Terp Sauce:

The Newly Popular
Marijuana Trend

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The cannabis concentrate scene is rapidly expanding, with new products and new forms of cannabis being introduced on a seemingly daily basis. With this expansion, it can become difficult to keep up with every product out there, and which ones may be best for us.

One of the newest concentrates on the scene is that of HTFSE, or terp sauce. More aromatic and pungent than any other extract on the market, this crystallized-yet-liquid substance creates a unique experience for every cannabis consumer. But, what makes it so different from other concentrates?

All the questions you could possibly have about this special form of extract are answered below, giving you everything you need to know about HTFSE before enjoying it for yourself.

What are High Terpene
Full Spectrum Extracts?

Don’t let the complicated acronym fool you! High Terpene Full Spectrum
Extracts, or HTFSE, is a pure, high-potent form of cannabis concentrate that contains significant amounts of terpene content. While most concentrates
like live resin contain a large number of terpenes, nothing compares to the
percentages that HTFSEs contain.

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts, otherwise known as terp sauce, are
different than regular extracts as they contain a full range of terpenes and
cannabinoids—hence the “full-spectrum.” This special extraction process isolates the plant’s all-natural compounds to result in a more well-rounded high with distinct flavors and aromas. While the unnecessary plant matter, fats, and other molecules are left behind, HTFSE still showcases the cannabis plant in a wider range than any other concentrate.

Though the overall THC percentage of terp sauce is slightly lower than your average concentrate, it will feel just as potent, thanks to the “entourage effect.” The cannabis plant contains hundreds of chemical compounds, each one
creating a different effect or impact when smoked. Together, the combination of these compounds creates the entourage effect, with most reporting
experiencing a more well-rounded, powerful high. Because HTFSE is a full-spectrum extract, you get all of the compounds, cannabinoids, and
terpenes necessary to give you the fullest effects possible.

Terp sauce is one of the newest forms of cannabis extracts on the market today. Only within the past few years has HTFSE began to gain popularity, but as we learn more and more about the benefits of high contents of terpenes, cannabis consumers everywhere are turning towards these sauce-like

What are High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts?
Properties of HTFSE

Properties of HTFSE

How Terp Sauce

is Made

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making terp sauce

How to Consume High Terpene
Full Spectrum Extracts

How to Consume High Terpene
Full Spectrum Extracts

How to Consume High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts

So, What are The
Benefits and Uses?

benefits of HTFSE
Possible Side Effects of Consuming HTFSE

Possible Side Effects
of Consuming HTFSE

Where Can I Buy My
Own Terp Sauce?

Buying some terp sauce for yourself will cost you more than your typical concentrate, but you are buying some of the best of the best. At your local dispensary, you can purchase a gram of HTFSE for between $30-$70 depending on your location.

If you can’t find the exact terp sauce that you’re hoping for at the dispensaries near you, try looking online! Online weed dispensaries are popping up left and right, in every state where cannabis has been legalized. They provide a huge selection of cannabis products that are shipped directly to your doorstep once ordered. One of the leading marijuana shops in Canada is Get Kush.

Where Can I Buy My Own Terp Sauce
Trying HTFSE For Yourself

Trying HTFSE
For Yourself

High terpene full-spectrum extracts are easily one of the most unique versions of concentrates that you’ll find on dispensary shelves. With their aromatic properties and well-rounded high, there is nothing else like it out there.

Before enjoying terp sauce for yourself, make sure you’re fully aware of how it might affect you and how much to consume the first time you try it. With this, you’re helping to reassure that your HTFSE experience is the best one possible. Take a deep breath of terp sauce’s distinct scents and enjoy the all-encompassing high its best known for.