How to Top a Weed Plant_ Topping Cannabis

How to Top a Weed Plant: Topping Cannabis

Topping cannabis is one of the best ways to maximize yield and ensure your harvest is successful. This technique, known as topping, has been around for many years to encourage Cannabis plants to produce more high-quality cannabis plant buds.

The process involves pruning or cutting the main cola at the very top of the cannabis plant, thus forcing the cannabis plant’s top two or three side branches to divide and grow multiple colas.

Cannabis plant topping helps to promote a more even canopy across the cannabis plant and allows more sunlight to reach the lower-growing parts of the marijuana plant.

This leads to more bud sites. So stay tuned as we break down everything you need to know about topping cannabis plants.


What is Topping Cannabis Plants?

Topping Cannabis plants is a technique used to increase the weed plant’s yield by inducing rapid growth patterns. This occurs by cutting off the top of the main stem at the point where side branches appear.

This method helps the marijuana plant to produce multiple main stems and more branches, resulting in an overall bushier cannabis plant with more buds. Topping also helps to make light distribution more even and suppresses stem elongation, leading to denser buds.

By topping cannabis plants, professional indoor growers can expect a bigger yield, a more even canopy, and overall larger plants. The topping should get done when the cannabis plant has grown a few sets of side branches and is in a vegetative phase.

If your cannabis plants are healthy and the nodes are close together, you can top the plant multiple times, keeping it at a height that you are comfortable with. Topping cannabis plants is a great way to get top growth and overall quality of your cannabis plants.

How to Top a Weed Plant: Topping Cannabis
How to Top a Weed Plant: Topping Cannabis

How to Top a Weed Plant?

If you’re a cannabis grower, you know that topping is one of your cannabis plants’ most important steps in cannabis cultivation. Let’s explore topping weed plants.

1.    Choose Your Topping Point

Before you start any topping process on your cannabis plants, it’s important to choose the right spot: Look for the main stem on your cannabis plants and determine the best location to break off the stem.

Aim for roughly five separate stems that sprout from the same point for a more even-sized top.

2.    Gently Break Off the Stem

Once the cannabis plant topping point gets selected, grasp the stem with your thumb and forefinger and gently break it off. Make sure your hand motion is smooth and slow so as not to damage any of the buds that are still growing.

3.    Remove Fan Leaves

Topping will generate excess fan leaves, which can block airflow, reduce light penetration and leave more resources for the more desired colas that are not touched. Removing these leaves will help your cannabis plants focus on the remaining branches’ growth.

4.    Train the Remaining Colas

Topping your cannabis plants typically produces two new main stems that require shaping. To help with this, use plant training techniques such as bending, tying, or pruning the stems to manage and spread out the new main tops to get the maximum yield.

5.    Continue Caring for Your Plants

After cannabis topping, your plants will require the same level of care. Monitor and care for it by providing proper watering, fertilization, temperature, and more light.

This will help ensure your cannabis plant can thrive and carry out the topping growth cycle.


Best Times to Top a Marijuana Plant

The best times to top marijuana depends on the expected size of the weed plants, the desired shape, the amount of open space needed for light, and most growers’ experience level. Generally, the best times to top marijuana plants are when the plant enters the vegetative cycle.

During the vegetative stage, the cannabis plant is pouring energy and putting on height to the main stem. The vegetative stage happens before the flowering phase.

The Marijuana plants should be between one and two weeks old at this stage. Depending on the grower’s goals, marijuana plants can get topped more than once during the vegetative stage. Professional growers may prefer to top their cannabis plants two or three times to achieve optimal results.

Low-stress training (LST) can also create a four-way lateral growth, making for an even bushier plant. Another good time for cannabis topping is when plants have three to four nodes and the main stalk is thickening.

Cannabis topping at this time will encourage a fuller bush, as buds will form on the marijuana plant rather than just the sides.

When to Stop Topping Cannabis Plants?

When to Stop Topping Cannabis Plants?

Topping cannabis plants should occur shortly after the vegetative phase begins, no more than a month in. Cannabis plant topping will cause it to grow more lateral stems and bush out instead of the main stem that continues to grow taller.

Topping a cannabis plant too early won’t have much of an effect, and topping it too late can cause it to go into shock, stunt its upper growth, and produce a lower yield.

Thus, it is important to time the cannabis plant topping correctly. If the cannabis plant has already reached a desirable height and the flowers are beginning to show, it is too late to top.

Topping can occur multiple times on a single cannabis plant to create a bushy shape with several stems. The last topping should get done when the central stem is about as thick as two of your fingers.

After the previous cannabis topping, no additional topping should take place. If the plant grows taller, the gardener can pinch off the tops of the uppermost branches and flower clusters to encourage new lateral growth.


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