Male vs Female Weed

Male vs. Female Weed: How to Tell if Your Plant Is Male or Female Before Flowering?

Cannabis is a dioecious plant species, which means that it produces gendered flowers. This fact sometimes shocks inexperienced producers. Cannabis displays sex cues relatively early, giving plenty of opportunity to spot and address potential problems. 

The cannabis plant can also develop hermaphroditic characteristics under stress, showing both female and male sex parts. If you don’t purchase your cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank, you can encounter a group of male plants that ruins an otherwise abundant crop.

However, thanks to modern breeding, you can purchase gendered cannabis seeds and grow a garden of entirely female cannabis plants. 

This article will teach you more about male and female and hermaphrodite cannabis plants and how to differentiate them.


What Is a Cannabis Plant?

Cannabis is the collective name for a trio of psychoactive plants, that is, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. The dried flowers of this plant, seed oil, and other cannabis plant parts are used for recreational and therapeutic purposes. 

It can have a pleasant effect and may ease the signs of certain illnesses, such as chronic pain. It’s also administered in Canada to treat various illnesses, such as chronic pain, glaucoma, and anorexia.

Male vs. Female Weed: How to Tell if Your Plant Is Male or Female Before Flowering
Male vs. Female Weed: How to Tell if Your Plant Is Male or Female Before Flowering

What Is a Female Cannabis Plant?

In their first six weeks of existence, marijuana plants, both male and female, will be identical. You won’t be able to tell them apart until later when they produce buds, and their sex organs have started to mature. Male and female cannabis plants produce buds.

However, female cannabis plants are typically regarded as more desirable. Female pre-flowers appear as two white hairs (stigma) emerging from a green, globular calyx.


What Is a Male Cannabis Plant?

A male Cannabis plant is responsible for the production of pollen grains. Male marijuana plants typically have between five to nine leaflets, typically one to two less than female plants. Instead of buds, male cannabis plants release pollen sacs. Typically, male plants are thrown away since you don’t want the male flower to pollinate the female flower of the cannabis plants and create seeds. 

Pre-flowers, for instance, can be used to identify male marijuana plants. In fewer than four weeks during the vegetative stage, male cannabis plants begin to produce pre-flowers. Pre-flowers generally develop toward the top of the plant closest to the light, in the “V” formed by the stems and stalks. There are also small sacs on the male pre-flowers.


How to Tell the Difference Between a Male and Female Marijuana Plant?

A month after germination, while the cannabis plant is still in the vegetative stage, young plants first exhibit gender-specific traits, also known as pre-flowers. This type of pre-flower can bloom as soon as six weeks after germination.

The male flowers can’t be distinguished from the female flowers for up to six weeks. Although the gender indicators can be subtle, a committed cannabis gardener can recognize them with practice. 

Since it might be challenging to tell pre-flowers apart from the naked untrained eye, a magnifying lens may be helpful. The stalks of male plants are heavier, thicker, and have fewer leaves. A similar-strain female will be shorter, bushier, and have more leaves, particularly near the top. Check the stalk’s joints for tiny, white hairs.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Male and Female Marijuana Plant?

Best Ways of Sexing a Cannabis Plant

Marijuana sexing involves identifying the gender of the cannabis. Although cannabis can have hermaphrodite plants (containing pistils and stamens in the same plant), most plants are either male or female. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about sexing your cannabis plants if you are using feminized seeds. 

There is a slight probability that a feminized seed would grow a male plant, albeit this is not guaranteed. Occasionally, most growers who raise hundreds of plants might get a rare male cannabis or a hermie plant.

You should segregate your plants to eliminate the male plants before producing the seeds and pollinating the female flowers. If this happens, the female plants begin to produce seeds, which will take their energy away from producing THC. 

However, the chances of growing just female plants when you grow cannabis from ordinary seeds are not in your favour. You’ll eventually meet some male plants. Therefore, you need to understand how to sex your cannabis plant.

Additionally, you need to plant a few extra seeds because you will remove some since they are male on a 50/50 basis. Male cannabis plants interfere with the quality and output of your female plant and are less appealing. Pollen is produced by male plants that develop pollen sacks.

Where Do You Look?

Gender is expressed in male and female plants, and even hermaphrodite plants, via the tiny structures on the stalks of young plants. Between the stems and the branches, pre-flowers grow. First to display this development are the higher portions closest to the sun or your grow lights. You need to learn about cannabis plants’ overall anatomy to sex them appropriately. 

Both males and females produce pre-flowers and flowers at the intersections of stems or branches. The first pre-flowers usually appear near the top of the plant, in the crook between the main plant stalks and a fan leaf stem. The good news is that males often mature and show before females do.

When Do You Look?

This depends on your growth system, but in either case, you may unwind for up to 6 weeks following germination. Pre-flowering occurs at various times in weed plants, both male and female. Males begin to develop in as little as three to four weeks after vegging. 

Pre-flowers are another early indicator of female plants, although they don’t appear for another thirty to forty days after germination. Early identification ensures you can quickly separate the male cannabis plants from the females.

It will not only help to safeguard your female plants but also save you the time, money, and effort required to care for male plants that you do not want to preserve.

How to Identify a Male Cannabis Plant

The male preflower, early pollen sacs, merely resemble a rounder variant of the female preflower component very early. It is frequently referred to as a “spade,” just like the spade suit of playing cards, which is short, bulbous, and has a small point. The male preflower looks like a ball at the end of a stick as it gets a little bigger.

How to Recognize a Female Cannabis Plant

The very first female cannabis pre-flowers, in contrast, have a more oval form, like a pear, but with a longer, thin pointy tip,  her calyx. A pair of pistils or protrusions may resemble white hairs at the apex of the calyx. Please be aware, nevertheless, that not all female cannabis plants in the pre-flower stage produce pistils.

What Should You Do if a Male Marijuana Plant is Discovered?

Grow your male and female cannabis plants as usual if you intend to breed cannabis for seed production. Don’t just relocate them to the adjacent room; call it a day. The best thing to do is to throw them away. The pollen can travel in the wind even if you move the male plant to another area of your yard. 

However, if you have neighbours living nearby who pollinate female plants, the male plants don’t have to go to waste. The male plant’s broken bits can be used as mulch for other plants. Additionally, you can prepare juice from nutrient-dense leaves.


Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Canada?

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