Pink Tuna Strain Review

Strain Review: Pink Tuna

Those experienced in the marijuana world may have heard of it and been intrigued by its promise of potent effects and unique smell. The strain in question: Pink Tuna.

See what you can anticipate when taking this strain as well as what makes it such a unique cannabis product for users to try.

The Makeup of Pink Tuna

Pink Tuna, sometimes called Pink Tuna Kush, has somewhat mysterious origins. But, it is thought to have been created by crossing Pink Kush and Tuna Kush strains. Although this particular strain has long been popular in some regions of the world, its acceptance is starting to take off and spread further.

Pink Tuna is an indica-dominant strain, making it ideal for evening use. Like other indica plants, it is known for giving users a full-body high.  

This particular strain of weed may not look like much when first opened. It comes as small green buds shaped like light grapes, but it makes up for it in effects. The buds are quite compact and covered with thin orange hairs and white crystals.

But, what really sets Pink Tuna apart is the flavour and smell people experience when using it.

It has a fruity diesel taste and is sweet and sour. Once lit, some users will start to smell the distinct scent of Pink Tuna. While this can be off-putting for some users, the effects Pink Tuna offers in exchange make it all worth it in the end.

Finally, Pink Tuna is known for having a super high THC content. This particular cannabis strain can contain an average of 25-31 percent THC. Put into perspective, the average THC content for marijuana strains is around 17 percent.  

What Is THC?

The high THC content in Pink Tuna is what makes it unique and potent. But, what exactly is THC?

THC is one of more than 100 compounds found in cannabis plants. These compounds all play a role in determining the scent, taste, and effects each strain offers. And though there are more than 100 compounds out there, science only knows about two: THC and CBD.

Short for tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the compound responsible for the high feeling most people associate with marijuana use. The higher the amount of THC, the more powerful the high is.

CBD offers many of the same effects as THC but does not get people high. In fact, CBD is often used as a way to inhibit the effects of THC.

General Effects of Pink Tuna

General Effects of Pink Tuna

As an indica plant, Pink Tuna offers many benefits that are classic indica as well as ones that are all their own. Common effects of Pink Tuna includes:

Although most Pink Tuna’s effects are positive and the effects users are looking for, there is one popular side effect that can make using weed uncomfortable: dry mouth.

Thankfully, dry mouth is easy to remedy. Before using Pink Tuna, ensure you’ve gotten plenty of fluids. It is also a good idea to have a beverage close by as you enjoy your product, so you can quench your thirst as it happens.

The Pink Tuna Experience

Upon your first hit of Pink Tuna, expect to start to feel cerebral effects, including intense feelings of euphoria. These feelings may be so strong that Pink Tuna users find themselves struggling to focus. Users may also find themselves starting to drift off into space after their first few hits of Pink Tuna.

Soon, your mind will start to settle, with the high moving from your head and spreading throughout your body. This feeling provides such strong relaxation that you will most likely find yourself subject to couch lock as your high goes on.

Pink Tuna’s effects will then turn sedative. Users may find themselves drifting off while in couch-lock, unable to carry on too many conversations they drift off into sleep.

Similar Strains to Try

If you tried Pink Tuna and enjoyed the experience it provided, consider trying these similar strains next:

  • Royal Purple Kush. An indica strain, Royal Purple Kush is known for offering users calming effects but doesn’t hit quite as hard at Pink Tuna. Although not quite as strong as Pink Tuna, this strain is more suitable for experienced marijuana users.
  • Pineapple Cookies. This hybrid strain is perfect for relieving stress, thanks to its relaxing effects. Pineapple Cookies has also been known to help elevate people’s moods. As its name suggests, it offers a buttery aroma and a sweet taste.
  • Pink Kush. As one of the parents of Pink Tuna, Pink Kush offers relaxing and sedating effects to users. Pink Kush is indica-dominant. Its users are prone to developing dry mouth, so be sure to keep a drink handy when using this strain of weed.

Is Pink Tuna for Beginners

Is Pink Tuna for Beginners?

Because Pink Tuna is so potent and THC-heavy, it can take some users by surprise if they aren’t prepared. Pink Tuna is probably not the best marijuana strain for beginners to try out because of its potency.

Even experienced users should start with a low dose until they see how Pink Tuna will affect them.

Pink Tuna: A Summary

Known for its high THC content and potent effects, Pink Tuna is a unique cannabis strain that is slowly gaining popularity.

Offering a light scent of Tuna (and some even say a taste) when lit, it may be difficult for some people to see why so many marijuana enthusiasts find Pink Tuna so appealing. The answer: Its potent, relaxing, and sedative effects.

Users will experience a head high that will slowly travel down the body. Next, Pink Tuna’s effects turn sedative, leaving users in a state of couch-lock before drifting off to sleep.

Because Pink Tuna is a potent strain, it is not recommended for use by those new to smoking marijuana. Even experienced users may be surprised by the quick onset and potent effects it offers. So, be sure to enjoy Pink Tuna responsibly until you know how it will affect you and how much you can tolerate.

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