What to Look for When Buying a Cannabis Pipe

What to Look for When Buying a Cannabis Pipe

There are many ways for marijuana users to smoke weed. Vape pens offer a smoke-free experience, while edibles offer a discreet way for users to get their fix on the go. 

Cannabis pipes are one of the most common and classic ways for marijuana users to get their fix. With a variety of different pipes on the market, users can find one that allows them to smoke their preferred product in their preferred location. 

Whether you are new to using a pipe or considering trying a new one, find the information you need to help ensure you find the best cannabis pipe for you.

3 Main Types of Marijuana Pipes

Shopping for a pipe can be overwhelming if you don’t know what type of cannabis pipe you want. There are many different types and designs, but most are grouped into hand pipes, water pipes, and one-hitters. 

Hand Pipes (Dry Pipes)

A hand pipe is also known as a dry pipe. These pipes are known for being easy to use, making them a good choice for new smokers or those who only smoke weed occasionally. 

They are made up of smaller chambers but without a water reservoir that water pipes have. Because hand pipes do not have a water reservoir to filter and cool smoke, these pipes are known for delivering harsher hits than other types of cannabis pipes. 

Other benefits of hand pipes include:

  • They are generally smaller
  • They are portable
  • They are easy to use

Water Pipes

Water Pipes (Bongs)

Water pipes are perhaps more commonly known as bongs and are better for experienced users. These cannabis pipes can range from small designs to large and ornate pipes that can serve as centrepieces on a table in your home. Smaller water pipes designed to be portable are also known as bubblers.

Unlike hand pipes, water pipes are made up of chambers designed to hold water and get credit for delivering a smoother smoking experience

Here’s how water pipes work:

  1. Users will need to pack the bowl with cannabis and insert water into the bong. 
  2. Light the cannabis substance and inhale. 
  3. The smoke is drawn through the water, which can cool and filter it, giving users a smoother experience. 


These cannabis pipes are small in size and designed for a single inhalation or one hit. So, why would someone want to take just a single hit of their favourite flower? Here’s why one-hitters are popular:

  • They help users control the dosage of their cannabis intake
  • They can help users conserve their stash, especially important during the winter months. 
  • They are portable, thanks to their small size. 
  • They allow users to take hits discreetly while out in public. 

Of course, there are other types of pipes on the market, including gentlemen’s pipes. But, the three listed are among the most common types cannabis users use. 

What Type of Pipe Do You Need?

Now that you know the different types of pipes, it is time to decide what type of pipe will work best for you. 

First, you will need to know what type of cannabis you are planning to smoke. For those who plan to smoke marijuana flowers, a dry pipe would likely work best. For those who plan to smoke concentrates such as shatter, wax, or budder, a water pipe is the better option. In fact, that is what water pipes are designed for. 

Next, think about where you plan to smoke. This is important in determining the size of the pipe as well as the type. For example, bongs are available in very large sizes as some people use them as decorative pieces in the home. But, for users who want the ability to smoke on the road, a one-hitter or dry pipe may be a better option.

Finally, know that pipes can be made out of different materials, and not all materials are created equal. Glass pipes are among the most popular pipe types, and for a good reason. Glass pipes are generally sturdier, offer a better experience, and easier to clean. 

Choosing a Quality Cannabis Pipe 

Choosing a Quality Cannabis Pipe 

Once you have decided what type of pipe you want, it’s time to purchase it. Remember that a low-quality pipe can be damaged easily, causing injury. 

When purchasing a glass pipe, the thicker the glass, the better. Look for one that is 9 millimetres thick or more. If you can’t see how thick the glass is in the listing, ask. Thinner glass is easy to shatter, especially if users are clumsy. Look for pipes made of borosilicate glass, which handles heat better than other glass types.

Know your budget. When it comes to cannabis pipes, the cost can vary greatly. A higher price does not necessarily mean better quality. Instead, the price will be determined by the type of pipe, its size, and how decorative it is.

Make sure you purchase your marijuana pipe from a reputable seller. Check customer reviews to get a feeling for the type of service they provide and the quality of their products. Make sure there is a simple way to get hold of them should you need help down the road. 

Cannabis Pipes: A Summary

Cannabis pipes offer a unique way for weed users to ingest their favourite marijuana strains. But, a simple search for cannabis pipes can bring up an overwhelming number of options. 

Take time to research the different pipes on the market, so you know the one that will be best for your needs. Think about what you plan to smoke and where you want to smoke. Knowing this in advance will help make the process of choosing a cannabis pipe much more manageable. 

Finally, take care of your marijuana pipe after the purchase. Clean it after each use using a paperclip or pipe cleaner. Regular cleaning will help the pipe last longer and ensure users have the best experience possible. 

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