Exciting Updates and Enhancements Coming Your Way at Get Kush!

Hey Get Kush Family,

We hope this message finds you well! As you navigate through our menu today, you might notice a few items missing. Not to worry, though—we’re just in the middle of shifting to a new warehouse and we’re working hard to get everything back up every day. In the coming weeks, you’ll see a range of positive updates within Get Kush. Let’s dive into what’s new and exciting:

Payment Updates

  • Manual Payments (Live): We’re transitioning to manual payments. Also, there’s a new payment email to take note of. Please ensure you check this when placing your order.
  • Quick Processing (Live): We aim to accept payments within 2 hours during business hours, making your shopping experience smoother.

Product & Inventory Enhancements

  • Better Images (April): We’ve partnered with a professional photographer to bring you crisper, more detailed images of our products.
  • Pricing Structure (Live): We’re tweaking our pricing to offer better deals on single ounces.
  • Bulk Options (Live): Look out for new strains with a 224g (half pound) option, offering significant discounts.
  • Mix & Match: The mix and match discount will now apply up to 4 ounces, as every strain will feature a 224g/half pound option. (we will be adding page specific mix and matches in April)
  • Competitive Pricing: Expect at least 15 strains with half pound options priced under $400.
  • Clearer Categories (Live): We’re refining our product categories (AA, AA+, AAA, AAA+, AAAA, AAAA+) for easier navigation.
  • The Outlet (May): Get ready for our new category featuring door-crasher deals.
  • Price Matching (May): Within the next 60 days, we’ll start price matching on select categories like shatter, edibles, and vapes, ensuring you always get the best possible market price.

Monday Promos

  • We aim to offer two options for our Monday promotions, giving you more variety to choose from.

Website Overhaul

  • We’re thrilled to share that our website revamp is 75% complete. This update will not only enhance your browsing experience but also improve website speed.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. These changes are all about improving your experience with us. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, we appreciate your support and understanding during this transition period. As always my direct email is support@getkush.cc if you want to chat about suggestions that will make your experience better.

Warm regards,

Nancy from Get Kush Team

2 thoughts on “Exciting Updates and Enhancements Coming Your Way at Get Kush!

  1. Armedan says:

    I just wanna say i appreciate the work you guys go. I’ve discovered your website by recommendation of a friend, because i was searching for stuff do deal with my anxiety, and something more natural for my back instead of straight morphine, were i was going next. And it’s now been a year more or less, that i use this site, and you guys are always super fast, the best price and options. Im super happy for your new warehouse. Have a nice day and keep it up !

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