What Are Cannabis Seeds?

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis, known as marijuana, is a herb humans have used for generations in different parts of the globe. Its capability to grow in almost all regions on earth earns it the widespread name weed. 

To increase your plants, you can either start with rootstock from a breeder or source the cannabis seeds from a seed bank, germinate them and watch the plants bloom as you tend them.


What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis plants, upon maturity, produce seeds for continuity to the next generation of new crops. However, your favourite joint requires flowering buds without seeds. Science knowledge makes some growers avoid the complete biological cycle and produce more seedless flower buds.

Cannabis seed in Canada is a product of marijuana available in the market for sale to persons of age willing to grow their plants and watch them bloom. The seeds are for sale to plant and generate a new crop of cannabis for individuals.

The seeds of the cannabis plant have other uses, like cannabis oil production, but we will focus on planting seeds.


How Are Weed Seeds Made?

The cannabis plant is a flowering crop, meaning it will produce flowers during its growth. The flower buds need pollination for them to make seeds. Marijuana plants grow separately male and female, but you can also have a plant of both genders. The female flowers on a cannabis plant require pollen from the male for fertilization to take place and develop the seeds.

However, marijuana is grown for recreation, and medical reasons may not produce the seeds because growers separate the male plants from the females to avoid pollination. Therefore, the best part of the marijuana plant for recreational and medical is the seedless female plant flower bud.

Industrial cannabis grown for hemp and seed oil requires no curling of male plant targeting to harvest seeds for making oil. Marijuana breeders also selectively pollinate their plants to produce seeds for sale to potential growers.

What Are Cannabis Seeds
What Are Cannabis Seeds

What Are The Different Types of Marijuana Seeds?

The cannabis industry in the 1980s first undertook steps to start breeding marijuana using biological and genetics research to produce new and final levels of cannabis strains.

Do you want to buy marijuana seeds and grow personal cannabis plants? 

Canadian seed banks offer a vast selection of cannabis seeds you can buy. Two species of the cannabis plant are the most common, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. You will also find hybrid strains from breeders. Hybrid marijuana seeds favour either variety, and the plants you grow will likely show one species’ characteristics.

However, in Canada, you are likely to buy cannabis seeds under the following classes, no matter the strain.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

These are cannabis seeds that will germinate and grow into female and male marijuana plants. Regular cannabis seeds typically germinate half-half of either gender. When planting cannabis, many growers often aim to harvest high produce. 

Regular Marijuana seeds, on maturity, require the isolation of male plants from female plants to achieve high-quality female flower buds without sources.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are the female seeds separated from the males. Unlike the regular cannabis seeds that require the grower to curl the male plants, the feminization of cannabis seeds ensures a high population of female marijuana plants. 

The plants mature with highly potent marijuana in their buds – “sinsemilla,” meaning without seeds.

Autoflower Weed Seeds

The auto-flowering weed seeds are a selection of Cannabis Ruderallis, a species originating from regions in the north with limited sunlight hours. These cannabis seeds are easy to raise, and you will not worry about light cycles for them to flower. 

Autoflower cannabis seeds will automatically start flowering when they reach a certain age, regardless of the light they receive. When growing cannabis indoors, you can regulate the light the plants receive after the vegetative stage and ignite the flowering stage. Cannabis plants growing outdoors depend on the changing seasons and will start producing buds during summer and autumn. 


Why Genetics and a Good Breeder are Important

Genetically modified cannabis seeds come with varying growth and flavour characteristics. These marijuana seeds from good breeders guarantee splendid results and harvests. Genetics help to increase the flowering buds, speed up the growth process and make the cannabis seed variety adapt to different environmental conditions.

If you are seeking weed seeds, the best option is to go for the products of good breeders. You can search for good breeders’ information and varieties before purchasing.

Where to Buy Top-Quality Cannabis Seeds Online in Canada

The Expertise of the Cannabis Farmer and Grow Environment Makes a Huge Impact

Like any other crop growing cannabis requires you to have adequate information on the best variety fitting your requirement and adaptable to your region.

Expert farmers who have been in the business for a long time can advise you to help select a strain that will suit your target needs and location. 

When buying cannabis seeds, we advise looking for reputable seed banks that offer guidance materials on growing the crop.

A suitable seed type in its ideal environment will give you a better harvest, but if you blindly pick a variety that does not fit your growing environment, the results may be poor.


Where to Buy Top-Quality Cannabis Seeds Online in Canada

Canada became the second country to legalize the recreational use of cannabis in the world. The first is Uruguay, one of the best countries where you can source the best cannabis seeds.

You can buy marijuana seeds online from the best seed banks selected based on the variety, quality, after-sale service, and germination rate of their cannabis seeds. You can even get weed seeds at mail-order cannabis websites like Get Kush. So place an order, add some cannabis seeds to your cart, start growing your own weed at home and save a bunch of money. Alternatively, you can save time on growing by buying bulk weed



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