What Is Cannabis?

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is one plant among thousands, but its standout qualities give it a special place in society, pop culture, and scientific research. Have you ever wondered what is cannabis? Then, you’re in the right place to learn all about this unique plant. The marijuana plant contains many special properties that distinguish it from the rest of natures bounty. Keep reading to answer the question of what type of drug marijuana is, plus everything else you want to know about this beautiful herb.

Cannabis, Its Uses, & Its Incredible Popularity

The cannabis plant contains many remarkable compounds and properties. Marijuana can be used for recreational purposes or as a medical drug, so this plant is woven into many parts of society. Both recreational users and the scientific community appreciate cannabis for its many offerings.

When you think about the question of what weed is, there is probably a range of products that come to mind. Cannabis is used to make many different materials, each with its unique application. 

Cannabis flowers are what many people imagine when they pose the question, what is marijuana? Marijuana flowers are traditionally dried and sometimes cured before being smoked. However, thats not the only part of the plant that can be enjoyed. Cannabis stems, seeds, and leaves are also used for recreational purposes. The legal status regarding the use of cannabis can be tricky, as this plant is sadly illegal in many parts of the world. Therefore, you should always check your local jurisdictions laws before consuming cannabis.

Medically speaking, what kind of drug is weed? Cannabis treats chronic conditions such as aches, pain, inflammation, and stress. Marijuana can also help relieve side effects from other medications such as cancer treatments.

How To Enjoy The Goodness Of The Plant

Now that weve discovered answers to the questions of what is cannabis, what is marijuana, and what is weed, lets explore how to use these beautiful plants. Many people choose to either smoke or inhale when they use cannabis. These traditional methods are most popular, but there are plenty of other choices to explore. Here are some of the most common ways to consume the plant.


What type of drug is marijuana, and whats the best way to consume it? For many people, smoking remains their method of choice. However, you can use rolling papers to make a joint or blunt or purchase your cannabis pre-rolled for convenience.


Vaping is a more modern answer to the question of what kind of drug is weed. Vaporizers use cartridges of extracted cannabis to deliver a fast and convenient experience. You can explore different styles of vapes online as well as in local dispensaries. Whether you prefer a disposable model or want to build a custom rig, the options are endless.

Bongs & Pipes

Now that you know what cannabis is, you might want to smoke it in a different form. Bongs and pipes are other common ways to enjoy some marijuana. Bongs are water pipes typically used to smoke tobacco, cannabis, or another herbal blend. 

Pipes can be old-fashioned wooden models straight out of a history book or a modern glass style. Bongs and pipes can be inconvenient for travelling but are great ways to enjoy an excellent smoky session at home.

Other Consumable Forms Of Cannabis

Inhaling cannabis by smoking, vaping, or using a bong or pipe is a popular method, but there are other ways to consume marijuana. Once you know what cannabis is, youre probably curious about the various ways to use this plant. 

What Is Cannabis
What Is Cannabis

Edible cannabis is very popular. Marijuana edibles are often sweet, so that you can try candies and desserts like gummy rings, chocolates, brownies, cookies, and more. For a different approach, try cannabis tea. You can boil marijuana leaves in water to make a relaxing cannabis brew.

Tinctures, lotions, and topicals are applied to the skin. Then, the active ingredients soak into your body and take effect. 

Sublingual drops are taken under the tongue for near immediate absorption. Medical capsules and supplements are also available.

It can be hard to understand what cannabis is because the plant has so many different names. This list contains many of the nicknames people have given to marijuana.



Hash Pot
Dope Greens Herb
Ganja Joint Cones
Skunk Weed Reefer
Mull Buckets Hydro
Buddha Spliff



What Does The Cannabis Plant Contain?

Cannabis plants are full of beneficial compounds and chemicals. THC and CBD are the two most well-known parts of this plant. CBD or cannabinoid is a non-psychoactive compound thats responsible for many of marijuanas positive attributes. CBD wont get you high, but it can help you feel relaxed, happy, and pain-free. THC is the intoxicating ingredient that creates the euphoric feeling associated with using cannabis.


How Do You Feel After A Smoky Cannabis Session?

Everyone reacts differently to cannabis, but some sensations are universal. For example, almost everyone feels high after using marijuana. This feeling creates a sense of happy euphoria. Once you learn what cannabis is and experience its effects for yourself, youll understand why so many people love the plant.

After euphoria, the most common effect is relaxation. Some blends and varieties can help you relax so much you dont want to do anything other than veg out. Many people use it to unwind and feel calm, especially if theyve been stressed out or anxious.

You might also experience an increased appetite after using marijuana. Its a good idea to have some snacks on hand, order delivery, or even make a nice meal before using cannabis.

Everyone reacts to the plant in their own way. Your unique body composition will impact your experience. Other common side effects include changes in how you perceive time, colours, sounds, and smells. You might also feel talkative or like everything is hilarious when youre high.

Whenever youre indulging in the herb, its important not to go overboard. You might have a great time from your first dose of cannabis, but you should let that be enough for your first time. Its easy to overdo your cannabis consumption when youre enjoying yourself. Just like any substance, taking too much can ruin your night.

In Conclusion

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