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What Does A Gram Of Weed Look Like?

Buying weed from a dispensary or an online cannabis store can be challenging, especially if you aren’t aware of the different measures used when selling raw cannabis. Weed flower selling quantities existed even before the legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.

Cannabis in the legal market and on the street is usually sold in grams, ounces, and pounds. The larger the quantity, the less the price per dose. 

Cannabis regulations in Canada restrict the amount of weed you can have in person while in public to one ounce. However, patients with special permits can purchase larger quantities, or you can buy bulk weed using mail-order cannabis online stores.  

Get Kush will guide you through all the weed measures in the cannabis industry, so continue reading as we equip you with the necessary knowledge when shopping for your favourite dose of weed.

What Does 1 Gram Of Weed Look Like?

The most straightforward way of consuming weed is by smoking, and you roll the dried cannabis flowers in a paper, light the joint or your blunt, and enjoy. 

A gram of weed is the smallest dosage of weed flowers that dispensaries or street vendors sell to an individual, commonly known as a dime bag. Depending on the strain of flower formation, it can contain 2 – 3 buds.

One gram of weed makes two medium half-gram joints, but you can roll a single joint or buy pre-rolled joints depending on your tolerance and the product’s potency.

What Does 2 Grams Of Weed Look Like?

A 2-gram weed package (a dub) is similar to 1 gram packet. The package contains double the amount of a dime bag and roughly equals two nuggets of cannabis flower.

Two grams of weed can total five small joints or two blunts.

What Does 3 Grams Of Weed Look Like?

The typical standard in the cannabis industry market is to sell weed in packages of one or two grams. Online weed stores and cannabis dispensaries have come up with ingenious ways to attract customers.

The 3-gram weed packages are an incentive by weed stores for you to bang more per dollar. The larger the quantity you buy, the less per gram cost. The packaging is less than an eighth or half-quarter, and you can roll three blunts or six half-gram joints comfortably. 

What Does 4 Grams Of Weed Look Like?

Weed retailers, when offering 4 grams of weed, sell double two dub bags in one at a price less than buying the 2-gram weed package separately.

A 4-gram weed package, in most cases, is a deal to consumers for buying quantities slightly higher than an eighth at the price of 1/8 of an ounce.  

What Does 5 Grams Of Weed Look Like?

In Canada, dispensaries and online weed stores have taken the competition in the cannabis industry a notch higher. They offer their customers eighths of 5 grams of weed at discounted prices.

The 5 grams of weed will make ten small or five one-gram joints. The packaging is equivalent to egg size, and the quantity is enough to run you for a week.

What Does A Gram Of Weed Look Like
What Does A Gram Of Weed Look Like

What Does an Eighth Of Weed Look Like?

Although in Canada cannabis is legal, there still exist regulations restricting the amount of weed you can have in public to a single ounce. For this reason, dispensaries previously had capped their quantity to one ounce or its division when selling to patients and recreational users.

An eighth of weed is one part of an ounce divided into eight pieces.

How Many Grams of Weed Are In an Eighth?

An eighth has 3.5 grams of weed. 

What Does a Quarter Of Weed Look Like?

A quarter is the most common standard most people buy when stocking for weeks or for a party. It doubles size by an eighth, though strains’ quantities differ in volume due to the density of buds.

How Many Grams of Weed Are In a Quarter?

A quarter ounce equals 7 grams of weed, from which you can make 14 medium joints or seven one-gram blunts.

What Does an Ounce Of Weed Look Like?

One ounce of weed is the largest quantity you can walk comfortably out of a dispensary without fear of breaking the law unless you have a permit to buy more such as medical marijuana patients. A half ounce is a substantial amount that can last most consumers several weeks. Half an ounce is commonly referred to as a half-O, or half a zip. 

How Many Grams of Weed Are In an Ounce?

There exist different weighing units and mathematical conversions between each. A full ounce of weed is approximately 28 grams of weed. The quantity is too much for a crew to consume in one sitting.

What Does Quarter Pound of Weed Look Like?

Weed transactions in the distribution chain use a different quantifying measure. Cannabis farmers or bulk distributors, when selling to dispensaries, package weed in quantities of pounds.

When divided into four, the pounder used in distribution gets a quarter pound of weed. The amount is impressive. Imagine holding 4 ounces in your palms. The volume varies due to density and how the buds are packed in the individual weed strain.

How Many Grams of Weed Are In a Quarter Pound?

By conversion, a QP will have 113.5 grams of weed, equivalent to four ounces. So, if your card allows you to buy between 3 and 6 ounces of refills, you can comfortably order a quarter pound of weed from your dispensary or online weed store.

What Does Half a Pound Of Weed Look Like?

A half-pound of anything weighs the same but may vary in volume and size. The same applies to different weed strains but holding the whole loose amount of a half-pounder in your hands is tricky.

How Many Grams of Weed Are In a Half Pound?

There are 224 grams of weed in a half pound. The quantity can make more than four hundred standard medium joints, and even heavy cannabis users can consume it for close to a year. However, weed is plant material; the longer it stays, it dries off and withers away. 

What Does a Pound Of Weed Look Like?

gram of weed

A pound of weed is the standard measure dispensaries and cannabis product manufacturers buy from producers. The quantity is voluminous, and you can make 900 half-gram joints.

Are you familiar with the volume of one ounce of your favourite strain? How about placing 16 one-ounce packages in one? That is approximately the size of a pound (LB) of weed or the pounder.

How Many Grams of Weed Are In A Pound?

A pound of weed using mathematical conversions should have 453.592 grams of weed. Some sellers may approximate the figure to 450 grams when selling a pound of weed.


Like many users, you’re bound to get confused with the different weed measurements and how that can look when purchasing marijuana. We hope this guide has helped you better understand marijuana quantities so that you can buy the correct dose for yourself. At, we only want to provide our customers with accurate measurements without compromising quality, and that’s why we consider ourselves a reliable cannabis dispensary. Our selection of marijuana strains will never disappoint if you want to buy weed online in Toronto. You can also buy weed online at WeedSmart, a trusted online dispensary that ships Canada-wide.



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