How Long Does a Cannabis & Weed High Last

How Long Does a Cannabis & Weed High Last?

The duration of a cannabis high varies depending on the individual, how much they use, and the type of weed.

Weed is a general term used to refer to products from the cannabis plant. The utilization of marijuana products can be recreational or medical. Weed consists of various compounds called cannabinoids. The amount of each of the compounds in each plant depends on the type of cannabis.

The two most familiar cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The kind of high you experience depends on how much of these compounds are in the weed. THC is the primary psychoactive compound that causes mind-altering effects and highness.

Continue reading to learn more about how long a cannabis and weed high lasts and the factors that might impact the duration.

What Does Weed High Feel Like?

The distinct qualities of a weed high will vary over time regardless of the method of consumption. The specific characteristics of a high change from one individual to the other. Most cannabis strains cause some common effects that most users experience. These effects include cerebral stimulation, hunger, and creativity. 

Some strains might make you feel less anxious, while others can do the opposite. As the high reduces, the more hyperactive effects typically diminish, and dizziness replaces them. However, all these impacts depend on the chemical composition of a particular weed plant and your genes.

What Impacts How Long a Weed High Lasts?

Various factors impact how long you remain high, including:

  • The strain or type of cannabis.
  • Your personal characteristics, such as tolerance and metabolism.
  • The consumption method; for instance, edibles or smoking.
  • Consuming other substances, like alcohol.

Strain of Weed

Strain of Weed

Whether the weed plant is female or male and whether it has seeds are some of the factors that determine the composition of cannabis. The type of high induced by weed mostly depends on the CBD and THC content.

Cannabis is stronger in the forms of hashish and sinsemilla than in other forms because they contain high levels of THC. Due to that, they cause longer highs.

Weed growers have been raising the amount of THC in their plants to make the leaves trigger a more intoxicating high.

Method of Consumption

The most prevalent methods used to get high on weed include:

The method of consumption affects how long and intoxicating the impacts are. After THC reaches your bloodstream, your body absorbs the compound rapidly. That triggers mind-altering impacts.

Some users smoke weed together with tobacco in cannabis cigars. The impact of smoking in this manner depends on the amounts of weed and tobacco in the cigar. When smoking weed, THC gets to the blood quickly. That causes a high that lasts between one and four hours.

Cannabis vapour triggers almost the same duration of high as smoking, but the drug’s impacts are more potent. The vapour includes cannabis resin that develops when weed products are heated. The effects vary according to the cannabis content and the size of the products used to produce the vapour.

The high caused by weed edibles varies from inhaling the substance. The high starts 30 to 60 minutes after consumption. The levels of THC in the blood do not hit the highest point until after three hours. The high can last over six hours.

Individual Characteristics and Tolerance

If you have a high rate of metabolism, you are likely to process weed more quickly. Due to this, THC can get into the bloodstream more rapidly. However, the duration of the impacts will likely not last too long.

Those who consume cannabis more frequently will likely be more tolerant of the substance. They might find its effects are weaker and do not last long.

Food and Alcohol Consumption

Some foods have chemicals that can extend or strengthen a high. For instance, studies show that foods that are rich in fat can reduce the effect of cannabis.

Alcohol and weed use usually go side by side. Together, the substances increase each other’s impacts. Taking weed while drinking makes the THC to remain in the system longer than usual. That is because alcohol slows down the process of metabolism, which increases the duration of the high. Keep in mind that mixing alcohol with weed poses many risks.

Food and Alcohol Consumption

How Long Does Weed Take to Kick In?

The factors that impact the duration of a cannabis high also determine the duration it takes for the weed to kick in. The method of consumption is the primary influence on when THC levels reach their peak in the blood.

  • For smokers, the high kicks in minutes.
  • For inhaling vapour, the high kicks in within seconds.
  • Edibles take 30 to 60 minutes to produce effects.

The duration you stay high and the duration of cannabis stays in your system vary. It can take even a month before your body gets rid of the THC metabolites in your blood. That depends on your genetics, the potency of the weed, frequency of use, metabolism, and body mass index.

How to Reduce Your High

Marijuana can cause anxiety and paranoia. If you get these effects to appear or you would want to reduce the effects of THC in your system, some methods can assist.

Taking a shower can enhance your alertness and reduce your high.

Studies suggest that foods with terpenoid compounds like black pepper, pine nuts, and lemon can help in reducing your high. The sourness in lemons can reduce your high by making you more alert.

The best way to reduce the effect of THC is sleeping.

What Could Prolong the High?

The method of weed consumption determines how long the high lasts. Using weed edibles will not trigger the effects fast, but it will prolong the effects.

The more weed you use, the longer your body takes to metabolize the product, and the lengthier the high.


Weed affects everyone differently, so it is hard to determine how long you will feel the effects. Beginning with a small quantity and a less potent strain of weed can help you from being too high. Vapour usually causes the quickest but strongest high, while edibles take longer to kick in but cause lengthier effects.

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