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The cannabis community has evolved significantly throughout the centuries. Today, we have the option of enjoying cannabis in different forms, giving us individualized properties and highs that are unparalleled to dried cannabis flower. Marijuana concentrates like weed wax are somewhat new within the cannabis world. This sticky, oily form of cannabis is growing in popularity every day, raising questions for newer, less experienced consumers. What is weed wax? What makes it different from flower? How do you even smoke it? If you’re curious as to what weed wax encompasses and how it differs from the other cannabis products around, we have all your questions answered. From wax’s muddy origin to its many medical benefits, everything you need to know about this potent extract can be found below.
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Wax’s UniqueProperties

Weed wax can be found in a variety of different shades of yellow and brown. In fact, no two waxes truly look identical! Every shade that’s created is a result of environmental factors during the extraction process, such as moisture or light. Its texture is similar to regular candle wax but can be thicker or thinner, again, depending on the manufacturer’s choices.

Typically, your cannabis wax is going to have a sticky consistency that can be stretched and molded in practically any way you want– though, wrapping it around a dab tool is probably best.

The unique smells and tastes that you receive from your cannabis and cannabis products come from the plant’s natural terpenes. When you have traditional marijuana flower, the smells are incredibly potent due to the terpenes being left untouched and preserved. For concentrates, on the other hand, the rigorous extraction process tends to destroy most of the plant’s terpenes, leaving not much smell or taste for most concentrates. However, when dabbed, the high temperatures can bring out the remaining terpenes, allowing you to experience subtle, distinct flavors and smells.

Weed wax’s potency depends on the product itself, but its THC levels can range anywhere from 60% to 90%. The higher the potency, the more expensive the wax typically is. Because of this potency and high concentration of THC, consuming wax consistently will result in lingering THC in your system for weeks at a time. One dab for someone who doesn’t dab often, however, may not stay in your body for too long. It totally depends on how often you dab concentrates, your fat content, and a few other factors, too.

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Weed Waxand Its Origin

If you’ve heard of any type of cannabis concentrate it is probably wax. Also commonly called weed wax, this viscous substance is one of the most consumed forms of concentrate on the market. Because of its availability, affordability, and potency, wax has only exploded in popularity since its emergence into the cannabis community.

The world’s first formal introduction to weed wax cannot directly be pinpointed, as people across the globe have been extracting oils from cannabis for centuries. However, this specific form of concentrate started becoming a bit more familiar after author D. Gold wrote about a “cannabis honey oil” in his book. This honey oil was described as very similar to the wax we have today, leading the cannabis community to believe that Gold had, in fact, created weed wax.

Wax has come a long way since Gold’s description, with extensive new technology being created to almost effortlessly extract the natural oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Today, our wax is purer than ever before.

Most concentrate consumers choose to dab their sticky weed wax. This comes down to factors like taste, potency, and malleability, as wax has such unique properties, making it tough to consume in other ways. But, when dabbed, the flavors and properties are easily and fully experienced.

DifferentTypes of Waxon the Market

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The number of different types of waxes we have on the market is growing every day. While the names used to identify the different types are used to differentiate shape and texture, these forms of concentrates still stem from wax.

Whether you’ve heard it as budder, badder, or batter, this soft form of wax is all the same. Budder refers to a type of concentration that has been whipped to perfection after extraction, resulting in a moldable, butter-like substance.

Crumble wax, as the name suggests, is a lot more crumbly than your traditional weed wax. This type of concentrate is more similar to sand or brown sugar and must be more tightly packed together on your dab tool for the sake of ease. This type of wax can also be called “honeycomb,” if the crumble contains more holes than usual.

Shatter wax is the most fragile form. Shatter is glass-like in appearance, typically coming in a translucent golden color. This form is one of the more pure ways of smoking wax, as the concentrate undergoes strict extraction and filtration processes to ensure its form.

How Weed Wax is Made

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Safely StoringYour Weed Wax

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Comparing WeedWax to OtherCannabis Products

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Different Waysto Smoke Wax

Different Waysto Smoke Wax

Possible Side Effectsand How to Combat Them

PurchasingYour Own Wax

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Your Weed WaxExperience

So, what’s the best way to consume cannabis? What we do know is that cannabis can be used in more ways than one and furthermore, the effects experienced when consuming cannabis will always vary by each individual which includes factors such as genetics, physical health, medical history, age, etc.

Every person’s experience pertaining to weed wax is going to be different. This is why it’s crucial to do proper research into correct dosing, properties, and effects. Once you’re comfortable with this novel form of cannabis, occasionally enjoying a few dabs will allow you an experience totally unique from traditional flower.

Start small, wait for effects to kick in, and enjoy the all-encompassing effects that weed wax has the potential to provide for you.

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