What to Look for in the Best Grinder for Kief

What to Look for in the Best Grinder for Kief

To collect kief from your grinder, you have to begin with cannabis. You will then grind the flower into a small powder. But the grinder itself is what you will use to collect the kief. The chamber inside is the most important part when it comes to collecting all the parts of your bud

About Cannabis Grinders

The best types of cannabis grinders to collect kief will have more than one chamber. The right one will have as many as four different chambers. The first chamber will do the work of grinding up your marijuana. There are two sections in this first compartment. Both the bottom and the top have teeth to make the grinding job easier. On the lower part of the bottom compartment, there are many holes. Once your cannabis moves through your grinder and is shredded, it can fall through the holes and be collected. 

If you have a regular grinder, then the process can stop here. However, if you have a good grinder for kief, then there will be another chamber below that. This is usually separated by a screen that is made of a very fine mesh. This is the kief catcher. Only the tiny pieces of trichomes can move through it. At the end, you will have one last chamber that has tiny bits of marijuana. This is the kief.

Choosing the Best Grinder for You

When you are looking for a grinder for kief, you should first look at how many chambers there are. You want to have two chambers at a minimum. However, if you want to have extra storage or filtering for your kief, then you will want to get a grinder that has three to four chambers. These ones are often sold as kief-catching grinders. If you have a grinder that has three chambers, then it might be called a four-piece. And if you have one that has four chambers, it might be called a five-piece. 

If you get a four-piece, it is cost-effective and can do the job well. And if you get a five-piece, you might have an extra mesh screen that is even finer than the first one. That means that you will get the most potent kief. However, it also means that the grinder can be a bit bulkier, and it might take you a bit to fill up the very last chamber since you are getting less with each grind. 

What to Look for in the Best Grinder for Kief
What to Look for in the Best Grinder for Kief

Size of the Holes

One of the other important aspects to look for in a kief grinder is the size of the hole. At the bottom of the top chamber, you have one set of holes. The size of these holes will determine the extent that your cannabis can be ground before it falls through.

So, if you have a grinder that has larger holes, you might not have to do as much grinding. But if you have smaller holes, you will have smaller pieces before they fall to the next chamber. Usually, the right size of grinder holes will depend on your personal preferences. For instance, if you like the idea of larger bits of cannabis, you will want to choose larger holes. But if you like the idea of smaller bits, you can go for some smaller holes. 

If your goal is to get the best kief, then you might want to look for some smaller holes, which can work better for this task. With finer holes, you can grind up the cannabis more, and that can cause more of the trichomes to detach and fall through to the next chamber. Smaller holes make it easier for you to collect and catch as much kief as possible. 

Size of the Mesh

The mesh size is equally important for you to consider. There are two main measurement units for mesh screens, including microns and LPI. Many times, you will find kief grinders with mesh screens in around 100 to 250 microns. If the number is smaller, then the kief will be smaller. While smaller kief can offer a better experience, it can also take a while to collect. 

The LPI (lines per inch) looks at how many strands contribute to an inch of the material. For instance, if you have a screen of 150 LPI, there are 150 strands per each inch of material. If the LPI is higher, the screen is finer. On the other hand, each micron is a millionth of one millimetre. You can remove the screens, or they might be permanently attached to your grinder. If it is removable, then you can replace the screen easily and extend your grinder’s usable lifespan.

Size of the Grinder

Size of the Grinder

The last aspect to look at is the size of your grinder, including the diameter and the height. The diameter will decide how much weed you can place in there and grind at once. There are uses and advantages of using each size. For instance, a mini grinder is ideal when you are on the go and need a portable solution. On the other hand, using a larger grinder is perfect for when you are hosting a party. In between, you have small and medium grinders. 

A small one is good if you want a single size dose, and a medium is a good in-between for small groups and individuals. But no matter what size of grinder you choose, the more you grind, the more kief there will be when you are done. With size, it will depend on the amount of kief you want.

Closing Thoughts

With so many options out there, it can be hard for you to choose the perfect grinder. Luckily, being armed with more information can make the buying process a bit easier. You can look for grinders that have each of the features you are looking for to ensure you get the perfect kief. Then, you can add it to a joint or another method of smoking, so you get a stronger high

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