What Is The Difference Between Eating And Smoking Weed?

What Is The Difference Between Eating And Smoking Weed?

Weed products can either be ingested or smoked. Cannabis edibles come in the form of desserts like cannabis brownies, cannabis chocolate, and cannabis gummies. On the other hand, weed users can smoke flowers or vaporizers.

Smoking and consuming weed edibles trigger varying experiences and effects on the user because the body absorbs and processes the products differently. If you wish to switch up your consumption method, follow the article as we give in-depth information regarding eating and smoking weed.


Effects of Smoking Cannabis


Smoking weed has been the most common method of consuming marijuana. Inhaled cannabis delivers a quick onset time, with the effects lasting for a shorter period. You can attain almost instant relaxation from smoking cannabis. Fast results are imperative if you have a long day and seek respite. Smoking weed triggers relaxation within 15 minutes.

Impaired Judgment

Cannabis contains THC compounds that alter how you process information leading to impaired judgment. THC changes how a part of your brain functions, causing an effect on your ability to form new memories.

Effects on the Lungs

Smoked cannabis flowers get absorbed in the lungs depositing four times the amount of tar in the lungs as cigarettes. Continued smoking creates long-term issues for the lungs. Cannabis can cause coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness. Cannabis contains carcinogens that play a significant role in increasing the occurrence of lung cancer.

Pain Relief

Cannabis has medicinal value in that it can help to relieve pain temporarily. It can aid when dealing with cancer and inflammation in the body.

What Is The Difference Between Eating And Smoking Weed
What Is The Difference Between Eating And Smoking Weed

How is Eating Marijuana Products Different than Smoking Weed?

Smoking versus eating weed edibles differ in how the body absorbs weed and the resulting experiences. Smoking and ingesting weed give great but different experiences. 

Here are some of the notable variances:

Onset Time

Onset time is the most significant difference between eating and inhaling cannabis. Edible marijuana can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect. Cannabis edibles are absorbed through the digestive system; hence, they take longer to induce an impact on the body. On the other hand, smoked cannabis is absorbed through the lungs. The absorption takes place quickly, leading to high effects within minutes.

Vaping and smoking marijuana results in quick results; thus, it is harder to consume accidentally too much when smoking. Due to the extended waiting time for cannabis edibles, it is easy to consume too much. Consuming too much cannabis can result in unpleasant and overwhelming effects.

Potency Effects

Effects and Potency effects arising from consuming cannabis edibles are more intense than those from smoking. The intensity of the impact varies because of how the body absorbs cannabis. Smoking cannabis allows the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds to travel directly into the brain. In comparison, ingesting edible cannabis results in the metabolization of the THC into a more active form (11-hydroxy-THC).

The 11-hydroxy-THC form can easily cross the blood-brain barrier leading to more potent effects. First-timers should consume low doses of marijuana edible to deter more intense results.

Duration of Effects

The effect of smoking and eating marijuana last for different durations. The impact emerging from cannabis edibles is long-lasting. The body absorbs the edibles slowly, and once the weed effects kick in, they can last for several hours. Conversely, smoked weed gets absorbed quickly in the body, and you will feel the effects for around 30 to 60 minutes.

The consumption methods lead to effects lasting for different amounts of time; hence, deciding whether you want a longer or shorter duration of effects is important.

The Health Factor

If you are concerned about the health effects, you might feel at ease consuming an edible rather than smoking. Marijuana smoke is associated with respiratory problems. Unlike smoking, cannabis edibles are better options because they help you avoid smoking-related risk factors. Consumed edibles are absorbed from the stomach to the liver, bloodstream, and brain. In addition, you can make your edibles, thus controlling what you infuse in them.


It is tricky to be discreet when smoking marijuana because you’ll produce smoke and a robust, distinctive smell. On the opposite end of the spectrum are weed edibles. The edibles are highly discreet and perfect options for medical and recreational marijuana. Weed edibles are discreet as they don’t produce smoke, smell, or vapour.

What Method of Cannabis Consumption Is For Me?

What Method of Cannabis Consumption Is For Me?

Different weed consumption methods suit cannabis users in varying ways. If you seek an approach that results in immediate effects, cannabis smoke is an excellent option. On the other hand, if you desire a long experience, the edible option is likely to suit your preference.

Concerning health issues, smoking may trigger respiratory hurdles; hence it is not suited to persons with respiratory problems. A better option would be cannabis edibles, as they eliminate smoking-related risks. 

Beginners should consider eating edibles with lower doses because cutting the cookies into pieces is easy. You can easily monitor intake with edibles rather than smoking joints.


How to Take Weed Products Safely

Consume the Right Dose/ Prescription

Monitor how much weed you consume to deter marijuana overdose. Consuming just enough doses of THC is essential to preventing unwanted effects and overdosing. Start low as you walk your way up. Canadian health experts recommend an intake of 2.5 milligrams of THC or less. Wait for at least 2 hours before consuming another dose.

Choose Safe Products

Obtain weed products from a reputable source to maximize the chances of getting safe and effective products. Avoid ingesting cannabis Indica during the day as it causes drowsiness. Store edible marijuana properly to enhance longevity and freshness.


Where to Buy Weed Online in Canada?

Weed users can obtain both weed edibles and joints from online shops and cannabis delivery services in Canada. Online stores like Get Kush sells high-quality weed products with the correct prescriptions. Visit the online shop and get access to all your favourite weed products at an affordable price. You can see what others are saying about us on sites like BCWeedDelivery online dispensary listings.



Cannabis can be consumed in various ways depending on its forms. The most popular ways to consume weed are eating and smoking. Smoking and eating cannabis don’t work the same way; therefore, be careful to avoid overwhelming your system.

It is essential to be aware of how each consumption method works. Typically smoking marijuana is perfect for quick onset time. We hope the guide has been educational and helpful.



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