Cannabis concentrates have been consumed for centuries, but have only grown in popularity, potency, and purity since then. Today, we have access to various different types of marijuana concentrates; no longer are we just limited to natural oils and hash. But with the explosion of the weed concentrate community, there has been some confusion regarding the types of products currently available on the market. Names like budder, shatter, sap, sauce, and more are thrown around constantly — but what do they mean?

Most simply, they are all different forms of cannabis concentrates, named solely for their textures and consistencies. Budder, in particular, is rapidly gaining popularity for its unique structure and flavors. But, what makes budder different from its concentrate brothers and sisters? In this article, we delve a little deeper to answer all the questions you may have regarding cannabis budder, how to smoke it, its medicinal benefits, and more.

So, What Exactly is Budder?

cannabis budder animationBudder is a form of cannabis concentrate that has the structure and consistency of what its name suggests: butter! Not too viscous and not overly brittle, budder is rapidly gaining popularity for its easy workability and smooth, aromatic high. You may have heard it being called “badder,” “batter,” or even just “wax,” but it’s the same concentrate nonetheless.

Budder is often confused with or misidentified as crumble, but crumble concentrates are more sand-like and easily fall to pieces when manipulated.

Hailing from Canada, budder was introduced into the cannabis world by a man appropriately named BudderKing. It was the early 2000s when the maker pitched his creation to the owner of a Canadian smoke shop. Originally named “Butter Hoots,” BudderKing attempted to trademark the name “Butter,” but was denied and later settled on the spelling of “Budder.”

Interestingly enough, other types of concentrates can actually undergo a process deemed as “auto-buddering,” where the extract receives too much moisture or is held at incorrect temperatures. This results in the concentrates becoming softer and eventually morphing into budder.

What are The Properties of Budder?

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Depending on the strain used, budder can come in various shades of yellow and brown. Most budder has a color similar to a golden-honey shade, but can also be found in such light-yellow shades that it almost looks white. It’s important to note that color does not denote quality, only different production choices.

As was mentioned, and as the name illustrates, budder has a texture similar to butter, or even cake batter. While shatter is glass-like and breaks when handled, budder is soft enough not to. However, it’s not too soft to the point of breaking down and crumbling—like crumble. It also isn’t as vicious as other waxes. Budder’s texture is truly like none other.

Budder has one of the strongest aromas of all cannabis concentrates. The wax’s creation process helps to retain a significant amount of the plant’s terpenes, influencing the overall smell and taste. Terpenes are the natural compounds released from plants that dictate odor, and these flavors become more pronounced when vaporized, like with dabbing. This means that dabbing your budder will get the best flavor profile out of your wax.

Along with its strong flavor profile and easy workability, budder is well-sought after for its high potency and purity. Budder undergoes strict extraction processes and unique purging that destroys almost 100% of all leftover contaminants, creating a concentrate purer than most on the market. This type of extract has the potential to test as high as 90% THC.

It’s crucial to keep these high levels of THC in mind when dabbing budder, as a little goes a long way. While a budder high can last a few hours, the THC from the dab itself can stay in your system anywhere from days to months depending on how avid of a consumer you are.

How is Budder Made?

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The beginning processes of making budder are the same as most cannabis concentrates: buds are blasted at extremely high temperatures using solvents that leave behind only potent oils, terpenes, and of course, cannabinoids. These solvents are usually chemicals like butane or CO2, though it depends on the maker. After isolation is complete, the chosen solvent is purged. During this removal process, different temperatures and manipulation techniques are used to determine the structural outcome. When budder undergoes purging, the wax is being whipped like a cake, creating the signature buttery texture.

No matter how enticing budder and other concentrates may be, it’s strongly recommended to leave the creation process up to professionals in licensed spaces. Not only is this for obvious legal reasons, but because the process of making budder can be extremely dangerous, and has even proven fatal if done incorrectly.

Because it takes the combination of extreme heat and chemicals like butane, the creation of any type of concentrate is highly dangerous. Multiple reports across the US have emerged warning the public about the risks of making dabs at home, as many at-home labs have resulted in “flash fires,” or fireballs that destroy homes and even lives. It’s simply not worth the risk: always purchase your concentrates from licensed manufacturers.

What’s the Best Way to Store Budder?

how to store budderIf stored properly, budder has a shelf life of about a year. However, keeping a wax-like budder on the shelf for that long is tricky due to the extra moisture it has compared to other concentrates. To keep it in its best form, strict storage methods must be followed.

Keep your budder away from light. Light can easily affect your budder’s structure, taste, and aroma, so it must be stored in a consistently dark place. Dark, opaque jars can help with this. Along with avoiding light, your budder must be kept cool. Changes in temperature can easily affect the makeup of your wax as well, so keeping them in places like refrigerators or freezers best preserves structure.

Don’t try storing your budder in the silicon container it came in, as this has too much excess air and can affect moisture. Vacuumed-sealed glass jars are highly recommended, instead.

How to Smoke Budder?

how to smoke budderDabbing is easily the most popular method of smoking budder. Budder is a cannabis concentrate consumer’s dream, as it so easily sticks and molds to dab tools without mess or frustration. It is recommended that you don’t let your rig rise above 400° Fahrenheit, otherwise, this will burn and negatively affect your dab’s taste.

Budder’s unique consistency is also great for vaping. In fact, adding budder to your vaporizer or wax pen will result in one of the smoothest, tastiest, and most powerful highs of your cannabis career.

Adding budder and other marijuana concentrates to your joints and blunts can enhance your high, but it’s tricky. When using a regular lighter, the cannabis flower in your joint or blunt is going to burn significantly quicker than the budder or wax, giving you an uneven burn. Even if you’re careful and hit it slowly, the heat from a lighter isn’t strong enough to vaporize the budder the way it needs to produce effects similar to dabbing. It’s doable but isn’t the most effective.

Similar to adding budder to your joints, adding budder to your bowls doesn’t do much unless it’s burned at extreme temperatures. Again, the lighter you use for bong rips isn’t strong enough, so if you’re looking to smoke an infused bowl, you must use something as powerful as a torch to heat it.

Dabbing or vaporizing budder are definitely the most effective and easy ways to smoke the extract, and both of these methods produce the best high, too. Wax pens also add an element of accessibility to take your budder-filled pen wherever you go. But, the choice is ultimately up to you!

How Does Budder Compare to Other Cannabis Products?

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When directly comparing budder to weed wax and crumble, there isn’t a huge difference. But, this isn’t surprising: budder and crumble are both subcategories of wax, which is a subtype of butane hash oil. Appearance is the biggest distinguisher between the different forms, as their structures vary between type and subtype. All forms have extremely high THC content, typically ranging between 60%-90%.

There is a huge juxtaposition between budder and cannabis flower, however. As was mentioned, budder can test as high as 90% THC, while luxury or “boutique” cannabis hasn’t been known to test much higher than 30%. This makes waxes like budder substantially more powerful than regular flower, and not for new smokers.

Cannabis edibles are much more potent in effect than typical weed due to the way they are consumed, but they still don’t compare to the potency that budder brings. Edibles take longer to go into effect, but their properties last much longer than a dab high.

Comparing budder versus shatter is like night and day in the concentrate community. Though they are made using similar processes and are both highly potent, their appearance, smell, taste, and workability are drastically different. Shatter is fragile, glass-like in appearance, and typically transparent. This crystallized concentrate doesn’t have the potent aromas that budder does, but does tend to burn cleaner and smoother than dabs of budder. Shatter is just as pure, if not purer, but is difficult to work with due to its delicate structure. When putting budder versus shatter, one is not “better” than the other—it comes down to personal preference.

What are Budder’s Benefits and Uses?

thc and cbdVarious studies have been conducted that help illustrate the efficacy that cannabis has on medical complications of all severities. Chemical compounds like THC, CBD, and others are what help produce these medicinal benefits, and the higher the potency, the more effective the cannabis will be. This means that budder, with its staggering THC levels, positively impacts the body, unlike any other cannabis product. Not to mention, concentrates like budder is extremely pure, making it healthier to inhale overall.

Specifically, weed concentrates have been proven to help with nausea and appetite loss, provide relief from spasticity, alleviate chronic pain throughout the body, and can even help prevent bone-density loss. Many turn to budders and other waxes for their anti-inflammatory properties, giving their bodies the relief they deserve.

Recently, cannabis consumers have discovered that CBD-isolates and THCA dabs are incredibly helpful for those suffering from anxiety disorders, crypto mixer on reddit as you get all of the medicinal benefits without the high. However, many studies do warn against the consumption of regular concentrates if you suffer from a mental disorder, as the potent effects can occasionally cause negative reactions.

Though there are myriad ways that concentrate like budder and other waxes benefit the mind and body, it’s important to remember that not everybody will experience the same effects as cannabis impacts each person differently. While some may experience anxiety after a few dabs, others may feel the calmest they’ve ever been.

What are the Side Effects of Budder?

side effects of budder

Budder, wax, and other concentrates are not meant for new cannabis consumers. Because of its potency and high concentration of psychoactive compounds, budder can cause an uncomfortable experience if not prepared or dosed properly. If it’s your first time taking a dab of budder, always start small. The tiniest swab of this creamy concentrate is enough to have you feeling euphoric, calm, and incredibly high.

Though the side effects of budder are individualistic, most consumers report an intense head high that begins the second you finish your dab. Unlike edibles who typically produce a heavy body high, concentrates are much more cerebral. This can be both a hindrance and a benefit for those with mental disorders, as concentrates have the potential to create calm and balance, but too much or too big of a dab can also cause anxiety and paranoia. To avoid this, start small and build from there.

If you do consume too much budder, however, don’t panic. It’s crucial to remember that highs from marijuana concentrates do not last forever. If you begin to experience feelings of panic or nausea, begin by drinking water. Doing something as simple as this can help us return back to reality. Many cannabis consumers also turn to black pepper when feeling anxious: peppercorn contains properties that work with THC when consumed or smelled to help calm the brain. Simply take a whiff or chew on a few black peppercorns if your high takes a wrong turn, and you’ll be feeling like yourself in no time.

Where Can I Buy Some?

buy budder online CanadaIf you’re looking to purchase budder for yourself but don’t know where to start, we have you covered! Brands like The Clear, Raw Garden, and Bloom are all credible and well-known for their high-quality, potent budders, waxes, and other concentrates. Or, you can choose to purchase something like a PAX wax pen so you can smoke your cannabis concentrate on the go. These tend to be slightly easier on the lungs too.

All of these products and more can be found at your local dispensary, or online at sites such as Get Kush. It is not simple to buy weed online from a medical marijuana dispensary and have the order sent right to your door. See what others say on review sites such as BCWeedDelivery.org.

Do research to see which brands your dispensary carries and read about their extraction methods, quality, and reviews before purchasing. When you do all this, you can help reassure you’re receiving only the best budder possible.