How To Make A Sploof In Three Easy Steps

We know that not everyone can be open about their cannabis lifestyle. Marijuana might be legalized, but some people still deal with judgmental family members, roommates, or landlords. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some marijuana flowers from time to time anyway. All you need to do is learn how to make a sploof to disguise the evidence. A sploof is a small device that masks or absorbs smoke, helping you enjoy the plant even in tricky living situations.


Learn all about making a sploof to make the most of your cannabis love.


What Is A Sploof?

You might be asking, what is a sploof? The name might sound silly if you’ve never used one before, but a sploof can be a lifesaver. These tools are small containers that trap and conceal cannabis smoke. You can buy commercial sploofs at most dispensaries or online, but it can be expensive to go this route. We recommend learning how to make a sploof instead. 


Sploof Materials

Making a sploof isn’t complicated. You can make your own with some simple household materials. You might be able to find these things around the home. If not, they should be easy to access at major retailers. As a bonus, none of the materials will give you away if anyone snoops through your shopping.


Gather the following items:

  • Cylindrical tube. Your tube will hold your filtering agent, so it must fit several criteria. You should be able to exhale into one and seal off the other side. Don’t go for something big, like an empty 2-litre bottle. A toilet paper tube, small soda bottle, or ABS Pipe is ideal. You can use a small container like a lip balm tube if you’re out of options, but this will be challenging.
  • Filtering substance. What is a sploof without a good filtering agent? Look for items like scented paper towels, dryer sheets, or activated charcoal. You can get creative with natural scents as well. Try fresh herbs, or soak essential oils on a paper towel. When you’re making a sploof, strong scents are your friends.
  • Duct tape or elastic band. You need a seal when you’re learning how to make a sploof.
  • Scissors


How To Make A Sploof

Step 1: Prepare Your Container

You’ll need to empty your container before we start. Items like toilet paper rolls and ABS pipe are automatically ready to use since they’re just empty tubes. 


If you’re using something with a closed-end, like an empty soda bottle, you’ll need to drill holes in the bottom. Carefully use a sharp knife or scissors for this step. When you’re learning how to make a sploof, aim for big enough holes for smoke to pass through but not so huge that your entire exhale will leave the sploof.


Step 2: Make Your Base

Next, make the base of your sploof. Cover the bottom end with a thin, fabric-like substance. You can use dryer sheets, paper towels, toilet paper, or cheesecloth. Attach this to the sploof with duct tape or your elastic band.


Depending on your filtering material, you might need to make your base several layers thick. For example, heavier substances like activated charcoal will need a sturdy base. On the other hand, a thin base should be fine if you use something light, such as fresh herbs or dryer sheets.


Step 3: Stuff Your Sploof

All that’s left to do now is add your filter. Be careful not to rip the base of your sploof in this step. You can add three or four dryer sheets if that’s your preference. Remember that activated charcoal is relatively heavy, so don’t let it tear out the bottom. Natural materials like flower petals or herbs can be wrapped in toilet paper then added to the sploof. If you’re still unsure what to use, try spraying fabric softener onto toilet paper. The options are endless.


Once your filter is loaded, add a layer of plain toilet paper. This prevents the filter from getting into your mouth.


How To Use A Sploof

Now that you know how to make a sploof, learning how to use it is the final step. Don’t worry about it if you’re wondering what a sploof is like in action. Using a sploof is simple and easy. All you need to do is exhale your marijuana smoke into the open end of the tube. The filtering agent will absorb the odour, keeping your activities a secret.

Make sure to blow all your smoke into the sploof when using it. If you don’t do this, smoke will skip the filter and go into the room around you. Before you know it, the scent of cannabis will fill the air, and all your hard work will be for nothing.

Sploofs are helpful tools to help you enjoy marijuana even in judgmental living situations. Whether you’re a new cannabis enthusiast or have a long history with the plant, we hope your new sploof skills will serve you well.



In Conclusion

Now that you know how to make a sploof, you might be wondering where you can get top-grade products to try. You’d be happy to know that there are many different options such as online dispensaries and marijuana delivery services. For example, you can get reliable mail-order service from Get Kush or same-day local service from reliable sites.





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