Pineapple Strain Review

Strain Review: Pineapple

If you want a well-balanced hybrid strain with a manageable high that’s suitable for all-day use, Pineapple is one of the best choices. It’s an offshoot of Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud (ERSB) with its own unique characteristics, developed by years of inbreeding. Not only does it give you an awesome high that’s good for both recreational and medical use, but it also tastes incredible.

Those who love well-balanced effects and fruity strains will love Pineapple. Whether you enjoy the physical relaxation of indica strains or the mentally uplifting effects of sativa strains, this strain gives you a good dose of both. Want to know all about the effects, benefits, and taste? Here’s our strain review of Pineapple.


Pineapple Strain Effects

Pineapple is one of the best balanced hybrid strains out there. It has an even ratio of indica to sativa, so you’ll truly get the best of both worlds. Whether you want some fun cerebral effects or deep indica relaxation, this strain has all bases covered.

When you smoke Pineapple, you’ll quickly feel very pleasant and stress-free. It’ll also give you a sharp boost to your mind which can help with creativity and mental focus. This makes it useful for daytime use- it can wash away stress and anxiety but still give you plenty of energy to focus on all kinds of daily tasks.

It’ll also give you a smooth and soothing body high. It isn’t as overpowering as pure indica strains. In fact, you can easily enjoy the body high without feeling lazy and couch-locked. It will make you feel physically loose and tingly with a sense of euphoria all over your body.

Most users report feeling happy, relaxed, euphoric, talkative, and uplifted. The balanced effects make it useful for practically any kind of purpose. Whether you want a good social strain, something to chill with at home or something to give you some mental energy in the morning, it’s a spectacular choice.

Strain Review: Pineapple
Strain Review: Pineapple


Pineapple Strain Medical Benefits

Pineapple isn’t just lauded for its recreational effects. It can also be a splendid medical cannabis strain. Indica and sativa strains each have their own benefits for your physical and mental health. Being a 50/50 hybrid, Pineapple can help with a wide range of medical issues.

The mental high is perfect for washing away stress, anxiety, and depression. Scientific research shows that cannabis can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression in just a couple of puffs, and Pineapple is a perfect strain to do so. It’ll make you happy without being too over-stimulated.

Meanwhile, the physical high can also help with pain, inflammation, and physical tension. While sufferers of severe pain may want a stronger indica strain, Pineapple gives you smooth physical effects which will make you feel free of pain and tension. You can also use it for headaches, migraines, and nausea.

It can also help with insomnia. After the sativa effects wear off, you’ll sleep much better at night. It can also help with muscle spasms and boost your appetite, making it a very well-rounded medical strain.


Pineapple Strain Flavor

The flavor of Pineapple is one of its big selling points. As you can probably deduct from the name, it has a very sweet and fruity aroma and taste which makes it a joy to use.

You’ll instantly notice the tropical scent of pineapple. It gives off a citrusy-pineapple smell with some diesel tones. The taste is just as enjoyable. Whether you smoke or vape this strain, you’ll get the sweet, fruity taste with a dank undertone.

It’s a very flavorful strain that’s very easy to smoke. It gives off nice, smooth smoke that isn’t too thick or overpowering. As such, it’s also a top choice if you like to savor the flavor of your weed.

Strain Review: Pineapple


Where to Buy Pineapple Strain

There are now many stores in Canada which offer legal weed to adults aged 19 or over (18 in Alberta and Quebec). You’ll be able to find Pineapple in many stores and dispensaries. However, it can often be much easier and quicker to simply order Pineapple online.

You can buy Pineapple strain online at A 7g serving will only cost you $51.50, although you can also buy 14g for $92.50 or a full ounce for $175.

Buying online has many benefits over buying in-store. You can often find better quality weed at better prices. It’s also very convenient and hassle-free. Simply sign up, order your products, and you’ll get them sent straight to your door. Every order is sent discreetly and packaged for freshness, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.


Pineapple Strain Alternatives

While Pineapple makes a great choice of strain for many, you may also fancy something different. Whether you need another tasty hybrid strain or something that leans more towards indica or sativa effects, there are tons of choices. Here are some solid Pineapple strain alternatives.

Strawberry Cough – This is another delicious strain with a delicious, fruity taste and uplifting effects. Strawberry Cough is an award-winning sativa strain which gives you a huge boost in your mood and energy. It’s perfect as an uplifting wake-and-bake strain.

Forbidden Fruit – This is a powerful indica strain that will give you deep, intense relaxation. If you need something to help you sleep or take away symptoms of pain and stress, this strain will help. It has a fruity taste that mixes cherry pie with tropical flavors.

Girl Scout Cookies – Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, is another balanced-hybrid strain. It leans slightly more towards sativa, but behind the mentally stimulating effects, you’ll also get a very relaxing body high.



Pineapple is a strain that anyone can enjoy. It gives you balanced effects without being too strong and the flavor is incredible. Whether you need a pick-me-up in the morning or something to chill with at night, it’s a strain that’s suitable at any time of the day. It’s also fantastic for motivation or socialization. The 50/50 indica to sativa mix also makes it a good choice of medical strain for all kinds of symptoms. This is one of the best balanced hybrid strains on offer and one that’s well worth trying for any cannabis lover.

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