how to take live resin

How to Take Live Resin

With more than 400 unique compounds, the marijuana plant has diverse and useful effects on the human body. And with the legalization of marijuana increasing across the globe, more studies are being conducted, and enterprising folks are figuring out more ways to use marijuana without having to smoke it. 

How to take live resin is a common curiosity since taking live resin is one less-heard-of way to use marijuana. Yet, it’s one of the marijuana concentrates that has recently skyrocketed in buzz and popularity. Live resin is a unique cannabis concentrate manufactured from fresh marijuana that has not been dehydrated or cured. This produces many flavours, including a tantalizing scent and an exciting taste. So read on, and let us at Get Kush tell you all about it! 

What is Live Resin?

For cannabis connoisseurs, live resin is one of the most potent and flavourful options out there. 

All cannabis concentrates and extracts aim to condense high-quality cannabis flowers into a concentrated and self-stable substance. However, virtually all cannabis concentrates begin with cured flowers or dried, ready-to-smoke cannabis. 

What distinguishes live resin is that it is manufactured from fresh, never-dried cannabis flowers and the little “sugar leaves” that sprout from it. Instead of being cured, like most other marijuana products, live resin is flash-frozen, which lets the flavours and aromas of the terpenes remain. 

The live resin extraction process allows it to come in various forms, including wax, ‘badder,’ ‘budder,’ and others. 

Why Does Weed Have to Be Processed?

If you consume unprocessed cannabis, you will not get high or experience any of the effects you might anticipate. This is due to the fact that the chemicals responsible for the high and medical effects have not yet been activated. Instead, they exist in an acidic state that does not fit into the endocannabinoid system and so does not cause a high. 

As a result, you have to dry and/or cure the cannabis flower to activate the cannabinoids; When you decarboxylate or heat cannabis plants, the acidic form is changed into the well-known THC and CBD, which can then interact with our brains. Once this is complete, when you consume live resin, cannabis, CBD, etc., you will experience psychotropic and therapeutic benefits.

Curing or decarbing then natural plant compounds of cannabis reduces moisture accumulated during the growing phase, but it also reduces terpenes, which give marijuana its flavour and aroma. The flash-freezing process of frozen plant material makes live resin and destroys fewer terpenes, leaving more intense flavours. 

A Short History of Live Resin 

In the early 2000s, William “Kind Bill” Fenger, a marijuana farmer, had a bright idea while harvesting some marijuana – what would it be like if you could use fresh marijuana? So he and an entrepreneur named “Giddy Up” worked together in the fall of 2013 to make live resin a reality.

Before that point, enthusiasts had tried various ways to flash-freeze parts of the marijuana plant, but they had run into issues with equipment, according to High Times.  

Given that up to 95 percent of a plant’s terpenes might be lost during the curing process, Fenger decided to try something different. He tried processing a batch of butane hash oil not from dried buds or trim but from a freshly harvested, whole flash-frozen plant in order to produce a concentrate with the terpene profile and pungency of a plant fresh from the garden. Consequently, Kind Bill created a new cannabis concentrate known as live resin.

How to Take Live Resin
How to Take Live Resin

How to Take Live Resin?

Live resin is similar to other concentrates: It may be dabbed with a specialized dabbing rig or added as a little dot to a joint, blunt, or bowl. In addition, some vape cartridges use live resin.

Like any other concentration, live resin should be addressed with caution and respect: The potency is quite strong, often surpassing 40%. While this percentage is lower than the 90% attained by certain cannabis distillates and concentrates, many users report that the strong, terpene-rich experience is notably more intense than other products.

How Much Does Live Resin Cost?

Because live resin is often more expensive than other cannabis concentrates, you should be sure to take good care of it once you’ve purchased it. Many experts advocate storing it in the refrigerator in a lightproof and airtight container (or at least a colder part of the house). If the colour or consistency of your living resin changes noticeably, it indicates that it is suffering from the effects of exposure or age. As a result, you might consider buying smaller amounts at a time to avoid losing the live resin’s valuable strength and flavour.

Where Do You Get Live Resin?

In Canada, we have several options for purchasing live resin. Because Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, Canadian cannabis enthusiasts of legal age can safely enjoy legally produced marijuana and its ever-increasing slew of products. You can find a reputable dispensary in your area, or if you do not live nearby a dispensary, you can also purchase reliable live resin products online. 

Many top-rated weed dispensaries in Canada provide great options for live resin using different types of marijuana plants. You can even purchase a sampler pack of different types of marijuana concentrates, like shatter, resin, and ‘budder.’ 


Live resin is an exciting, fairly new addition to the world of cannabis concentrates. Its flash-frozen processing better preserves its terpenes, providing a ‘fresher’ flavour and aroma, which is more like the cannabis plant as it grows. 

Now that you know how to take live resin, it’s time to try it out. Live resin can be more expensive than other marijuana products, even other concentrates, but it is so concentrated that a small amount will provide a significant effect. As long as you store your live resin properly, you should be able to store it for about 6 months without losing any of its effects. 

Because of its concentrated effects and ease of use in dab rigs or vape cartridges, live resin has quickly become one of the most popular and sought-after cannabis products. Gas Demon live resin products are worth checking out as they are guaranteed tasty and potent. If you are interested in trying a cannabis product that enthusiasts say is closest to the actual fresh marijuana plant, live resin might be for you.



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