All there is to know about Sativa Weed

Hybrid, indica, sativa weed, … what does it all mean? Within the cannabis industry, we’re faced with a lot of acronyms and terminology we’ve never heard before, sometimes making the buying process more complicated than it should be. Though they may sound confusing, these terms are quite straightforward and definitely an easy (and helpful) concept to get behind.

If you’re new to the cannabis scene and are here to learn, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re focusing specifically on the ins and outs of sativa weed and what it means to smoke or enjoy a sativa weed strain of cannabis. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about this form of marijuana, as well as general information about cannabis that every consumer should know.

An Introduction What Is Weed?

You may have heard it being called pot, weed, bud, or marijuana, but all of these terms are referring to the same thing: a psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant genus. Weed is most notably known for its intoxicating, euphoric properties brought on by the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, the plant contains. But, weed is also known for its various therapeutic properties that have been helpful for conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, digestive issues, and a whole lot more.

Weed can be enjoyed in so many different ways, each method demonstrating their own unique properties and effects. Along with their different methods, weed itself can be broken down into different subcategories, as we mentioned earlier. When purchasing bud for yourself, you’ll often be asked about your preference of indica, sativa, or hybrid. Today, we’re focusing specifically on sativa strains, their effects, and how you can tell you’re smoking one.

What Is Sativa Weed?

When you’re asked about cannabis sativa strains, you’re being asked about strains that are known for their more energizing, uplifting properties and cerebral effects. Almost a polar opposite of their indica counterpart, sativa weed is strongly sought after for those seeking a more revitalizing high versus one where you’ll be stuck on the couch.

This form of cannabis produces effects and medical benefits that are unique to its categorization, as well as having novel physical characteristics that makes it easy to tell when you’re enjoying a sativa versus a hybrid or indica strain. Completely unlike the other subcategories of marijuana, sativa weed strains provide the exciting, euphoric properties we all dream of when we think about enjoying cannabis.

Sativa VS Indica Cannabis

indica and cannabis sativa weed compared

As we mentioned, sativa and indica strains have pretty stark juxtapositions between various factors of the plant itself. Again, indica-dominant cannabis strains are known for their more sedative properties and is a type of weed that is more often enjoyed near the end of the day, not at the start. With sativas, however, these strains aren’t known to make you sleepy–unless you smoke a little too much. Instead, their energizing qualities and creativity-inducing properties will make you want to hop off the couch and get started on your to-do list.

Sativa weed strains also tend to be a bit fluffier than indicas, with indica buds usually taking a small, dense form. An eighth of sativa will likely look larger than an eighth of indica, simply based on their bigger bud and leaf structure, however, they’ll both weigh the exact same. Though subtle, even the smells between these two different types of weed are different. Often, cannabis sativa strains will boast more earthy, skunky notes, while indicas display more sweet and sour tastes. Although, the particular flavors and aromas always depend on the terpene profile within the strain itself, so if you’re looking for a specific taste, try searching for the strains that boast those terpenes the most.

Physical Characteristics of Sativa Weed

In composition, cannabis sativa plants tend to grow much taller and leaner in stature than the typical indica plant. The leaves that the plant produces are skinny and narrow, as well as almost lime green in color. Compared to indica leaves, they’re longer and each leaf is a bit more defined.

After cultivation, though, you can really tell when you have a sativa on your hands.

Sativas are often much lighter in color, demonstrating bright green hues with innumerous orange hairs, or stigmas, scattered throughout. The buds themselves tend to be quite large, fluffy, and lightweight, again, filling up more of a jar than an indica strain would. In general, sativa buds tend to look a bit messier and less composed than indicas, but it’s simply just the way the flowers are grown and does not reflect the quality of the bud whatsoever.

cannabis sativa weed bud

cannabis sativa weed plant

Effects of Sativa Weed

Sativas are often gravitated towards because of their high-energy, blissful properties. Instead of feeling sleepy and somewhat lazy after smoking, with sativas, you’ll be ready to tackle practically anything. Ideal for boosting motivation and enjoying within the great outdoors, sativa strains provide feelings of euphoria that are simply unmatched to that of indicas or hybrids.

In general, the effects that sativa weed brings are much more cerebral than full-bodied, leaving your mind feeling stimulated and ready to experience all that the world has to offer. Many people report feeling extra creative when they enjoy sativa strains, making them great for those who need a little bit of a creativity boost or are looking for a brand-new perspective. We just don’t recommend trying sativa strains before bed, as there’s a good chance you’ll be up for a bit.

Medical Benefits of Sativa Marijuana

One of the biggest medical benefits of sativa strains, in particular, is combatting the symptoms of depression. Like we discussed, sativas are easily able to stimulate the mind and get you active, helping you to feel more productive in general. This is largely due to the way that THC reacts to the cannabinoid receptors you have in your brain, assisting in the regulation of neurotransmitters like serotonin. With this type of regulation, depression isn’t cured, but rather it feels significantly more manageable.

Along with helping with depression, sativa strains are great for assisting with chronic pain and regulating your body’s overall pain response. With strong sativa strains, muscle and joint discomfort, as well as various digestive issues, seem to melt away as your mind begins to focus on other, more positive and productive things. Often, your appetite is increased, your body feels better, and your mind is in the best place possible when you enjoy sativa weed.

sativa weed strain flower

cannabis sativa strain weed plant

Side Effects of Sativa Weed

Unfortunately, one of the most common side effects of sativa strains is increased anxiety.

When too much is smoked, people frequently report feeling an increased heart rate, racing thoughts, and stomach upset or nausea. To calm yourself from too strong of a sativa, drink some water, eat a good meal, and try taking a nap or having a conversation with a trustworthy friend or family member. It sounds simple, but everyday routines can often be enough to get you feeling like yourself again.

What’s most important is to always remember that what you’re feeling isn’t going to last forever, and it’s only a little bit of weed.

The next time you’re planning an outdoor sesh or are wanting to get some extra creative work done, we definitely suggest you turning towards a sativa strain. There are so many great Canadian sativa strains out there, but we’ll stick to our top three.

How to Take Cannabis?

Cannabis is an extremely versatile plant, able to be enjoyed in a variety of different ways–it just depends on your personal preference.

Smoking sativa weed is easily the most common way of enjoying it, and it’s also the most classic method. Great for fully experiencing cannabis’ tastes and aromas, smoking results in a relaxing experience that’s easy to enjoy. Whether you’re lighting a joint or enjoying a bowl from your bong, smoking weed is a method that cannot be beaten. And, it’s great for those newer in the cannabis scene as you can smoke as little or as much as you want with ease.

Speaking of disguising the taste, edibles are ideal for completely concealing the flavors of marijuana. Totally hidden within a delicious snack or treat, marijuana edibles are highly-concentrated options for the more experienced consumer. They take longer to take effect within the body, but even small doses can be quite potent so always start low and slow. Patience is key when it comes to eating edibles.

Cannabis concentrates are also growing in popularity as one of the most potent forms of cannabis out there. Utilizing exclusively high temperatures to completely vaporize the product, dabbing concentrates gives cannabis connoisseurs the powerful experience they need. To dab, you need a specialized rig, dab tools, and a torch lighter; while it’s a bit more complicated of a process, it’s sure worth it for the robust experience it creates.

How to Grow Marijuana?

Growing cannabis Sativa weed is a process that takes serious time and dedication, but can yield quite a positive result if done properly. Here’s a quick, simple guide to growing your own marijuana indoors.

First, you always have to establish a place to grow your plants. If it’s your first time growing, you’ll want to start with only a few plants and in a small, undisturbed place within your home. This can be anything from a closet to an entire spare room. Once you find your place, you need to install your lights. Whether you choose LED or HID ones is entirely up to you, as both of them have their pros and cons regarding proficiency and cost.

After your lights have been set up, you’ll need a fan, too. Your plants need constant airflow to breathe properly, so having a reliable fan is crucial. Along with establishing how frequently you want your fan to be running, you also need to establish the dark/light cycle for your plants. Typically, you’ll want to have your plants brightly lit for at least 18 hours a day, and then maybe less as they begin to grow and mature. Don’t forget to frequently monitor temperature and humidity levels in your grow room, too.

Once all of this has been established, you’ll need to decide whether you want to grow your plants in soil or with hydroponics, and what you want to grow your sativa weed plants in. Then, you can plant your seeds, give them the proper nutrients and water they require, and watch them grow (slowly, that is).

How to Properly Store Cannabis

Luckily, storing cannabis Sativa weed is a whole lot easier than growing it. To store your bud, all you have to do is keep it an airtight container in a cool, dark place. You don’t want your weed to be exposed to any outside elements like changes in moisture or temperature as this can affect the structure and composition of your bud. To keep it freshest and most appealing the longest, store it somewhere with a constant, cool environment.

Marijuana Flowers VS Other Cannabis Products

Marijuana flower (such as Sativa weed) is one unlike any other cannabis product on the market. As the base for so many other products, you’d think it would resonate throughout various different products. But, instead, it continues to keep its novel properties and composition totally unique.

Compared to cannabis concentrates, everything about the two are drastically juxtaposed. Concentrates do not appear as flower does; rather, it is a more viscous, waxy texture that typically comes in various golden shades.

This form of cannabis is highly concentrated and much more potent than regular flower, though, it isn’t as versatile when it comes to smokability. While it’s possible for you to add some wax around your joint on the top of your bowl, it simply isn’t as effective when enjoyed this way, and, unfortunately, a lot of product can be wasted. For beginners, we suggest waiting a bit before diving into concentrates and sticking with a few puffs of weed instead.

Edibles crafted from either cannabis sativa weed flower or oil are quite different from traditional marijuana flower, as well. Made to hardly taste like weed at all, the cannabis plant is completely disguised within various delicious sweets and treats. Compared to flower, these edibles take quite a long time to take effect, as the body must first fully break down the cannabis. However, effects tend to be significantly stronger than just cannabis flower and the highs last for hours on end. While weed can be an everyday smoke, having edibles is definitely more for a special occasion because of its powerful, long-lasting properties.

For one of the most gentle options, and one that’s great for newbies, cannabis oil is the way to go. Cannabis oil is designed to be enjoyed sublingually, or under the tongue, for full-bodied, longer-lasting effects. Compared to flower, the effects tend to be more medicinal than psychoactive, though it does depend on the type of oil you buy. Again, effects won’t be as instant as with flower, and you’ll have to be a bit patient for everything to start to kick in. Much more discreet than flower, though, cannabis oils are truly meant for ease and accessibility.

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All there is to know aboutSativa Weed