How Much is a Quarter Pound of Weed

How Much is a Quarter Pound of Weed?

In cannabis, the measurements and terminologies used may confuse you. One such measurement is a quarter pound of weed or a QP, as commonly known.


How Many Grams is a Quarter Pound (QP) of Weed?

By weight, a QP of weed is one-fourth of a pound with 16 ounces. So, a quarter pound of weed will have four ounces or 113.4 grams. The amount can get you up to 100 blunts or over 200 joints of half a gram. 

How Many Grams is a Quarter Pound (QP) of Weed?
How Much is a Quarter Pound of Weed

What Does a Quarter Pound of Cannabis Look Like?

Size-wise, a quarter-pound weed is an impressive amount. However, the size will vary depending on the strain bud formation. Fluffy, loosely packed cannabis buds with lower density will have a larger volume, and a quarter pounder of weed from a strain with higher density and resinous nuggets may appear smaller. Consider holding four ounces of weed in your hand to clear the picture.

However, because of weed legal limitations, most online weed dispensaries limit their sale to one ounce for end consumers.

Medical patients can have cards to possess large quantities of the drug. Depending on the jurisdiction, patients can possess 3 to 6 ounces of cannabis. So, they can buy refills in quarter-pound; they are within the limit at 4 ounces.

 If you are in a business processing CBD and THC products using recipes to make large batches, you may work with QPs of weed. Quarter-pound weed is the standard measure used in the low-level illicit wholesale market.

How Much Does a QP of Weed Cost?

How Much Does a QP of Weed Cost?

It’s not very simple to find a local dispensary near you selling quarter pounds directly to consumers, and it’s not likely to happen soon. However, you can find many options online with mail-order marijuana sites.

However, the price of a quarter pound weed averages at around $400-550, though high-grade weed strains are at higher prices.


Final Thoughts

The bulk weed Canada community is growing because of the low prices and surplus of cannabis flowers. This makes it the perfect time to buy large amounts of cannabis and stock up. You can order online and get mail-order services, or get bulk weed delivery in Vancouver, weed delivery in Coquitlam, Toronto, and any other city. 



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