How To Roll A Cone Joint

How To Roll A Cone Joint

No matter how many new and innovative cannabis products hit the market, smoking a joint remains the most popular way to enjoy the plant. Here at GetKush, we know that Pre-rolled joints are a classic choice for a reason. Also called doobies, spliffs, fatties, Js, and more, joints are easy to smoke, share with friends, and deliver outstanding results. However, many people still struggle with rolling joints. Learning how to roll a cone joint is a valuable skill that anyone can master with a bit of practice. Lets discover what it takes so you can start rolling cone joints whenever the urge hits.

Materials For Rolling A Cone Joint

Rolling cone joints doesnt need to be complicated. Youll need a few basic materials, all of which you can find at your favourite local dispensary or online marijuana shop. Gather the following items:

  • Filter or cardboard or cardstock to make your own
  • Cannabis grinder (optional)

Youll also need a cannabis rolling tray or another flat, clean surface to work on.


Step One: Grind Your Flower

The first step of rolling a cone joint is grinding up your marijuana buds. After that, people living in areas where cannabis is legal can choose their favourite strain for rolling their first joint. Whichever strain you like most is the best for you, so dont stress too much about other peoples judgments or opinions.

If you live where cannabis isnt legal yet, you can still follow these steps using a CBD-heavy cannabis blend. Make sure it has less than 0.3% THC to stay in the clear, legally speaking.

Use your grinder to break down your dried cannabis. Youll have the best results using thoroughly dried herbs. The grinder won’t work well if your flowers are still wet, fresh, or damp. You can simply dry your cannabis if you run into this problem.

A grinder is easy to use but not necessary. You can also use your fingers to break up the buds. But, again, be as gentle as possible, so you dont damage the plants trichomes. Trichomes carry THC, CBD, and other active ingredients, so you want to keep them intact.


Step Two: Make Your Filter

Make a Joint Filter

Before we start the hands-on portion of how to roll a cone joint, youll need to get your filter ready. Filters are also called crutches or tips, but they all serve to protect your lips and provide a smoother smoking experience. You can make a filter using thin cardboard from a cereal box, postcard, or business card. 

Whatever material you prefer, cut it to size. It should be a good size for your eventual joint, not too big or too small. From there, you can try a few different methods. Roll your material up to make a spiral filter, give it a few folds, or use the traditional Mshape. Filters all come down to your personal preference, so you can experiment and see what you like best.

Alternately, you can buy pre-made filters. These are readily available online and from your local dispensary. 


Step Three: Fill Your Rolling Papers

Now its time for some practical experience in rolling a cone joint. First, lay one of your rolling papers on your rolling tray or another flat surface. Most rolling papers come with a crease down the center, so see if you can find this. A few rolling paper brands dont include this crease, but it will be easier to learn how to roll a cone joint if your papers come pre-creased.

Lay your filter at one end of the rolling paper, centered on the paper. Next, gently place your ground buds onto the filter. Try to spread the cannabis evenly across your rolling paper. You can use the crease as a guide point to help you gauge your progress. 

Once your paper is complete, take a moment to look at it. Your flower should be evenly spread across the paper. If its crooked or uneven, simply rearrange the grinds before continuing.

When youre happy with the distribution, its time to make the distinctive cone shape. Youll do this by adding more cannabis to the filterless side of your rolling paper. You should still spread the weed evenly throughout the joint, but the flower should look like a cone or baseball bat. There should be less weed by the filter and more at the opposite end.


Step Four: Rolling Your Joint

How To Roll A Cone Joint

The moment has arrived! Its time to put it all together and learn how to roll a cone joint. Carefully pick up your rolling paper and press the flowers together with your thumb and index finger. Meanwhile, gently roll the paper as smoothly as you can. Cannabis might spill out of the sides, but thats okay. Everyone spills a little when rolling. Just hold the joint over the rolling tray, so nothing gets lost.

Once your joint is smoothly and compactly rolled, you can seal it by licking the upper end of the paper. There might be a glue strip on this side. Next, you can gently press the moistened paper closed using your fingers.

Next, tap the filter side of the joint onto the tray to pack the weed into the joint. You can also use a pen or toothpick to push weed into place from the other side. You should have some space between the tip of the joint and where the weed is packed. Simply twist the unused paper at the joint’s tip to seal it. Thats all you need to know about how to roll a cone joint!


In Conclusion

Now that you know how to roll a cone joint, buy your own dried buds at BCWeedDelivery and it’s time to start practicing! The process of how to roll a cone joint isn’t complicated and Highest Farmacy will only make it easier for you. You can also grab some weed at and you’ll be ready to light up in no time. Don’t forget to check for new arrivals every week at Weed List and we wish you all the best in perfecting your rolling!



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