. Try drinking water or eating a snack to maintain an air of normalcy. Then, simply distract yourself as best as you can. Whether that be by taking a nap or talking to a best friend, all of these things can help bring you back to reality, and tame your concentrated high.

Where to

Buy Your Own

Interested? We don’t blame you! You can buy live resin online or at your local cannabis dispensary, but be prepared to spend more than you typically would on concentrates. Live resin, compared to other waxes and shatters, is much pricier–it is the champagne of concentrates, after all. While a typical gram of crumble can be priced anywhere between $20-$40, and shatter usually being only a bit more, live resin can go for as high as $100 per gram. However, this is usually the best of the best, and you can probably find grams of live resin, shatter wax, crumbles, weed budder, and other waxes at your local dispensary for closer to $60-$80.

If you don’t have access to a dispensary or would simply rather stay home, online weed dispensaries are appearing all over the country–in places with legalized marijuana, that is. Websites like Get Kush allow you to pick out all the cannabis products your heart desires, and have them shipped right to your door in discreet packaging. This way, you don’t even have to step inside to find your perfect gram of live resin.

So we hope you learned something in our live resin guide to help you make future decisions regarding this flavourful cannabis concentrate.

In Conclusion

When dabbing live resin, always remember to start small and see how the dab affects you. Too much live resin can definitely ruin your day, while the perfect-sized dab can give you one of the greatest, most flavorful highs yet. Use discretion, but enjoying live resin from time to time has the potential to completely transform your cannabis journey.