What Is Terp Sauce and How to Make It

What Is Terp Sauce and How to Make It

Marijuana has been around for a very long time, and in modern history, it’s gone through some incredible changes. Today, you can buy all types of pot species, blends, and flavors. A lot of people now enjoy vaping and making edibles from cannabis as well. Simply put, there’s something for everyone.

Among all the different options for weed, edibles have become popular. This is due to diversity. For example, you can make all kinds of cannabutter, which is butter infused with cannabis. You can also use marijuana for baking cookies, brownies, cakes, and a lot more. You can even add weed to vegetables, as well as fish, chicken, pork, and beef recipes. There’s no end in sight as to what you can do with cannabis.

What Is Terp Sauce?

One of the latest trends involves making what’s called “terp sauce.” Now, this isn’t the kind of sauce you might initially think. Rather, this is an extract that contains a high percentage of terpenes. In fact, it’s more concentrated than live resins.

The official name for terp sauce is high-terpene full-spectrum extract or HTFSE. Since this is so high in aromatic terpenes, it’s very potent. To give you a better idea, compared to traditional marijuana wax or shatter products, terp sauce contains about 60 percent more terpene molecules.

You could say that terp sauce is in a league of its own. The primary reason has to do with its high concentration of terpenes. 

What Are Terpenes

To better appreciate terp sauce, it would help to learn about some of the terpene basics. For starters, these molecules produce specific smells of cannabis such as blueberry, strawberry, diesel, etc. However, in certain strains, they also alter the psychoactive high that marijuana users experience. 

Perhaps one of the most important benefits is that terpenes are said to have medicinal properties. Not only do some suggest they help eliminate pain, but terpenes also fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. Because of everything provided, people can get more creative with making terpene and cannabinoid combinations.

Using Terp Sauce

Using Terp Sauce

Now that you have a better understanding of what terp sauce is, you probably want to know how to use it. As a cannabis concentrate, most people dab it. That’s a unique and popular way to vape marijuana. For this, you’d need a water pipe, one with a ceramic, titanium, or quartz nail rather than a traditional bowl.

The key is to get the nail extremely hot before adding any of the terp sauce to the dish. The heat causes this cannabis concentrate to vaporize instantly. That yields a potent and flavorful hit. Keep in mind that this is the most common way people use terp sauce, but there’s another.

The other option is to buy a handheld electric vaporizer designed specifically for dabs, including terp sauce and other concentrates. If you don’t like either one of those methods, you can always drizzle the sauce and diamonds over the bud and then roll them with dried weed for a standard joint.

Making Terp Sauce

Considering the fantastic qualities of terp sauce, including its high potency level, you might think making it is difficult. While it does take a little time, the process is relatively easy. For that reason, a lot of people who enjoy cannabis whip up a batch of terp sauce in the privacy of their homes.

When making terp sauce, always use top-quality strain buds. Keep in mind that you can make this concentrate using several different methods. However, since the butane hash oil extraction method is among the most popular, this is the one mentioned. Some people call this “diamond mining.”

  • Start by filling an extraction tube with cannabis. The goal is to pack it tightly enough to eliminate any air.
  • Place a fine filter or a mesh screen over one end of the tub. Then, simply hold the tube over a dish while the butane forces through it.
  • You’ll notice a liquid forming that’s gold in color.
  • Now, you need to complete the purging process. This is what removes the valuable oils. Use gentle heat to off-gas the solvent from the goldish-colored liquid. While still viscous, pour it into a glass jar that you can seal tightly.
  • Place the jar in a dark area and leave it alone anywhere from two to three weeks.

It’s during this timeframe when separation occurs. What happens is that pressure builds up inside of the jar. As a result, THCA crystals form and eventually sink to the bottom. At the same time, the terpenes rise. They turn into a wax-like layer at the top of the jar.

After the two to three-week period and confirmed separation, you’ll then need to purge the crystals and terpenes using heat. For this, place the remaining liquid in a Pyrex dish. Set it over some type of low-heat source. Even a heating pad works. Keep it on the heat source until the cloudiness in the liquid disappears.

As for storing the terpenes and crystals, they need to go into individual UV-proof containers. That will allow them to maintain their valuable properties.

Remember, you can make terp sauce using other methods. One of these involves flash-freezing the bud, while the other uses a press device. Regardless of which one that you prefer, you’ll end up with a wonderful end-product. The finished terp sauce looks similar to thick, goldish syrup. If you notice any small grains, don’t worry. Those are simply some of the tiny crystals that didn’t separate.

Making Terp Sauce

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