moon rocks weed

Moon Rocks:
A Potent Weed
for A Dank High

No, they’re not actual rocks that come from our solar system. Instead, Moon Rocks are layered balls of cannabis that provide an experience unparalleled to other products available on dispensary shelves. As a form of cannabis that looks and performs like none other, Moon Rocks weed are sure to pique your curiosity.

Here, we’ve broken down practically everything you need to know about these rocks of weed, what they are, and the best ways to enjoy them.

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Where Did They
Come From?

moon rock weed

Marijuana Moon Rocks are essentially potent nugs that have been sprayed with hash oil and then rolled in kief. Every layer adds a different cannabis experience, creating a high that is truly like none other. With Moon Rocks, you feel the effects of traditional marijuana, as well as the properties that cannabis concentrates and kief contain.

Supposedly, Moon Rocks were first crafted in a California dispensary not too long ago. The marijuana dispensary, Starbudz760, worked alongside rapper Kurupt to sell these layered clumps of weed, and they became an instant hit within the cannabis community. Now, you can find Moon Rocks in practically every dispensary across the country.

While the Moon Rocks that Starbudz760 crafted are typically made using the GSC strain, it is important to recognize that not all Moon Rocks will be this way. Unfortunately, some dispensaries may receive their Moon Rocks from producers that have utilized their lowest-quality buds, as you can hardly see the actual marijuana underneath the other layers. Because of this, making your own or doing research on the brands your dispensary carries are both recommended.

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 The Distinct
Qualities of


moonrock weed

Don’t be intimidated by Moon Rock’s unique outward appearance, as it is exactly what makes it so potent. Since the buds are covered with oil and then rolled in kief, Moon Rocks look like clumps of incredibly dense marijuana, that, when broken open, reveals the many layers underneath. Simply, they look like a true moon rock would if it had been rolled through sticky green sand.

Again, Moon Rocks are quite dense, but they do have a consistency much softer than actual rocks (thankfully). They can be easily broken down in the hands, but take a bit more effort than your regular cannabis buds.

Moon Rocks have a smell and taste that are truly unmatched. Kief comes directly from the cannabis glands that produce both cannabinoids and terpenes, so this sparkly substance is filled with distinct flavors and aromas. When smoked, these properties are experienced even fuller, giving you not only a powerful high, but a tasty one, too.

Speaking of potency, this unique form of cannabis typically contains about 50% THC, though each product ultimately differs. These levels of THC are far higher than we are used to seeing with just regular cannabis, so these Moon Rocks are perfect for those who find that they aren’t getting what they need from flower.

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Moon Rocks
are MadeS

moonrocks weed

Making your own Moon Rocks may be easier than you think! As long as you have bud, your favorite concentrate, and a bunch of kief, you’re all set.

Begin by taking your most dense cannabis buds. This helps to keep your creation from falling apart during the process.

Once you’ve got your chosen buds, take a regular dropper and fill it with your favorite concentrate. You may need to melt down your wax a bit if it’s on the thicker side, but most concentrates can easily be applied through droppers.

Grab your buds and carefully cover them, using the dropper with your ideal concentrate. Don’t oversaturate your bud, though! Too much liquid can ruin your potent Moon Rocks.

After they’ve been adequately covered in a concentrate, it is time for kief. Grab a pair of tongs, chopsticks, or anything you feel comfortable holding your newly-coated buds with (besides your hands). Gently roll your cannabis through your pile of kief, making sure every bit is covered.

Let the layered flower dry, and then sprinkle a bit on top of your bowl and enjoy.

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How to Store
Moon Rocks

moon rocks jar

In general, it isn’t recommended to keep your flower on the shelf for more than a year. Your cannabis doesn’t get “bad” after this, but rather begins to lose its potency and structure. For Moon Rocks, then, with its multiple different levels, it shouldn’t be left for this long, as your bud can shrink up and become filled with moisture. However, if you follow proper precautions when storing your Moon Rocks, you can keep them in perfect condition for months.

To extend the shelf life for your Moon Rocks, make sure to keep them in a place where the atmosphere doesn’t fluctuate. Consistent darkness and cool temperatures are key to preserving your Moon Rocks weed, so places like freezers or refrigerators are ideal.

Too much moisture can easily ruin your Moon Rocks, so you must store them in containers that don’t let in any excess. Also, it is important to not move your weed around, switching up the storing place. Changes within temperatures, light, and other environmental factors can be detrimental, so once you’ve chosen a storage space, keep it!

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How to Enjoy
Moon Rocks

bong moon rocks

With Moon Rocks’ unique textures and consistencies, it is recommended to smoke them using glass, rather than in a joint
or blunt. A pipe or bong is ideal, as you can easily break down your kief-covered, concentrate-soaked nug onto your bowls. It is difficult to smoke them directly because of their layers, so adding Moon Rocks to a bowl that already has regular flower in it creates an easy, powerful smoking experience.

It is crucial to note that you will not experience your Moon Rocks high fully right away. Instead, these weed rocks take about 30 minutes to wholly kick in, so always be patient and wait to see how they affect you before smoking more. Try sprinkling just a bit onto your bowl and see how this makes you feel. If you don’t feel the results you want, smoke more, but always keep in mind how much more potent this form of cannabis is than traditional dried flower.

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Moon Rocks
to Other


Compared to classic cannabis, Moon Rocks has a much higher THC percentage, creating significantly more powerful effects and a longer high. As was mentioned, Moon Rocks take longer to begin working, with full effects felt after 30 minutes, compared to practically immediately with dried flower.

Edibles, like Moon Rocks, have a longer onset time and long-lasting high. Both also contain similar levels of THC, however, the two produce drastically different highs due to the contrasting ways they are consumed. Edibles tend to be more attractive for those not wanting to smoke, and Moon Rocks are ideal for those who have no issue maneuvering a bong.

Though Moon Rocks weed does contain concentrates, the two as a whole are quite different. Concentrates must be dabbed or vaporized, and cannot be smoked through a pipe or bong on its own. Wax, shatter, live resin, and other concentrates also tend to have a higher THC content than Moon Rocks have. However, Moon Rocks allow for a fuller high as they contain more versions of cannabis than concentrates do.

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Side Effects


Because of all of the various types of cannabis that Moon Rocks hold, it creates an incredible medicinal experience for those who need it. Moon Rocks allow for an all-encompassing, well-rounded high that is not only beneficial for your body, but for your mind, too.

Most commonly utilized to relieve pain of all severities, as well as nausea and other stomach issues, Moon Rocks are a great, natural treatment. With their high concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes, Moon Rocks’ properties can effortlessly alleviate physical aches and pains throughout all parts of the body.

Along with their physical benefits, Moon Rocks’ psychological benefits are widespread and effective. Great for depression, sleep disorders, and overall relaxation and positive thinking, these sparkly, layered buds are just as valuable for the mind as it is for the physical body.

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Side Effects


As discussed, Moon Rocks are incredibly concentrated, and so, consuming too much may result in an unpleasant experience if you’re not careful. When you don’t consider the delayed onset as well as the high potency, Moon Rocks can sneak up on you. But, when you pay close attention to how much you’re smoking and what your body can handle, it is easy to have a blissful, life-changing experience.

If you find that maybe you’ve smoked more than you intended, there’s a chance that the Moon Rocks will have you feeling extra sleepy and heavy-bodied. Other side effects like anxiety, nausea, or dizziness can occur if you’re not cautious. Fortunately, these unpleasant feelings can be combated.

Staying hydrated is key to feeling like yourself again when your Moon Rock high may begin to feel uncomfortable. Along with drinking water, making a meal, taking a shower, or even simply falling asleep can help speed up the sobering process. Also, being in an environment you’re comfortable with is crucial to feeling relaxed and secure.

An Experience
for the Books

Whether you’re trying Moon Rocks for the first time or the tenth, you need to be prepared for the powerful, all-encompassing high the buds are going to bring. Always take it slow, and begin with only a sprinkle of your Moon Rocks weed.

Once you relax and let the marijuana do its thing, you’ll find that this layered ball of cannabis has properties that are truly unmatched to any other type of cannabis out there.

buy moon rocks weed

Try this novel form of cannabis for yourself and go shopping at your local dispensary. Prices will vary depending on where you live and if cannabis is recreationally or medically legal, but Moon Rocks are going to be one of the pricier products on the shelves. Ranging anywhere from $20-$40 a gram, these delicacies are not your everyday purchases.

Just in case your dispensary doesn’t carry what you need, you can always turn to verified online dispensaries like Get Kush to get what you’d like. These online dispensaries are just like in-person ones, except you don’t even have to put on shoes to visit. They carry wide selections of all types of cannabis products, and you can get your ideal selection of Moon Rocks shipped right to your doorstep.