Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide

Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide

When it comes to taking psychedelic substances, the best way to do it is to use the right dosage, so you do not accidentally take too much. It is vital to get the right dose, so you get the perfect trip. It is a good idea for you to know more about using shrooms and how you can use them correctly.

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

These are more often called mushrooms or just shrooms. Psilocybin mushrooms are mushrooms that have naturally occurring psychedelic effects since they have psychoactive components such as psilocybin. Psilocybin shrooms are not new when it comes to using recreational drugs. These fungi have been around for many thousands of years, which makes them one of the most traditional and oldest methods of experiencing a high. In different cultures in the past, people have used shrooms for many purposes. This is because of the psychedelic effects, and others have used the shrooms to try to help with various ailments.

For instance, in Spain, there is evidence that points to the theory that shrooms have been used for religious reasons many thousands of years ago. And in Algeria, there are ancient caves that show that shrooms might have been used for a long time there as well.

It is believed that these were used for religious ceremonies and that the cultures believed that the shrooms had connections with the deities. This is because of their psychedelic and unusual effects. They could have been mistaken for something more spiritual and divine back then. It is also believed that people back then used shrooms for healing purposes.

The Effects of Shrooms

It is believed that out of the many psychedelic substances, shrooms are among the safest ways of taking a trip. This is what makes them one of the most popular methods of taking a trip. Other ways of getting high or taking a trip might pose a higher risk to you than shrooms.

Plus, if you accidentally take too much, you are likely not in any danger of overdosing on them. Of course, getting the right dose is important to avoid having a bad trip. Plus, shrooms are often not considered to be as addictive as other substances like that are. Your body will likely adjust to the effects, however, so you might need to take more potent doses.

Getting the Right Dose
Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide

Getting the Right Dose

The smallest dose is micro-dosing, which some people do to try to help with certain health issues. For example, some people use it to try to help with depression. Micro-dosing means you will not feel the effects of the shrooms. Think of it as taking a supplement.

You will take it for four to five days and then take a couple of days off. That way, your body can rest its tolerance levels to shrooms. It is the same as coffee drinkers taking a couple of days off. The next cup of coffee will hit them even stronger than it did before.

If you want to feel the effects but are just starting off, try taking a gram of shrooms, which might result in you having enhanced senses. You can then increase to two grams, where you may notice more effects, such as changes to your hearing and geometric patterns. Once you take three grams, you may notice visual waves in the air, and when you take four grams, you might have a more intense trip for four to five hours.

Taking Larger Doses

At five grams or more, you are taking a very large dose, and it can be overwhelming. That might last for six hours or longer. Some people say that taking a dose this large allows them to experience life-altering thoughts. You might have a new understanding of how the world is linked together. After the dose, you might not view the world as the same as before.

With this larger dose, you might be able to take a step back and get a larger understanding of your life’s issues. Your brain might come up with new ways of dealing with these issues. Many people say that they have a better sense of happiness with their life and do not fear death anymore.

You should stay away from taking more than seven grams at once. This is the highest dosage there is. If you do have a tolerance to shrooms and feel that this is the right dosage for you, you should ensure that you are in a safe and supportive environment and setting. You might notice that you lose strength and muscle control even into the next day. If this is your first time using shrooms, consider starting with half of your desired dosage and then taking more after about an hour and a half.

Taking Larger Doses

How Do You Dose With Shrooms?

Cannabis is easier to dose than shrooms since you just take a puff or have an edible and know about what you are taking. You likely already know what the potency is of cannabis and similar substances. But it can be hard to dose with shrooms.

There are varying strains of magic mushrooms, just like with marijuana. Each one has its own level of potency and strength in the psychedelic effects. That can have an impact on the trip that you take on them.

You will also want to consider the effects if you will be taking them for a longer time. The effects can be less intense if you use the shrooms for a lot in the short term. That means that if you take a certain dosage one day, it might not affect you as much in a couple of days.

Plus, you are also consuming the shrooms, not isolating the psilocybin in them. That means that it can be hard to determine how one single shroom might affect you after consuming it. However, there are some steps that will help you improve your dosing experience.

Staying Comfortable

It is a good idea to take shrooms when you have a lot of time on your hands. Find a place that is comfortable to stay for several hours. The shrooms can have long-lasting effects, and they might last for five hours or longer, depending on the amount that you consume. This means that you should stay somewhere where you can feel these effects for several hours.

You do not want to take them before going to work or while you are out shopping. Plus, you should not drive while under the influence of shrooms anyway. After taking the shrooms, you can expect to feel the effects gradually decreasing for the next several hours. You should set aside an entire day to devote to the experience.

Having a Meal First

You will likely not feel hungry while you are using the magic mushrooms. And if you do not eat for a long time while you are using the shrooms, you might have a bad experience. You should have a filling meal about an hour before taking your shrooms. That way, you will be less likely to feel nauseous while under the effects of the shrooms.

Properly Prepare the Shrooms

Properly Prepare the Shrooms

A normal dosage of shrooms is around 3.5 grams, but that can vary. You might not want to chew the shrooms on an empty stomach or right after a meal since it can upset your stomach. This is why having a meal is so important beforehand. If you want to further reduce your chances of an upset stomach, you might want to dilute the shrooms in some tea. You can cut them up and boil them in some water. Since you will not be taking shrooms entirely, having them as some tea can decrease the potency of them and the side effects.

Other people prefer to eat shrooms but do not enjoy the taste. Consider putting them in something sweet to cover the taste. For example, you might put them in some peanut butter. Other people like to eat the magic mushrooms in chocolate since chocolate is a fairly strong taste that can mask the mushrooms.

Wait for the Effects

It can take some time for the shrooms to affect you since your body has to first digest them. This means that there is enough time for you to get yourself ready for their effects. You can also do some last-minute preparations if you remember that you forgot to do something.

One of the most important aspects of your experience is to remain patient. You do not want to have another dose right after the first after believing that the first dose did not take effect. You can expect to wait at least 30 minutes or longer to notice any effects from the shrooms.

Enjoy the Experience

After using shrooms, you might notice that your senses perceive different things and that you have more open thoughts. You should not be distracted by your senses. Instead, try to focus on your feelings and thoughts so that you can have a relaxed experience with the shrooms.

Try not to be afraid of any thoughts that might seem odd. If you are afraid of any, then they will likely consume you more and cause you to feel more anxious. Instead, try to express them through writing, games, music, or a creative outlet. Staying open with them is important for you. If you are with a friend, then you might want to share your thoughts with them.

As the trip begins to fade, you should record your thoughts and experience. They will start to fade after around four hours. You will still notice the effects, but this is a good time to do something productive since you will be more functional. Try to make the most of your time. It usually lasts around two hours or so.

After the Trip

After the Trip

Once the effects begin to disappear, it is a good idea to go to bed and get a good night’s rest. This can help you to reduce any lingering feelings of disappointment. Some people feel that they are disappointed they do not feel as relaxed or free as they did while under the influence of shrooms.

Your body also needs sleep so that it can recover from the experience. It can make you feel more tired. Once you get up in the morning, you might find that you are in a better mood than before you used the shrooms, even if you are not under the effects anymore. Some people call this effect an “afterglow” of using shrooms. Some people find that they can handle certain thoughts and feelings better than before using shrooms since they practiced them during their trip.

Closing Thoughts

Many people believe that the most important thing about using shrooms is the dosage, setting, and your mindset. You should stay in the right mindset when you are using shrooms, so you have a great experience. The setting is also vital to help you be more comfortable during the experience. Finally, the dosage can be somewhat vague and broad since it depends a lot on the potency and the strain of the shrooms you are using. This can be hard when it comes to using shrooms for the first time.

Remember, it is a good idea to talk to your health care provider before using shrooms. If you are taking medication for depression or anxiety, it might not be a good idea to use shrooms yet. Using shrooms can heighten your current feelings, so you should be calm or happy before taking them. You should talk to your health care provider before using shrooms and cannabis together since they might increase the effects of each other.

Luckily, a bit of experimentation and the right setting and mindset will go a long way toward helping you to enjoy your experience with using shrooms. As long as you do not overdo things when it comes to the dosage, you should be fine. This will put you well on your way toward enjoying magic mushrooms even more.

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