What Are the Different Types of Marijuana?

What Are the Different Types of Marijuana?

If you’re new to the cannabis community, you may be wondering, “What are the different types of Marijuana?” Our guide at Get Kush will help you get a better understanding. People usually consume cannabis flowers in two ways: by smoking a blunt or pre-rolled joint (inhalation) or by inhaling through a bong or pipe (vaporization). While there are different types of cannabis to choose from, the cannabis plant generally consists of 4 main parts:

Trichomes: These are very small, hair-like pieces of resin that form on cannabis flowers. They gather a large portion of the cannabinoids found in cannabis and contain terpenes.

Bracts: These are small, leaf-like organs that are located underneath the cannabis flower and are one of the first few things to emerge from the seedling

Calyx: the outer and usually brightly-coloured part of a flower

Stigma: the part of the flower that receives pollen

Cannabis Flower: Effects & Storage Method

The effects of different types of weed strains vary from person to person depending on the dose inhaled and the potency of the strain. The effects are generally between one and three hours long, but many people report feeling a stronger high after smoking or vaping more potent weed strains.

When it comes to storing your cannabis flowers, make sure that they are stored carefully to remain fresh and viable. Airtight containers are perfect for storing types of medical marijuana since they allow no air to get in or out which prevents the flowers from being affected by air pollutants such as moisture.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at the different types of weed.

Different Types of Cannabis Flower 

Different Types of Cannabis

Cannabis has three primary varieties namely, indica, sativa, and hybrid. Different cannabis strains deliver unique benefits and effects. Sativa-dominant strains, for example, are known for their invigorating cerebral and physical effects, whereas indica-dominant buds offer a soaring strong emotional high that can be used to treat symptoms of conditions such as PTSD or anxiety. Hybrid cannabis delivers a desirable mix of heady uplifting sensations combined with the calming effects and pain relief properties of indica – which is why hybrids are often preferred for those who suffer from chronic pain and those looking for treatment or relief!

Read about these three popular strains in detail below to see which cannabis strain is best suited for you.

Indica Strains

Indica cannabis is an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned smokers. This strain grows up to 6 feet tall and has low THC levels producing a relaxed, euphoric high with few negative side effects. Because of the short flowering period of this weed variety, it is suitable for warmer regions and can be cultivated indoors with ease.

Indica cannabis strains are better suited to dealing with physical symptoms of stress, pain and muscle aches. They are also useful for alleviating nausea and combating loss of appetite. It’s important to try to save Indica strains for those days in particular where you’re feeling stressed out about a particular issue that needs resolving – at least the physical aspect of it. These strains can help you feel less nervous, which will make it easier for you to focus on one task without getting sidetracked.

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are apparently the exact opposite of Indica strains. They have a much higher concentration of THC but lower yields, thin and smaller leaves, and grow in regions closer to the equator. Sativas resonate better in higher temperatures than Indica does.

A Sativa high leads to enhanced cognitive function which makes your brain more active, like a child after eating sugar. Airy, lighthearted and bright, Sativa is the right choice for people with social anxiety or depression who are looking for an uplifting and inspiring high.

Sativa increases energy levels and brain activity which may result in more conversing than you’re used to. Sativa is ideal for individuals who have attention deficits as well as persons suffering from depression and/or mood disorders. Do you have trouble focusing or struggle with social interactions? Sativa weed strains are perfect for you.

Hybrid Strains

If you wish for a one-of-a-kind experience that is different from both Indicas and Sativa types of weed strains, hybrid cannabis flowers are just the thing. Hybrids often have qualities which are considered a blend between the two types of marijuana with regards to effects and the growing cycle. This means that many hybrids can have an effect on the body that relaxes muscles but enhances energy levels at the same time.

The flowering period of hybrid strains usually lasts between 6 and 10 weeks depending on the strain and some have been known to have very high yields as well due to their Sativa heritage. Having both Indica and Sativa in them, hybrid strains will provide a sense of both relaxations as well as an energy boost so you can take on any task at hand whether it’s folding laundry at home or making it through your day at work.

Other Types Of Cannabis Plants

Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp is a type of cannabis that has been selectively bred to produce low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). It is typically grown as a crop, like wheat or corn. Hemp products are increasingly becoming popular in the cannabis community, with the majority of customers using them for health purposes only.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis is generally considered to be perhaps the least potent of the cannabis species. It tends to produce short and stocky plants with a noticeable amount of resin, but it does not grow as tall as some other marijuana strains do. Ruderalis has the distinction of being the only different species in the Cannabis genus that does not cause intoxication; instead, it has been used traditionally for medical purposes, including treatment for migraines and insomnia.


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