Why It's So Important to Clean Your Smoking Device

7 Reasons Why It’s So Important to Clean Your Smoking Device

How often do you use your smoking device to inhale weed? Multiple times a day? Once a day? Just on occasion? Now, think about how often you clean your smoking device. Likely, it is less often than you use it if you have ever cleaned your smoking device at all. 

Although many smokers forget this step, cleaning your smoking device is critical, no matter the type of smoking device you use. Getting into a habit of regularly cleaning your device offers many benefits, and cleaning it doesn’t have to be a big-time commitment. Dive into why keeping your smoking device clean is so important and get tips to help you clean yours properly. 

Why Do People Use Smoking Devices?

The marijuana industry is growing. As more countries follow Canada’s lead and legalize its use for recreational purposes, more and more cannabis products are starting to hit the market. Despite all these new products coming on the market, smoking weed remains one of the most popular ways to use marijuana. And, there are many reasons for its enduring popularity. 

Smoking marijuana offers users benefits such as:

  • The quick onset of effects. When smoking marijuana, users can expect to start to feel effects within minutes. 
  • Increased potency. Since weed that is smoked is not exposed to heat previously, when marijuana flowers are lit up, they go through an important process that gives THC its impact.

Types of Smoking Devices

Not only are there many different marijuana products on the market, but there are also many ways for users to smoke marijuana. 

Popular smoking devices include:

Some smoking devices are easier to use than others. Not all smoking devices are good options for first-time marijuana smokers. If you are planning to try weed for the first time, make sure you choose a device that is meant for beginners and that is easy to use.

If you are unsure where to start, do not be afraid to ask for help. You can reach out to friends you know who smoke weed and ask for suggestions. Or, you can contact the customer service department at the online retailer you are browsing. They can offer recommendations to help you find the best smoking device for you. 

Types of Smoking Devices

7 Reasons You Need to Clean Your Smoking Device

While there are multiple reasons you should keep your vape, pipe, bong, or other smoking devices, clean. Here are seven important ones:

1. It is an important part of hygiene. Passing a bong or pipe around amongst friends is a popular way for people to enjoy weed. However, passing it around can mean you are also passing around germs. Keeping your pipe clean can help keep germs (and cold sores) from spreading.

Note: With the spread of the coronavirus, now, more than ever, it is a good idea to abstain from sharing smoking devices with others. 

2. Residue build-up can be dangerous. Every time you use your smoking device, a little bit of residue will be left behind. The more you use your device without cleaning it, the more residues that will build up and coat the inside of your device. What many smokers don’t realize is that this residue can be dangerous. If enough residue piles up, it could catch fire while you are using it. This flare-up can lead to users accidentally burning their fingers or mouth.

3. It prevents mould from growing and pests from finding a home. For users who enjoy using water-based smoking devices (such as bongs), mould can start to grow if the device is cleaned and dried regularly. Pests may also find themselves attracted to your device. Regular cleaning can help prevent these problems from occurring. 

4. It makes it healthier. This benefit to regular cleaning may seem like a job, but it really does. Carcinogens can be left behind in your smoking device. When you use it again without cleaning it, you are also inhaling those. When you clean your pipe and inhale fewer carcinogens, the herbs will do less damage to your lungs. 

5. It maintains the flavour. For many, the distinct flavour of each cannabis strain is part of its appeal. Without regular cleaning, smokers may inhale the ash, which will make the herbs you are trying to enjoy taste bad. To maintain the flavour profile of your favourite marijuana strain, make cleaning your smoking device a must. 

6. It maintains your smoking device’s performance. Just like you clean your car, get regular maintenance work, and even clean it to keep it looking its best, so should you clean your smoking device. Cleaning it keeps the device in top condition, ensuring it performs as it was designed to. 

7. Finally, a dirty pipe is unsightly. Some smoking devices, like glass pipes and even bongs, are quite ornate. Residue and smoke can leave it looking cloudy and less than its best. Regular cleaning is an easy way to keep your bong or pipe looking its best, especially if you use yours as decoration when not in use. 

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

Vaping is becoming an increasingly popular way for smokers to enjoy marijuana. Vaping offers a pleasant, often fruity, smoke scent that makes it easier for smokers to enjoy weed in public places. To keep your vape pen in good condition, follow these steps to keep your tank clean between uses and when switching out your tank. 

  1. Take the pen apart by unscrewing the tank from the battery and the coil. 
  2. Empty any remaining e-juice from the tank. Be sure to dispose of the leftover juice properly. 
  3. Using warm water and a dash of soap, wash the tank. 
  4. Use a cotton swab, such as a Q-Tip, to gently wipe down the battery, coil, and tank cap. Do not clean off the vape battery
  5. Let it dry. It is essential that you allow the pen, tank, and all pieces of the vape to dry before you use it again. 

Although you may be tempted to use something other than warm water to wash your tank, do some research before you do. Find your owner’s manual to see if it recommends other products to help keep your pen clean.

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

How to Clean Your Glass Pipe

Keeping your glass pipe clean is simple. Depending on the amount of residue build-up you’ve accumulated, there are two options to help keep it in good condition. 

  1. Use a toothpick or cotton swab to dislodge any particles stuck in the pipe. 
  2. Run hot water through the pipe to clean out any residue as well as any you may have dislodged in your earlier cleaning. 
  3. Use isopropyl alcohol to remove any stubborn residue. You can do this by placing your pipe in a bag and putting in enough alcohol to cover it. Then, shake the bag. 

Second option: For those dealing with stubborn residue, you can also combine a little bit of salt with the alcohol. The salt will act as an abrasive, helping to scrub the inside of your pipe. 

  1. Rinse out your pipe with warm water to remove all traces of salt and alcohol. If needed, get your cotton swab back out to remove any leftover residue as you rinse it. 
  2. Let it dry out completely before using the pipe again. 

Glass smoking devices can often be heavy. Not to mention, they are breakable. As you clean, be careful. Using hot water can heat up the glass in addition to making it slippery. Don’t rush, and be sure to handle your glass pipe with care while cleaning it. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Smoking Device?

That really depends on you and how often you use it. To help prevent residue from building up, some smokers prefer to clean their devices after each use or at least every day. 

At a minimum, it is recommended that bongs are cleaned daily, and pipes get a good cleaning at least once a week. Vape pens should be cleaned out monthly unless you use them daily. Then, they should be cleaned more frequently, such as once a week.

If you are still sharing your smoking device despite current recommendations against it, be sure to at least clean the mouthpiece between each person who uses it and follow health guidelines when it comes to gathering with groups of friends. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Smoking Device

A Note About Build-up

Users who choose to clean their smoking device less frequently than recommended are up for a more time-consuming and challenging task down the road.

The longer the residue is left to build up in your smoking device, the harder it can be to remove using the suggested cleaning methods. By removing residue right away, you won’t give it a chance to accumulate and stick to the inside of the device.

While it may seem counterintuitive, making cleaning a part of your smoking routine can save you time.  

Alternatives to Smoking Marijuana

Although cleaning a cannabis smoking device is quite easy and quick, some people may prefer not to deal with cleaning it all. Thankfully, there are many different cannabis products out there that allow users to ingest marijuana without smoking. 

If you are looking for cannabis options that don’t require smoking or cleaning the device, consider trying:

  • Edibles. Marijuana edibles such as baked goods have been popular for a long time. They allow users to get the effects of marijuana while also satisfying their sweet tooth. 
  • Cannabis and CBD gummies. Gummies are available in many different flavours but are most commonly found with fruit flavours. They also come in different sizes, allowing users to better gauge the dosage amount they are taking. 
  • Oil products. Cannabis oil can be used in a few different ways. Users can place a drop or two directly under their tongue for a quick hit. Or, they can add cannabis oil drops to their food. Some oils are available in different flavours, allowing users to complement their dish with the oil chosen. 
  • Drink mixes. An up-and-coming sector of the cannabis industry is marijuana drinks. Many of these mixes can be added to a variety of drinks. However, it is not good to combine marijuana with alcohol products or drinks high in caffeine. 
  • Topicals. Cannabis and CBD topicals can include roll-on products, lotions, and even body scrubs. Since these products are applied directly to the skin, many users report fast-acting effects. 

It is important to keep in mind that vaping and smoking are two of the fastest ways to ingest marijuana, meaning you’ll feel the effects relatively quickly. Edibles, on the other hand, are among the slowest-acting. The edibles have to be processed by the body before their effects can be felt. 

Before trying a new product, do some research to see how long it takes (on average) for effects to get going. This will prevent you from taking more and accidentally taking too much, leaving you with a bad high.

Although the onset of effects takes longer with edibles, they offer one large benefit to make up for it. The effects of edibles often last longer than other methods of consuming cannabis. So, be prepared for long-lasting effects when you try marijuana edible products.  

Alternatives to Smoking Marijuana

The Importance of Cleaning Your Smoking Device: A Summary

For marijuana aficionados who enjoy getting their weed using smoking devices, cleaning is an important but often forgotten step. 

Cleaning your smoking device regularly offers many benefits. It helps keep the device functioning properly, improves your smoking experience, and more. Plus, regular cleaning can make this job much easier as fewer residues will build up and get stuck in the device. Removing stuck-on residue can be a time-consuming task. 

If you have any questions about the best way to clean your smoking device, find your owner’s manual or reach out to the shop you purchased your weed from. They can offer advice on what to do to clean and what not to do.

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