All there is to know about hybrid weed

What if you take the calming and sort of dozing-off effects of Indica and blend in with energy-boosting Sativa? You will end up with Hybrid strains.

Having the best of both worlds, hybrid weed offers very balanced effects – this strain doesn’t make you feel like you’re ready to run a marathon, but it also doesn’t give you a body high when all you can do is chill on your sofa and enjoy a long movie. 

Through this guide, you will learn not only the essential information about hybrid cannabis but also tips for cultivating it, storing it, and more from our GetKush experts.  

Get ready to be tempted by the ultimate hybrid strain on the market. 

What is Weed?
an introduction

Before we dive into what this “hybrid” subcategory is all about, let’s talk about weed in general first. You’ve probably heard it as pot, bud, marijuana, and, of course, weed, but they’re all slang terms for the same thing, which is a psychoactive form of cannabis. The cannabis plant, as a whole, produces certain offsprings that aren’t intoxicating, like the hemp plant, and others that are, like the Cannabis indica.

These plants have been grown for centuries for their medicinal and blissful properties, though cannabis has only recently begun being accepted for consumption, both medicinal and recreational. Weed contains chemical compounds called cannabinoids that pair with your body’s endocannabinoid system flawlessly, creating the novel effects that you’ve heard of (or experienced) from cannabis. Research is still a bit limited here, but every day we’re seeing more evidence towards this plant’s myriad benefits.

What is Hybrid Weed?

Hybrid weed is a subcategory of cannabis that refers to a strain that has a mix of both Indica and Sativa properties. Indica weed is most notably known for its sedative, full-body properties and aid with relaxation and sleep, while Sativas are known for their more uplifting, energizing effects. Hybrids, then, contain a few properties from both.

Hybrids can be Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant, meaning they contain more properties from one subcategory than another, but it still isn’t as clear cut as a pure Sativa or Indica. Or, you may be lucky enough to experience a 50/50 hybrid strain, which is a direct cross between an Indica and a Sativa, not leaning in one direction or the other. 

Hybrid weed strains are ideal for those who are looking for a good balance between the two; if you don’t want to be incredibly drowsy but not bouncing off the walls either, a hybrid will give you a great equilibrium.


Are you curious about switching from Sativas to Indica-dominant hybrids but unsure what to expect? You aren’t alone – hence our guide to address this question closely.


Effects CBD-to-THC ratio
Indica Sleepy & relaxed  Balanced ratio of THC and CBD
Sativa Energized & euphoric  Higher THC content 
Hybrid A mix of both, depending on which strain is dominant The ratio depends on the dominant strain

Indica strains are excellent for the times when you want to clear your mind and enjoy time peace, enjoying your hobbies. There is nothing better than watching Netflix or reading a book and having no negative thoughts ruining your mood.

Sativa weed, on the contrary, is for the times when you need a little help with exercising or when you struggle socializing with people. You would normally take it when you need a boost of energy and creativity. 

Finally, hybrid strains are something different. This weed is unique because its effects depend on the dominant strain – Indica or Sativa – and individually on a person. Hybrid weed helps you unwind after a long day, helps you focus, and even inspires you at times. 

In short, Indica-dominant hybrid weed will provide you with a relaxing feeling but not to the point of falling asleep. On the other hand, Sativa-dominant weed will uplift you and help you focus, but not to the point when you are ready to meet all your deadlines.

Physical Characteristics
of Hybrid Weed

As for the physical characteristics of hybrid weed, it solely depends on the parent strains of the bud itself. If the parent strains are Indicas or Indica-dominant, as we discussed, the plant will boast more Indica-like characteristics. This means that the buds will likely be smaller and denser in composition, as well as darker in colour with purple/pink hues. These types of hybrids will usually smell sweeter or even sourer, again, depending on who their parents are.

Sativa-dominant hybrids are going to display the class characteristics of Sativas, with their fluffy, lightweight buds and super earthy smells and flavour. Likely, the buds will be lighter in colour, too, showing off blends of lime and forest greens.


If you find yourself buying a Sativa-dominant hybrid, you’ll find it to be much lighter in colour and typically more fluffy than your typical Indica cannabis, which is often dense and dark in deep purple colours. Sativa-dominant hybrids are also known for producing primarily energizing properties with a few calming, soothing effects mixed in, too.



Indica-dominant hybrids will look closer to Indica buds, though they’re often not as dark as pure strains. With these, you can usually find some lime green hues and bright orange hairs throughout while still seeing hints of purples and pinks. Compared to pure Indica strains, these hybrids usually won’t keep you couch-locked, but they will still give you unparalleled relief and relaxation.

Effects of Hybrid Weed

Once again, the general effects of hybrid weed will completely depend on the parent strains

From hybrids, you can experience anything from sedative, relaxing properties to energizing, creative ones that last all day long. Or, you can experience something completely in between if you’ve found a totally balanced hybrid. 

That’s what’s best about hybrid strains: each one appears to be more unique than the next. 

If you want to know what effects your hybrid strain is going to produce, you can take a look at the genotypes of the strain and see what they are. This will give you a good indication of what to expect from your hybrid bud in terms of smells, potency, effects, and benefits.

At GetKush, you will find both Sativa- and Indica-dominant hybrids with detailed descriptions of flavour, taste, smell, and effects. 


Benefits of Hybrid Marijuana

If you want a good blend of both sativa effects and indica medical benefits from your marijuana, always turn to hybrids. These strains are able to produce a perfect mix of both, depending on their parent strains. Hybrids have the potential to bring full-bodied pain relief, anxiety reduction, mood boosts, and so much more.

In the case that you want specific medical benefits out of your bud, you can do some research into which strains produce what you’re looking for, and if they have hybrid offsprings. When you do this, you’re completely prepared for your cannabis experience, and you’ll be able to better choose which strains give you what you want.

Side Effects of Hybrid Weed

Like any other type of cannabis, if you consume too much, there’s a chance you’ll experience some unpleasant side effects. With hybrids, you may experience anything from nausea, dizziness, anxiety, or sleepiness, though these effects are easily combated. 

With weed, side effects are few and far between and can be tackled through everyday activities like drinking water, eating a meal, or even taking a shower. These side effects don’t last for long, and soon, you’ll be back to your normal self. Just start by taking a few deep breaths and reminding yourself that these feelings aren’t permanent.

AK-47 is one of the most popular Canadian strains available. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, you’ll experience serious cerebral effects and creative buzzes, all while enjoying its unique notes of both peppery and earthy aromas.

Gelato is a somewhat new strain on the cannabis market, but it is quickly making a name for itself. Rated one of the most popular strains of 2020 thus far, this euphoric hybrid is a blend of delicious Sunset Sherbert and the classic Thin Mint GSC. We promise, you won’t find a more tasty hybrid out there. But do keep in mind this strain’s high potency if you’re new to the world of weed.

Blue Dream is yet another classic hybrid strain, this one boasting powerful full-bodied effects mixed with a cerebral buzz. Truly the best of both worlds, this strain’s sweet aroma will entice you during the daytime or right before bed.

White Widow is not as dangerous as it sounds, but it does have impressive crossbreeding of Brazilian Sativa and Indian Indica. You get to enjoy the best qualities of both worlds without feeling either too agitated or lethargic. 

Pineapple Express is a go-to hybrid strain when you want to uplift your mood, come up with insanely creative ideas, or simply have fun with your friends. It’s an ideal choice for any daytime activity since you will burst with positivity. 

How to take HYBRID cannabis

Hybrid Cannabis can be enjoyed in a myriad of different ways, depending on what appeals to you most.
That’s one of the factors that makes hybrid strains so incredible: their versatility.

Easily, the most popular way of enjoying hybrid cannabis is by smoking it. To smoke cannabis, you’ll need to get your hands on some flower, which can be bought on online dispensaries like Get Kush. From there, you’ll get to decide how you want to smoke it, whether it be from a bong, pipe, joint, or blunt– it’s totally up to you. This method will give you full flavours, full aromas, and full effects of hybrid cannabis almost instantly.

If you don’t want to smoke your cannabis, you definitely don’t have to. Options like hybrid cannabis oils are perfect for those most concerned about their lung health or who don’t enjoy the tastes or feelings of smoking. Marijuana oils are designed to be taken sublingually, under the tongue, for best results. With this, you need to wait about an hour for results, but they’re often more gentle and full-bodied than a marijuana flower. These oils come in a variety of different strengths depending on what kind of potency you’re looking for.

Hybrid weed edibles are another classic method of consumption, especially for those who don’t like the taste of cannabis. With edibles, the flavours are completely hidden within your favourite sweet or savoury snack. You can find practically any treat you want to be infused with cannabis; just be prepared to be patient while waiting for the effects to kick in. The cannabinoids need to be broken down within the liver first, and then you can let the properties wash over you.

For the most experienced weed connoisseurs, hybrid cannabis concentrates are the way to go. They’re extremely potent and super high in THC concentration, resulting in a significantly more powerful high than through traditional flower. Concentrates, though, require a bit more of a complicated process to smoke properly; you’ll need a special dab rig, dab tools, and a torch lighter to get the job done right.

How To Grow HYBRID Marijuana

Growing your own hybrid marijuana requires a lot of time, dedication, and respect toward the cannabis plant, but it can easily be done. If you want to grow a few plants of your own in your home, here’s a brief tutorial on how.

First, you need to decide where you’re going to grow. This needs to be a space that is often undisturbed with an easily controlled environment: closets or back rooms will do. Then, you’ll have to decide on the type of grow lights you want to utilize. There are various options, but the most popular are LED and HID. Each one has its pros and cons; it simply depends on you.

Install your lights in your new grow room and also set up a quality fan that can be left on for practically 24 hours a day. Your plants need constant airflow, so this is crucial. Along with airflow, you’ll have to determine your plant’s dark/light cycle, as well as temperature and humidity levels. If you’re just growing a few plants, a timed light, fan, and thermostat should do the trick just fine.

Finally, you need to decide if you want to grow your seeds in soil or hydroponically. Again, both have their pros and cons, and the choice is entirely up to you. Choose the container you want to grow in, add your seeds and all their necessary nutrients, and give it some water. Then, you can let your hybrid babies grow. Just don’t forget to nourish them frequently!

How To Dry
and Cure hybrid Weed

After you harvest and trim your hybrid buds up when they’ve matured, you must then dry and cure them. To dry them, we suggest tying them up gently and hanging them upside down in the grow room for a few days. Often, five seems to be the perfect amount of time. This will ensure all excess moisture is out.

Once those five days have passed, you can take your bud down and place it directly into an airtight container. Mason jars tend to work best, as they don’t let in excess air and still give the cannabis room to breathe. You’ll want to keep your buds in here for between 4-8 weeks to cure, opening the jar once a day for the first week for about 30-45 minutes.

After the first week, you can slow it down to letting them “burp” only a few times a week. Just make sure you’re shaking your cannabis gently in the jar as you do it. Once this time has passed, your cannabis is ready for smoking.

How to properly store hybrid cannabis

Storing hybrid cannabis is as easy as any other weed strain. All it requires is a cool, dark place and to be left undisturbed. If your flower is exposed to too much variation in the environment, it can ruin the composition of your cannabis over time. To keep it fresh and tasting its best, always keep your buds in an airtight container and away from harsh lighting, heat, and too much moisture.


Alternative methods to dealing with anxiety have become more widely available than ever before. Moreover, seeking them is now also easier. One of the increasingly popular remedies for anxiety is hybrid marijuana – all because of its balanced ratio of THC and CBD. 

For some, hybrid strains are a safer option since Indicas tend to be too soothing, while Sativas are too energy-kicking. At the same time, hybrid weed affects every one of us in a different way and the dosage you take plays an even greater role in how you will feel. 

Cannabis oils are also quite different from traditional flower. As we mentioned earlier, these oils are meant to be consumed sublingually and cannot be smoked. They take about an hour or so to come into effect and are available in a variety of different strengths as well as flavors. When comparing physical appearance, these oils are typically yellow or brown in color, creating a stark juxtaposition between flowers’ vibrant greens.

Edibles, though often made from cannabis flower, also act quite differently. As we touched on earlier, these forms of cannabis take a long time to take effect due to the method of consumption. They also produce much longer-lasting highs than flower does, but sometimes their potency can be overwhelming for newer smokers. With edibles, dosing can be trickier than with flower, so always start with as low of a dose as you can and move up from there depending on how you feel. Always wait at least two hours before consuming more though, just in case the onset is longer than you’re anticipating.

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What is hybrid weed?

Hybrid weed is a crossbreeding of Sativa and Indica plants. It’s renowned for its unique and balanced characteristics, offering a mix of effects from parent strains. 

How is hybrid weed different from Sativa and Indica weed? 

Indica strains are commonly used to achieve relaxing and sleepy effects, allowing a person to enjoy their favourite activities in peace. Sativa weed gives the opposite, invigorating effects that stimulate your body and mind. 

Hydrid weed can be either Sativa- or Indica-dominant, offering balanced effects of both strains.

Which hybrid weed is more potent: Sativa- or Indica-dominant? 

Sativa is known for its high concentration of THC; hence, if you are looking for a more potent strain, opt for hybrid weed that leans more toward the Sativa parent plant. 

How do I choose the right hybrid strain for myself?

Hybrid strains’ effects may vary individually and depend on the dosage and parent strains. You should choose a strain that matches your desired effects and get in touch with Get Kush consultants for a consultation.