How To Make Rosin

How To Make Rosin

Cannabis rosin is a rich weed concentrate that’s sticky, powerful, and easy to make at home. If you’ve researched other concentrate methods, you might have been turned off by all the steps. Even “easy” concentrates still require time, patience, and tools. Learning how to make rosin is perfect for anyone preferring a more straightforward method. Our rosin recipe makes it easy to enjoy DIY weed rosin whenever possible. Follow these simple steps, and let’s start making rosin!

The Secret Behind Making Rosin

Rosin is a unique type of concentrate because it’s made with heat and pressure, not solvents. Many other concentrates like cannabis oil, shatter, wax, and live resin use a chemical to extract active ingredients. Solvents can be innocuous like oil and water or more complicated like butane. Rosin skips this step entirely.

Since rosin doesn’t use a solvent, it doesn’t need as much processing before you can enjoy it. Other concentrate methods require you to remove the solvent before enjoying it. So when you learn how to make rosin, you can enjoy it right away!



Ingredients And Tools For Our Rosin Recipe

  • A hair straightener, ideally with 2-inch plates and adjustable temperature settings
  • Heat-resistant gloves (optional but a good precaution)
  • Parchment paper (not wax paper)
  • Cannabis buds, kief, or hash
  • Dabber for collecting the rosin
  • Storage container if needed
  • Rosin bag if needed


Consider your cannabis qualities before getting started. For example, you should use low heat on strains with high terpenes and higher temperatures if your weed strain has fewer terpenes.


How To Make Rosin Step By Step

  1. Gently flatten a bud between your hands. Place it into a rosin bag if you’re using kief or hash.


  1. Turn on the hair straightener using a low-temperature setting at first. You can always turn up the heat, but you can’t fix scorched buds.


  1. Place the rosin bag or flattened bud between two pieces of parchment paper. Size the paper to have a few inches of room for overflow on either side of the straightener.


  1. Place the parchment paper between the straightener’s irons and press for 4-30 seconds. You’ll have the best results by laying the straightener on a heat-proof surface and pressing the plates closed with your hands. Use heat-proof gloves if available, and be very careful during this step! Listen closely and let go as soon as you hear your rosin start to sizzle.

  2. Remove the parchment paper from the straightener. Open the layers and see how much oil was released.


  1. Move the bud to a clean spot or a fresh piece of paper and repeat the process. Keep going until no more rosin appears.


  1. Use a dabber to collect your rosin. You can use it right away or store it in a cool, dark place for later.



Exploring The World of DIY Weed Rosin

Now that you know how to make rosin, you can enjoy concentrates whenever you’d like. This is excellent news whenever you’re stuck with low-quality buds or are looking for something with a kick. Check out Get Kush to source flowers for this DIY weed rosin recipe. They always have a fantastic selection of tasty, potent, reasonably-priced cannabis buds. GetKush is the best place to shop before making rosin! Check out what people say on review sites such as Cannabis Ontario and buy concentrates online in Canada with confidence. Get timely and reliable THC concentrate delivery in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and more!





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