How To Make A Filter for A Joint

How To Make A Filter for A Joint

Once you start rolling your own joints, its normal to want to take your skills to the next level. Making a filter for your joints is an easy step that enhances the entire weed smoking experience. Also called crutches or tips, a joint filter provides a cleaner, more enjoyable smoke. Learn how to make a filter for a joint and how to roll a joint with a filter so you can have the best smoke yet.

How To Make A Filter for A Joint
How To Make A Filter for A Joint

What Does A Filter Do?

Learning how to make a joint filter isnt a necessary step when you want to get high. Its possible to smoke a joint without a tip. In a pinch, you can always fall back on this method. However, once you know how to roll a filter, you can count on a better experience when you smoke cannabis flowers.

Filters perform a few different functions. First, they make it clear which is the business end of your joint. This might sound silly now, but just wait until youre super high and trying to see which end is which. A tip makes it easy to tell.

Second, filters help keep plant material out of your mouth while youre smoking. If youve ever gotten ground weed on your lips, you understand the urge to learn how to make a filter for a joint.

Filters also protect your lips from being burnt. No one wants to burn their mouth while smoking up. Learning how to roll a filter gives you some built-in distance and protection from your joints cherry.

What You Need To Make A Filter At Home

You dont need specialized equipment to learn how to make a filter for a joint. The only material you need is some stiff paper. Computer or printing paper isnt going to be thick enough. You’re looking for a cereal box, business card, postcard, or something similar. Plain cardboard will work if thats all you can find.

Whatever material you settle on should be free from bleach and other chemicals. Youll be breathing through the filter and possibly smoking some of it, so you want to stick with safe, all-natural materials. If you cant guarantee your filter is safe to breathe, try to find something else. 

If you dont keep random business cards lying around, you can always purchase pre-made filters and crutches. Your favourite dispensary should sell a range of brands that make fibre paper filters. These filters hold their shape and are easy to work with, so theyre an excellent option for learning how to roll a filter.

How To Make A Filter for A Joint

How To Roll Your Filter

There are a few different methods for how to make a joint filter. Like when youre learning any new skill, we encourage you to try several options to learn your favourite. Lets start with the easiest, which is the cylinder roll.

To learn how to make a filter for a joint, all you need to do is roll up your material into a cylinder shape. A simple spiral method will work well. This tip style is convenient and famous but has some negative aspects. Its main problem is that the spiral roll doesnt stop all the cannabis pieces from getting into your mouth. Youll probably find some plant material on your lips when you try this style. Also, cylinder filters are often weaker than other styles. It can lose shape if you have friends who pinch their joints or tend to get the filter wet. 

A better way to roll a joint with a filter is to use the folding method instead. This is a similar method to rolling a spiral filter. Start by rolling it up, but dont roll it all the way. Instead, start folding your material to finish the filter. Learning this method can take a little more practice, but its worth the extra effort. The filter should have lots of peaks and valleys from the front, almost like looking at a mountain range. These creases will catch excess plant material while allowing the smoke to pass easily through. 

Once your filter is folded up, wrap the paper around it one more time. This additional layer acts as a case to keep your filter from expanding. The crutch might feel like its about to unroll, but thats the result you want. This expansion will help the filter fit tightly inside your joint. Now that you know how to make a filter for a joint, you can enjoy an upgraded smoky session whenever you feel the urge.

In Conclusion

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