What To Do With Marijuana Leaves

What To Do With Marijuana Leaves?

The cannabis plant is one of natures most precious gifts. People have known and loved the fantastic properties of weed for centuries or even longer. 

Marijuana usage has been traced back to 2700 BCE when the Chinese Emperor Shen Neng turned to this plant to treat many conditions. Cannabis has also shown up in ancient Egyptian medical texts as well as other classical sources. In most of these cases, the entire plant was used. 

This is different than todays preference for buds and cannabis flowers. You might be wondering what to do with marijuana leaves or what to do with cannabis trimmings to reach the plant’s full potential. Keep reading to learn all about marijuana and how we can make the most of it.

Introducing The Term Trim

Trim refers to excess plant material thats leftover after pruning or trimming cannabis plants. If youve spent time around other pot lovers or gotten to know your local dispensary staff, youve probably heard the term trim tossed around from time to time. Most trim consists of small and big leaves removed from the plant. These leaves need to be removed before the buds can be harvested and smoked, so what to do with cannabis leaves is a constant question.

Trimming can be done using either a wet trimming method or a dry trimming process. It can be complicated to decide which method is best, and either way, that decision is outside the scope of this article. Youll have the same options when deciding what to do with weed leaves, whether they were wet or dry trimming.


All About Marijuana Leaves

Marijuana plants usually have big and small leaves, better known as fan and sugar leaves. When you want to know what you can make with marijuana leaves, youll deal with one of these sizes.

Fan leaves tend to be the bigger and broader parts of the plant. Most fan leaves are dark green and only have a small amount of cannabinoids present. Theyre full of valuable vitamins, flavours, and nutrients, but thats not why most people want to know what to do with marijuana leaves.

Sugar leaves, on the other hand, are the small leaves that grow near the cannabis flowers. Their name comes from the white trichomes that cover the surface of the leaves. These leaves often look like they’ve been dusted with powdered sugar. Sugar leaves need to be trimmed before buds are ready to be harvested and consumed. If youre curious about what to do with marijuana clippings, you should know that sugar leaves contain more cannabinoids than fan leaves do.


How To Use Marijuana Leaves

Now that weve learned about marijuana trim, its time to discuss exactly what to do with marijuana leaves. Sugar leaves might have some cannabinoids, but not as much as youll find in flowers and buds. Fan leaves look big and impressive but dont deliver a psychoactive effect. Its not immediately obvious what to do with cannabis leaves, is it? You might be surprised to discover a variety of options for what to do with marijuana leaves. Here are just a few choices for what to do with cannabis trimmings.

Marijuana Leaf Juice

When youre wondering what to do with weed leaves, remember that these greens are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Leaves also have a low percentage of cannabinoids present. You probably wont feel high from experimenting with what you can make with marijuana leaves, but you will get plenty of benefits to your endocannabinoid system. 

If youre researching what to do with marijuana leaves, try turning them into juice. Then, simply put your leaves into a juicing machine and let it go to work. Youll enjoy extracted vitamins, minerals, and cannabinoids, all in a lovely green glass.


Marijuana Leaf Butter

Cannabis buds are typically used for making infused butter, but marijuana butter is another option for what to do with marijuana clippings. If you dont know what to do with cannabis leaves but have a lot of sugar leaves, infused butter is a great choice. Unfortunately, fan leaves dont work very well for this purpose.

When you want to know what you can make with marijuana leaves, just grab some butter to get started. Melt your butter in a pan with your sugar leaves for maximum cannabinoid absorption. Once everything has melded together, strain the butter to remove the plant material. Then let it cool. You can spread it on bread or use it just like butter in weed edible recipes when it’s ready. This is an excellent option for what to do with weed leaves!


Marijuana Leaf Tea

If youre wondering what to do with cannabis trimmings, it doesnt get much easier than brewing some tea. Simply add marijuana leaves to hot water and let them steep. The taste might be a bit intense, so you can always add traditional tea bags, sweeteners, lemon slices, and other flavourings. Some people say they can get high from leaf tea, so if youre looking for what to do with marijuana clippings that pack a big punch, this method might be suitable for you.


Compositing Marijuana Leaves

Maybe youve explored these suggestions for what to do with marijuana leaves, but nothing calls out to you. You can always return them to the ecosystem. If you live in a place that allows you to grow cannabis, consider mulching your trim and using it as fertilizer for your next crop.

In Conclusion on What to do With Marijuana Leaves

Cannabis leaves are typically thrown away, but there are plenty of uses for them. For example, you can make marijuana, juices, tea, butter, and even compost. Or, if you prefer, you can skip this whole process and buy cannabis online or get same-day weed delivery in Burnaby, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and more!



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