What Is Skunk Weed?

What is skunk weed? You might have heard this term before and not been sure what it meant. Of course, everyone knows that skunks are adorable creatures that pack the potential to unleash a horrible smell. Thats great, but what does it have to do with cannabis? 


Well, if youve ever smelled an especially pungent joint, the connection will be clear. So let’s explore what skunk cannabis is, including an overview of this varietys history and why you should try it, regardless of the smell.


What Counts As Skunk?

In the United States and Canada, the word skunkis applied to anything stinky. This label has also been given to old-school cannabis (or marijuana), especially to blends that are particularly smelly. However, many traditional weed strains had a memorable stinky smell that was hard to avoid, disguise, or forget. Thats why the word skunk became a synonym for cannabis. 


This usage isnt the same around the world, though. When UK stoners talk about the skunk, they mean cannabis with a high THC count. Skunk is used in the UK to describe seedless, potent, non-pollinated marijuana flowers grown for smoking.


No matter where you are if you ask what skunk marijuana is, people will know that youre talking about pot.


The History Of Skunk Weed

Skunk weed started in the 1970s when US growers started to cultivate this blend. What is skunk weed? Technically speaking, this strain is a crossbreed of short mountain hashish strains from Afghanistan and Pakistan, combined with more potent Sativa strains from Central and South America. This powerful blend was later named Skunk #1

Skunk #1 had great success. Thanks to crossbreeding, it was an adaptable plant that was easy to cultivate. Skunk #1 has a short flowering period and potent buds as one of the most reliable strains since its invention.

What is skunk cannabis most known for? Of course, we cant ignore its namesake scent. This classic strain has a highly pungent smell that reminded some smokers of roadkill, dead animals, and of course, angry skunks.


Skunk Marijuana Effects

People wouldnt use such a smelly product if it didnt deliver outstanding results. So what is skunk marijuana known for feeling like? This blend is a perfect mix of Indica and Sativa effects. Skunk weed provides a euphoric feeling while helping people feel relaxed and high at the same time. Now that you know what skunk weed is good for, its no wonder so many people enjoy this variety. Many people claim that the original strain had a manageable smell that wasnt as bad as its made out to seem.


What Are Other Skunk Blends?

Skunk #1 is the original skunk variety. When looking into what skunk weed is, you should remember that every modern skunk strain descends from this first crossbred plant. However, skunkis also slang to describe any reasonably strong cannabis strain. Therefore, some people might call their pot skunk without thinking about what skunk weed is.

Since we know the difference between skunk weed and street slang, lets discuss some other well-known skunk varieties.


Super Skunk

Super Skunk was bred directly from the original Skunk #1. This potent Afghan-style hash won the Cannabis Cup in the 1990s immediately after being released. Super Skunk has thick, dense buds and a very pungent taste. Users enjoy mild and relaxing physical highs along with sweet flavours.


Early Skunk

Sensi Seeds bred early Skunk from Skunk #1 and Early Pearl. An Indica-dominant hybrid, Early Skunk, has a short flowering time and is easy to grow. Early Pearl users love the happy, relaxed, and focused sensations this strain provides.


Skunk Kush

Skunk Kush is a product of Skunk #1 and Kush from the Hindu Kush mountainsides in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This Sativa-Indica hybrid provides a giggly, dreamy high and will likely make your eyes red.


White Skunk

White Skunk was developed by White Label Seed Company, a partner company of Sensi Seeds. This blend has the typical skunk aroma, while its Sativa heritage provides relaxing concentration and focus.



Sensi Skunk

Another product of Sensi Seeds, Sensi Skunk, is an Indica-dominant variety with a citric flavour instead of the typical stinky skunk smell. This strain helps with sleep and muscle relaxation thanks to its strong relaxing effects.


Shiva Skunk

Often considered the most pungent Sensi Seeds blend, Shiva Skunk can help you get a deep night of sleep. This variety is a blend of Skunk #1 with Northern Lights #5. The strain offers a fantastic blend of classic skunk qualities along with the heavy yield generally associated with Northern Lights #5.


Exploring Skunk Weed

Skunk weed has a vast potential for future blends. Skunk #1 is still a powerhouse in the marijuana world. This classic blend provides excellent results on its own and has also proven itself as an excellent option for breeding hybrids. In addition, Skunk #1 is a stable, reliable strain.


We look forward to seeing what the future holds for new blends, strains, and skunk experiences.


Now that you know what skunk weed is, its the perfect time to start exploring this cannabis family. Skunk weed is a treasured part of marijuana history. The blend was created at the birth of the cannabis industry, back when growing pot still took place as part of the black market. So when you try skunk cannabis, youre joining millions of other weed users in trying this classic variety.


Gather your like-minded friends and see what you think about skunk varieties. After all, these blends are popular for a reason. Give skunk a try. You might just discover your new favourite strain.


Where To Buy Skunk Weed in Canada?

You can find many excellent sources that offer skunk weed. They might not all have each skunk strain, but it’s not that difficult to find dispensaries with at least one variety. For example, you can find skunk strains at many online dispensaries. Or, if you want a quicker option, you can get same-day services in cities across Canada, such as weed delivery in Vancouver or Toronto Weed Delivery.  You can also buy skunk weed seeds from sources like The Seed Pharm if you prefer to grow your own.


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