The 10 Most Potent Indica Cannabis Strains

The 10 Most Potent Indica Cannabis Strains

The history of the indica cannabis strain dates back to 1785 when Jean-Baptise Lamarck wrote and published a second cannabis species description. He called it Cannabis Indica and described it as a short, conical, densely branched tree. Lamarck differentiated this second strain from the sativa species, which is tall and laxly branched. He also found that the indica species has short and broad leaflets, while the sativa species has long and narrow leaflets. The size and density of its buds are also different from that of the sativa species.  

Besides the physical differences, the indica and the sativa cannabis species have antagonistic properties. Cannabis sativa produces a psychotic effect courtesy of its higher THC than CBD levels. Cannabis indica has more CBD and less THC. The sativa species causes a cerebral high that brings an uplifting and more vivid high. In contrast, the indica species produces a sedative effect, which makes it ideal for night-time use. It soothes, numbs, and calms you down. With indica, you can relax completely; only choose it when you need to chill and relax. 

Among farmers, indicas are preferred because of their growth resilience. Also, the plants grow quite fast in both indoor and outdoor farming. Compared to the sativas, indica plants produce significantly more yields and resin, making them ideal for making hashish. You will also love the density of the buds and the pungency of their sweet aroma. 

Important to note, however, is that the more potent the marijuana plant, the stronger its delivery. Here are 10 of the best and most potent indica strains:

1. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a favourite in the weed community. It is hard-hitting with a 27% THC concentration and is thought to be among the most potent strains in history. With Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush as parents, Purple Kush is a pure indica. Consumers enjoy deep sedation and relief from consuming this cannabis strain courtesy of its relaxation properties. Purple Kush will stick you to the couch, relax your muscles and droop your eyelids. So, it’s best to consume this strain during night time. 

Farmers also enjoy cultivating this cannabis crop. Purple Kush is forgiving and can be grown by growers of different skill levels. This plant flowers fast and produce a high yield.  

Purple Kush

2. Blueberry

The Blueberry strain has earned legendary status in the weed community. This is a strain created by DJ Short, an American breeder, who blended a series of cultivars to make the Blueberry. The resultant refined breed is the standard of fruity weed. It has a sweet, bold, wild blueberry flavour. 

Blueberry is quite potent, with a 24% THC concentration that delivers a long-lasting and euphoric experience. As such, it’s best to indulge in Blueberry during the evening or night time.  Blueberry is also thought to help increase appetite and relieve tension in the body. When muscles relax, you sleep better, and some pains you might have been experiencing go away. 

3. Sour Kush 

You may have known this famous strain as Headband in the past before its name was changed. Now known as Sour Kush, this strain is the outcome of cross breeding Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It is highly potent, with its THC level ranging between 18% and 25%.  Sour Kush has a characteristic sweet citrus aroma and spice that will entice your senses. Consuming Sour Kush makes you feel relaxed and rested. Unlike other strains, when it wears off, you will not be left feeling worn-out and exhausted. You are not drowsy either and can head out to perform your chores peacefully. 

4. Green Gelato

This strain is also at the top of the list of the most popular indica strains. The Green Gelato THC levels are unmatched, as high as 27% THC content. It also has an unbelievably sweet aroma that perfectly complements its potency. Green Gelato’s flower buds are also quite attractive and mix brilliant shades of yellow, orange, dark green, and deep purple. The trichomes on the buds are entirely loaded, too, making the buds feel dense. Green Gelato is also high yielding and develops into a beautiful canopy when planted both indoors and outdoors. Beginners should avoid this strain due to its potency. 

Kosher Kush

5. Kosher Kush

Although its heritage is unknown, this strain is one of the famous drowsy buds. It has a pleasant flavour and a sweet and spicy aroma that has a hint of citrus. Kosher Kush is a potent indica with a 25% THC level on average. If you are looking for relief, relaxation, and euphoria that last a long time, look no further. Use Kosher Kush during the night time, although this strain is known to cause you to giggle and talk a lot. So, take it when you are interacting with friends or enjoying a pleasant movie night. 

Farmers may find Kosher Kush incredibly easy to cultivate. Although it gets tall, unlike other indica strains, it stacks on lots of weight, with lots of terpenes and resin. 

6. Girl Scout Cookies 

This indica-dominant strain is also among the most revered strains in the weed community. It is the result of crossing some legendary highly potent strains: Durban Poison and OG Kush. Marijuana sellers rate Girl Scout Cookies among the top-shelf strains. Consumers also understand its worth, and many indica enthusiasts do not walk around without a bud or two. The resin coverage is dense, and the terpenes give a distinct aroma and flavour. Girl Scout Cookies strain smells like chocolate, vanilla, baked dough, and sometimes, like Sour Diesel. The combination of aromas from the Durban Poison and OG Kush creates a complex flavour that’s difficult to describe but undoubtedly pleasant.  

With its THC level ranging between 25% and 28%, this strain is highly potent. Although it is indica-dominant (60%), the sativa properties are significant (40%). As such, it produces a balanced and well-defined euphoric and uplifting experience that eventually turns into a relaxing rest on the couch.

7. White Diesel 

The White Diesel, like Girl Scout Cookies, also has some of the best and unique aromas. White Diesel is a strain that has been carefully bred to create the ideal cannabis strain. Some weed users refer to this strain as the “bomb.” Although its high is well-balanced due to its sativa and indica properties, the high leans towards the head. But, the body high is also strong enough to slow you down. It brings deep relaxation and ease of tension in the body to the extent that some people say their pains and aches disappear. White Diesel has a THC concentration that ranges between 20% and 22%.

To farmers, White Diesel is a delight too. It flowers in only eight to nine weeks and does well growing both indoors and outdoors. Its buds have a rich layer of trichomes covering the buds. As such, White Diesel delivers a high accompanied by an implausible aroma of terpenes that leaves you feeling relaxed and in a good mood. 

White Diesel 

8. G13

G13 is among the all-time revered strains in the weed community. It is thought to have been created as part of a government research program in Mississippi in the 1970s. G13 has achieved legendary and mythical status due to its perfection. It is one of the highly potent strains of the indica family, with its THC levels ranging between 20% and 24%. 

G13 hits your body hard but leaves your mind clear. This strain makes your eyelids heavy and causes deep body relaxation. With only a small amount of G13, you turn into a bundle of ecstasy. Its flower buds are dense with a hefty deposit of resin. Its terpenes are exceptionally strong and produce a unique orange aroma that completely wraps your senses. 

Farmers of G13 enjoy good fast yields as the plant flowers in only seven to nine weeks. 

9. Wedding Cake

Also called Birthday Cake or Pink Cookies, this strain credits its superior qualities to its popular genetics. Wedding Cake is the result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Both of these strains are universally recognized as having superior appealing qualities. Consumption of Wedding Cake produces a dynamic rich tangy taste with peppery and earthy flavours. When it burns, this weed produces a harsh sting that rubs on your throat and sinuses. However, as you exhale, your mouth feels super creamy, a taste close to that of cake. 

Beginners should take precautions when dosing because this strain is highly potent, with its THC level ranging between 18% and 25%. However, Wedding Cake delivers a balanced high that leaves you happy, relaxed, uplifted, and euphoric. Some people also add that it works their appetite, making it necessary to have a snack close by while consuming Wedding Cake. 

Farmers enjoy cultivating the Wedding Cake strain. It is forgiving and can be grown even by beginners. Wedding Cake is a high yielding strain, and it flowers in very little time, seven to nine weeks. It also has a high resin yield and trichome production, making it a favourite among resin and terpene enthusiasts. Wedding Cake flower buds are quite dense and have a sticky texture. 

10. Strawberry Glue

Strawberry Glue is a potent strain, resulting from the crossing of the flavourful Goju Glue and Strawbanana Cream. It is one of the most potent strains, with THC levels ranging between 28% and 30%. You only need a few puffs of this incredibly potent strain to be couch-locked. As such, it’s not suitable for novice users. 

Strawberry Glue has a sweet strawberry aroma with a hint of spicy, pine, and diesel. It gives off a hazy, relaxed, sedative, and uplifting feeling. Some people also say that this strain causes them to feel stingy. The relaxation and decreased tension in the muscles help to get rid of aches and pains. Strawberry Glue is ideal for night-time consumption because it sedates you into sleep. So, ensure that you have finished sorting the day’s obligations before you indulge in this Indica strain. The sedation effect is especially helpful to persons who have difficulties sleeping. 

Strawberry Glue may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It flowers in only eight to nine weeks and gives plenty of yields. You will love the large buds and thick, dense layer of trichomes surrounding the buds. 

You Will Love the Indica Strains

You Will Love the Indica Strains

Indica strains are popular among weed consumers for their potency and the intoxicating narcotic-like relief they provide. The most potent are mostly preferred because they hit hard, and it only takes a tiny amount to get high. The indica strain produces a high yield and thick layer of trichomes that make them suitable for making weed oils. 

What’s more, the crossing of different breeds has led to the creation of cannabis strains that have both indica and sativa properties. The indica part induces relaxation while the sativa side drives you into activity. As such, with some strains, you get a full-body experience rather than one that targets the head or the body only. 

Indica strains are popular with beginners and others who are afraid of the psychoactive effects of weed. Society had painted a gloomy picture of marijuana in the past, courtesy of the psychoactive head-high it offers. Although society is slowly warming up to marijuana and its products, the negative connotation is still there, and some people are careful to avoid that association. As such, if you want to experience a high without attracting much attention, opt to indulge in the Indica strains. 

The advantage of indica strains is that they deliver a body-high, which leaves the person able to function throughout the day. However, for these highly potent strains, opt to use them in the evening because they come with the promise of knocking you down. You will be couch-locked and unable to do much for quite some time. Therefore, indulge in any of these 10 strains after handling the critical, urgent business. Sink into bliss, relaxation, pure ecstasy, euphoria, and heavy sleep later on.  

It would be best if you got your strains from a legit marijuana dispensary. Legit strains allow you to have accurate knowledge and experience of marijuana and its effects. Get Kush stocks some of the best and most potent marijuana strains. Look through the array of other marijuana products too, and take advantage of the regular sales and discounts.

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