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  1. nbtech says:

    decent choices for flowes , love there 69.99-99.99 deal for oz wish only it was a little better quality but begger cant be chooser haha its still quality bud just has somoene who smokes alot it dont always hit

  2. Cindy Wilcox says:

    Awesome deals!! Great service and quick delivery ❤️will definitely use getkush again for future orders!! Would highly recommend this sight and their products.👍

  3. Oceanbreeze1990 says:

    Someone told me to try out this site and let me tell you I have no problems and will continue to use this site in the future. Iv also referred so many people

  4. Kathleen Mongeon says:

    I would really love to send you all the tins from gummies I have purchased to be reused, or ???. I have about 50 tins!
    We love Get Kush, and happily refer it to our friends!

    • Nancy 57 says:

      Realy god place to buy what you need to get happy.But for the 3 time with this one .That transaction goes well.The payment goes well but don’t receive m’y order .I check a few days after to see that the order was cancelled……….

  5. slampron says:

    I love these guys. Always great customer service. The variety of products is awesome too! I have bought a lot in my life time and been disappointed many times. With these guys you know what you’re getting with the description of products. I have never been disappointed with anything I have bought! I tell everyone about these guys and how good the product is. Shipping for me is always fast, never disappointed! I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to helping people. Thank you!

  6. shannon pfaff says:

    I just ordered a bunch of stuff. So much cheaper than buying it off some hoodrat that doubles or triples the price. I found a $50 off coupon and I got some Halloween sales. Looking forward to the hash, haven’t seen hash in so long. I like how everything you click on has tons of information about the product. I like knowing where it’s made. Alot of stuff from BC, so proud to be Canadain, we have the best bud. I recognized the familiar BC strains so I already know that im getting good stuff. Bought some shroom edibles for a friend and I couldn’t believe how low the prices were for the amount. I just couldn’t believe it. I like how they have private growers from bc. Loved the selection of hash in different weights from different places. I bought many edibles. I got strong ones so it should knock me on my but. I know my parcel is going to be good. I like how you can get credit at the store for the iPhone giveaway. I think this site is great and I haven’t received all my products yet. Looking forward to the chocolate chunk cookie and the brownie. I live in a very small town and the weed store is expensive and I didn’t find the quality that great. Street pot seemed stronger but then your taking the chance of getting ripped off. When I finally took the time and checked online, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Get Kush is the first site I went to. I just am thrilled what they offer, all the information is a bonus. I don’t feel ripped off and I just believe the products are going to be good. I liked all the emails I got about my purchase because it kept me informed and that everything was fine with my order. You guys had many out of stock items but that’s a good thing. Your busy and must have a high demand. Products must be good! Can’t wait, 2 or so more days to go!

  7. carolally3225@gmail.com says:

    I just found the site recently and ordered a large package of edibles. I am so happy with the quality of my edibles. My only problem was with Canada Post as it took 5 days for me to recieve my package. I think that is ridiculous! I live in Ottawa not on Mars. However Get Kush is a great website that are there willing to help you along the way. Thank you Get Kush

  8. Joseph Kaye says:

    I would really really appreciate and love if you got some OneStop edibles back in stock please and thank you
    Also if you could let me know that would be awesome!!!

  9. Raphe Gosling says:

    Get kush has got me and my mom threw some tuff times.My mom has cancer and the baked goods always helped with the pain so thank you guys from the gosling family.

  10. Kara Law says:

    I referred a friend she ordered and didn’t receive her 50 and I also didn’t receive mine. Also when I placed my order I was supposed to have free edibles added and there was none.

  11. Gabriel Bedard says:

    Trying to buy bulk week and get the discount, but the site will not offer the discount. I am on the bulk weed page that lists all the bulk weed, ordered 4oz and not getting the 30% off I’m supposed. So confused!

  12. Frank M says:

    A lot better than the old days of meeting someone in dark alley, paranoid of getting busted. This is a dream being able at my age to social distance and get it delivered. A very good variety of everything. I enjoyed my order.

  13. Lyryal says:

    Should update the Canada Post info , its shipping slower than during the holydays atm.

    I’ll be celebrating 1 year of shopping exclusively over at GK , here’s a few fun facts!!!
    – The batch date/info is the most useful info out there
    -Mondays evening is the best time to see all the new drops
    -The site rarely has in stock be out of stock , the inventory seems to be very well managed
    -GK customer service answers pretty fast and is very useful if you have any issues
    -Shopping is quite useful , the deals that can happen are (to me) very random , so keeping an eye on them is a good thing to do !

    Had 1 issue over a year , and it was solved within a quick email to customer service
    Had 2 bad batches/strains out of 45+
    Everything else is a positive !

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