How To Sober Up From Weed

How To Sober Up From Weed

With marijuana becoming legal in more parts of the world, it makes it more accessible. More and more people are trying the substance just because they can. And while most people would find it to be harmless (especially those taking it for medicinal purposes), others may disagree. 

Whatever the case, the bottom line is that most people who smoke weed will eventually feel a high from it. Depending on the circumstances, some people would come down from that high sooner rather than later. 

This article will help us answer the question on the minds of many: how to sober up from weed. Only at Get Kush.


Why Smoke Weed?

People smoke weed and other cannabis plant products for different purposes. Some smoke weed for medicinal purposes. This is legal with a prescription from their physician. Smoking marijuana helps with medical issues, and the patient benefits from it.

Others smoke weed for recreational purposes. It gives them a feeling they find pleasant and relaxing. In some cases, once this feeling has been experienced, they find themselves desiring it more often. 

How Long Does the High Last From Smoking Weed?
How To Sober Up From Weed

How Long Does the High Last From Smoking Weed?

How long a high from weed lasts depends on the strength of the substance. Some factors that help answer this question include how you consume the substance, how potent the drug is, and how your body handles the THC that makes up the drug. Generally speaking, a high can last anywhere from two to ten hours. THC metabolites are stored in body fat and are slowly removed from the body through urine and feces.


Why Sober Up From Weed?

While weed can be therapeutic and can present some really happy and relaxed feelings, there are also some not-so-calming feelings that can come with it, especially if you consume too much or have too strong a dose. Some distressing effects of being high include paranoia, panic, anxiety, impaired judgment, fear, distrust, hallucinations, and delusions. 

These adverse effects could hamper your lifestyle, especially if it lingers too long. If you’re a parent who just wanted a high while the kids were asleep but suddenly has to deal with one of them waking or a major emergency, being high on weed could be a problem. 


How To Sober Up From Weed

So, here are some proven methods on how to sober up from weed:

Watch Your Dose

If you’re going to smoke weed flowers, be careful with the amount you smoke and the strength of it. Higher doses and too much cannabis will make it stay in your system longer. 

If there is no way to know how strong it is, go slowly with it. Only take in a little at a time to see the reaction from it. Take a hit or puff but wait 15 minutes before the next one. 

Ingesting weed also stays in your system longer. It takes edible products longer to kick in. It may be 30 minutes to an hour before you feel an effect from them. Just remember to go slow when consuming edibles. 


Try Black Pepper

Rumor has it that pepper is an ancient cannabis antidote that can offer clarity from a high. Try crunching on a peppercorn, grinding black pepper onto your food, or smelling black pepper to help reduce your high to some degree.


Try Lemons

Lemons have also been proven to bring down a high. Drink lemonade or lemon juice, smell a lemon rind or chew on a rind (the best options) to get limonene in your system. Limonene is a chemical that helps in the recovery from marijuana. 


Avoid Coffee, Drink Water

While some would use coffee to recover from too much alcohol. Please don’t do that to sober up from weed. There’s little evidence, if any, that suggests that coffee would be helpful in this situation. Instead, drinking water to stay hydrated and flush out the THC can help.


Allow It Time

The best way to avoid a high is not to smoke weed. But when you do, the sure approach to sober up is to wait it out. The high will eventually end after you’ve stopped intaking the weed. Remember, certain factors determine how long your high will last, ranging from two to 10 hours. 

Try any options listed to sober up from weed if you have to. And remember, never smoke more weed than you need to.


Weed and Drug Tests: Will THC Make You Fail a Blood or Urine Drug Test?

Will THC Make You Fail a Blood or Urine Drug Test

Yes, THC will make you fail blood tests and urine drug tests because they detect weed and other cannabis compounds. Ensure you give plenty of time before taking a urine test, saliva test, hair test, or any other drug testing procedures.  

An excellent idea is to do a THC detox before urine tests or other drug screening procedures. The detox process is different for everyone, and how long weed will remain in your system will differ. Some people have a slower metabolism, and the THC will stay in your system for longer.


Final Notes

Now that we know a little bit about how to sober up from weed, you might be wondering where you can get some to try. The good news is there are plenty of excellent options out there. 

You can get online shipment from places like Get Kush and WeedSmart. Alternatively, you can get local same-day delivery from services like Daily Edibles. Whatever you choose, just be sure to read through reviews from independent sites like BCWeedDelivery and WeedMaps.



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