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How to Make an Apple Pipe: A Step-by-Step Guide

We’ve all been there as cannabis enthusiasts: you just got back from the dispensary with AAAA weed, only to realize that you forgot to pick up a pipe or rolling papers on the way home. By the time you got back, it’s nighttime and all the stores in your vicinity are closed. Resigned and annoyed, you make peace with the fact that you have to delay your smoking session until the next morning. But is there another way? 

Yes! Over the years, creative “stoner engineers” have come up with a wide range of ways to smoke weed using easily accessible household items, or even food. One of the most popular (and natural) methods to get your smoke on without a dedicated accessory is the good old apple pipe. Don’t know how to make one? We’ve got you covered. 

What is an Apple Pipe? 

Just like its name suggests, an apple pipe is a fully functional pipe for smoking cannabis, made entirely out of a single apple. As it turns out, these fruits lend themselves incredibly well to weed smoking, and if you’ve never taken a hit out of an apple pipe, it may well be worth your consideration, even if you have plenty of pipes or papers laying around at home! 

If you were taken aback by the term “stoner engineer” we used above, don’t worry. Despite being clever and inventive, apple pipes are super easy to make, and with proper guidance, you shouldn’t have any trouble creating one on your first attempt. Just follow the process outlined below and you’ll be taking delicious, juicy hits in no time! 

How to Make a Pipe Out of an Apple: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Making an apple pipe is easy and straightforward, but that doesn’t mean that you can get it done without the right tools for the job. Here are the supplies you’ll need to gather in order to enjoy a fruity smoke: 

  • Cannabis (duh!) 
  • One apple 
  • A poking tool – this can be a screwdriver, ballpoint pen, key, or even a thin stick 
  • Lighter 

Once you’ve got all of the above items laid out in front of you, it’s time to get carving! Only four simple steps separate you from hitting that long-awaited bowl: 

  • Twist off the stem. Don’t rip it out by force. Gently twist it until it comes off. This will expose a nice, natural bowl for you to get weed into. 
  • Carve out your bowl. Once you’ve taken out the stem, you need to work the top of the apple a bit to make a functional bowl. An empty ballpoint pen (the hollow tube part without ink) is the best tool for the job, as it’s thin and precise, but you can get it done with any of the items we mentioned earlier. Poke a hole from the very top (your bowl), through to the middle of the fruit. Stop once you’re halfway through the apple. 
  • Create the carb and mouthpiece. Poke another hole, this time through the entire apple. Your ballpoint pen or screwdriver should come in on one end and poke out the other. Make sure that this new hole is perpendicular to the first one and that they intersect at one point. One side of your newly-created hole will be the mouthpiece, whereas the other one will be the pipe’s carb, which you can hold down and release in order to control the airflow. 
  • Put some cannabis in the bowl and enjoy! Now that you’ve got your apple pipe, it’s time to put it to the test. Pack the bowl (top of the apple) tightly with top-shelf weed and light up! 

The Bottom Line 

An apple pipe is arguably the easiest way to smoke weed with no dedicated accessories around. Using only a single apple and a ballpoint pen, you can create a working pipe that doesn’t only get the job done, but also enhances the flavor of your hits. With that said, these makeshift pipes are hardly a good long-term solution. 

Usually, an apple pipe will serve you well for one smoke sesh. After that, you’d have to carve out another one. If you were to smoke out of apples every single day, you’d easily go through tens of pounds of them every month. That’s a huge waste of perfectly good fruit, especially since they’re not really edible after you smoke out of them. 

Thankfully, Get Kush has got you covered. With a wide array of pre-rolled joints and disposable vape pens available from our online store, you can ensure a steady supply of ready-to-smoke goodies, with no preparation necessary! 


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